The American Heir: The Billionaire Duke#4 by Gina Robinson Coming June 22, 2016



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It is almost here, the exciting last installment of the Billionaire Duke, The American Heir.  With surprising twists and unveiled secrets we will find out if Riggins and Haley will have their happy ending.

At the end of book 3, Rose, that manipulative British wench, has spilled the news of Haley’s pregnancy to the press and Riggins who has just come to the realization that he loves Haley sees the broadcast only to believe Haley meant to trap him.  After throwing a tantrum to outshine any little British Lord or Lady, Riggins confronts Haley with his anger.  He wasn’t expecting to Haley direct her own anger back at him.

If you remember that nasty little business of the DNA tests that were done on Haley and Rose and a hint of an issue with the results, well let’s just say Haley has found out what that issue was and believes Riggins knew all along.  While remaining in England, Haley has done her own research and has found that she is in fact the great-granddaughter of the Dead Duke and is actually the rightful American Heir.  She has also come to realize she is more like the Dead Duke than she thought possible and that it isn’t Riggins who is to solve the clues he left but that they were left for her.

The clues Haley has become fascinated with are all coming together.  The Dead Duke never did anything without a reason and he did have a heart he used to help those he cared for.  As she becomes part of the community, she learns many secrets which push her to the discovery that will help identify her sister’s twin and hopefully lead to her cure.  Haley also discovers that there is someone following her and believes that the tower is haunted, but no one believes her.

As twists turn what they thought was known into something new and secrets are being revealed, Haley and Riggins have only each other they can trust if they can set aside their suspicions and admit they have actually done what the Dead Duke wanted…fallen in love with each other.  When proof of Haley’s stalker becomes real and Riggins runs in to protect Haley and their unborn child, it may be Riggins who needs saved when his past makes a very connection to his present. When an accident occurs, Riggins must do everything to save Haley.  In the end, will the Dead Duke win?

In this serial, we had only four books which compared to the Switched at Marriage (Justin and Kayla) series in which there were 7.  I truly enjoyed that series but it was long.  I thought having the story neatly tied up within 4 books was great!  I can’t get enough of Gina Robinson’s sexy serial romances.  I also ( as mentioned to the author and on a previous blog) think it would be fantastic to have a story based on the Dead Duke’s life. If you haven’t tried one of Gina Robinson’s serials you are missing out.  I recommend beginning with the Switched at Marriage serial in which you meet her characters through Justin and Kayla’s romance.  It is where you will meet Riggins and Lazar who is the next in line for his story.

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Killian: A West Bend Saints Romance by Sabrina Paige


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If a hot sexy man accidental spills coffee on you and instead of apologizing thanks you for the wet t-shirt or tells you are his with the word “Mine” and then tells you (doesn’t ask) exactly what he is going to do to you, what would you do?  Would you come back with some sassy comments while your legs are shaking with the images his plans created?  Would you call him a caveman, Neanderthal or a diamond in the rough?

Lily Grant is a single Mom who left Chicago after her dirty police officer husband is killed.  While visiting her parents in Colorado, Lily found a bakery for sale in West Bend, a small country town.  Lily has turned to baking as a way to relax and purchases the bakery to make a new life for her and her daughter.  Lily isn’t one to make friends easy, as her focus in on her business and her daughter, so having a relationship with anyone isn’t likely to happen.  She is also sassy and not one to put up with a lot.

Killian is the oldest of the remaining Saint brothers.  Lily calls Killian a caveman and a Neanderthal. The man is blunt with no filter and certainly doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his actions or his words. He says what he means and does exactly as he wants.  Killian hasn’t had an easy life, an abusive father and then running away from home when he was 18 and with the town of West Bend always treating the Saint boys as if they were nothing, coming home isn’t easy.  He was happy living a solitary life in the mountains until he literally bumps into Lily. Killian has never used the word “mine” with any woman but that is the only word to use with her…Lily.  Now Killian is messing with two of his rules…no sticking with one woman and no children.

Killian will make you laugh with his bluntness.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the scene in Lily’s bakery, Cupcakes and Cappuccinos, and the “rules” Killian enforces will have you laughing!  Customer service is not his forte!  His rough around the edges personality will soon have you falling in love with him!  When Lily needs help, Killian jumps in to help her showing that under that bluntness there really is a great guy.

Sabrina Page writes with humor and caveman sex appeal!  In this book, the final brother of the West Bend Saints Romances, you are also treated with the three previous books in the back along with new epilogues.  I enjoyed reading Killian, but found the other brothers stories wonderful and it was nice that I don’t have to purchase their individual books now. Killian’s story is mostly about his trying to out run the pain the town’s narrow minds caused him and his chasing Lily whom he loves and wants.

Truly a fun book to read!  I love the confident Killian and his caveman personality.  Lily isn’t so bad herself in how she gives back just as much as she gets from Killian. She definitely keeps Killian in line and at times a little off balance.

The Temporary Duchess: A Jet City Billionaire Serial Romance (The Billionaire Duke Series Book 3) by Gina Robinson

the temporary duchess

The Dead Duke wins another round!

In the last last book of the series, we ended with Riggins preparing to ask Haley to be his Duchess only to find Rose answering the door. With his plans thwarted he must bide his time until he can ask Haley while they are alone, but of course Lady Rose will make that nearly impossible to do.

When an unlikely ally provides Haley with information that she must guard, she is set to say yes to Riggins’ proposal under any circumstance. It doesn’t hurt that she has fallen completely in love with him and wishes that he would make their union permanent.

Riggins has finally figured out that Haley is the one to ask to be his temporary Duchess. He is very attracted to Haley and decides that being married for the short duration, until he can break the Dead Dukes hold, will not be a great hardship. But what happens when he realizes that he likes to be with Haley and actually misses her when she isn’t around? What is happening? He isn’t falling in love with his Duchess is he?

As they honeymoon at the castle, Haley becomes enamored by the love that Rans and Helen shared and finds herself liking Rans more each day as she learns more about him. And as she resembles Helen, her great aunt, she finds that Riggins shares similar traits with Rans.

As Haley unravels the secrets of Rans and Helen, she discovers she has her own secret to keep. But how long will her secret hold when Lady Rose shows and Haley knows she can’t be trusted? What will Riggins do when he finds out her secret? Will Lady Rose win in the next round or will the Dead Duke win the final battle?

I love these series by Gina Robinson. I don’t usually care for series, but I find that this author keeps the suspense going so that you want to keep reading and hanging on until you know the end. Her characters are wonderful in how they are sexy and charismatic to down to earth or even deliciously devious. You love them, you hate them…but you will want more of them. Love them!

I also love Rans as we get to know him. I would absolutely enjoy reading about Rans and Helen and their love that spurred him to decisions he made regarding Riggins and Haley. Gina Robinson also shows her humor with the characters, past and present, having the same initials as well as physical similarities. Very clever!

The final installment to this series is due for release June 21, 2016. The American Heir I hope will end with secrets being revealed!

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The Duchess Contest by Gina Robinson



Things heat up between Riggins and the two beautiful women who share a bloodline and could be the next Duchess to Riggins; the newest Duke England has to offer.  As usual Gina Robinson brings us a serial that keeps you wanting more. Gina Robinson gives us another sexy romance in this newest serial involving the untouchable Riggins.

Riggins doesn’t know what to do now that there are two women who could fit the dead Dukes’ demands, but who does he choose? Each lady will offer him a different perspective on the arrangement and his time is counting down for his decision.  Not knowing if he can trust Lady Rose and finding himself thinking too much on Haley, Riggins comes up with a plan.

A weekend to this estate of the Helen, the dead Duke’s wife and ancestor of Haley and Lady Rose, Riggins brings along his entourage of friends.  Each has his job assigned in order to help Riggins in his choice of bride.  Which I thought was a wonderful way for us all to enjoy the characters as we have come to love and read.  Justin is working hard to find a way to combat the dead duke’s will and outsmart the conditions set for Riggins.  Our lovely Kay who is pregnant and due anytime, must try to convince the ladies that being pregnant may not be for them.  And last but most definitely not one to be over looked is our dashing Lazer.  Lazer is set to task doing what he does best….get the girl.  He tries to get one of the ladies to fall for him instead of Riggins.

Haley is falling hard for Riggins, and tries hard to keep this a business arrangement in order to get the help her sister’s needs.  When Lady Rose arrives in Seattle, Haley isn’t sure she can compete against Lady Rose. When offered a chance to visit the castle of her late ancestor Lady Helen, Haley and her sister Sid can’t say no.   When arriving at the estate, Haley is shocked to see how much she resembles the Helen even with generations separating them.  After an intimate encounter with Riggins Haley is more than ready to take Lady Rose on in the Duchess Contest to fight for Riggins and to fulfill the dead Dukes’ demands, but will she be able to win against Lady Rose’s secrets?

Lady Rose is a mystery. She is a decedent of Lady Helen but she is still an enigma to Riggins.  Having information she shouldn’t have sets alarms off for Riggins.  What is her game and what does she ultimately want?  How far is she willing to go to make sure she is the next Countess?  I love her character as the antagonist and competitor to Haley.  They are so different that it makes the story exciting.

With his decision made, Riggins knocks on a door only to be shocked by the room’s occupant.  What will Riggins do now?

I can’t wait to see what Riggins will do in the next part of the Billionaire Duke.  Gina Robinson certainly has her secrets and games keeping the suspense going and our interest on the edge.  I loved her unexpected guest to the Castle as well and hope to see more in the next part.  I also appreciated how she brought the characters we met through Justin and Kayla’s story.  It was nice to see the connections develop.

Serials are usually not my favorite to read.  If I can’t finish as one book then I don’t buy it. I just don’t like constantly paying for the individual parts.  The one exception I have to that is Gina Robinson. I love her stories and the way she writes them to keep my interest and the cliffhangers are awesome.  I really do recommend her as an author to check out.

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Perfect for Valentines Day…A new serial romance The Billionaire Duke by author Gina Robinson


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Gina Robinson is my opinion the queen of serial romances! In her last contemporary serial romance, Switched at Marriage, we met the character of Riggins Feldham, a workaholic businessman and founder of Flashionista.  Our first impression of Riggins was an intensely focused businessman who is loyal to Justin, a competitor of Lazer Grayson, and a sexy but secretive ladies’ man. In this new serial romance Riggins becomes the main character and I can’t wait to see what Gina Robinson comes up with.

Riggins is happy to be single…no strings, no ties!  His business is what drives him so he has no time to commit to a single woman.  All that changes for him when a visit from a London solicitor arrives with surprising news.  Riggins is now a Duke with a dukedom of high standing in British society and complete with an estate and responsibilities.  What Riggins is most surprised with is the last Duke’s stipulation that Riggins must marry and produce an heir and went so far as to pick out Riggins future wife!

Haley Hamilton is the last female in the old Duke’s first wife’s family line.  His stipulation for Riggins was for the two to marry to unite the family lines once again.  Haley is young and works hard to support her as well as her adopted ailing sister.  When confronted with the news that she is to marry Riggins to secure the dukedom which would also provide the money to help her sister, she agrees.

There is a connection between Riggins and Haley that is surprising to them both.  However, the only one to accept it is Haley.  Riggins using his connections to win her over without letting down any of his barriers makes Haley insecure.  Riggins barriers make him appear a shallow, insensitive, manipulative businessman that is only interested in himself and his personal gains.

In the style of serials, our story ends with a cliffhanger.  In the next installment will Haley win over Riggins or will she lose him to someone else?  Will Riggins break down any of those barriers so that he will admit he is quite taken with Haley?  How will Haley take care of her sister?  Will the old Duke’s plans fall apart?

I can’t wait to read the next book in this serial and find out what will happen to our newest billionaire couple.  Gina Robinson writes stylish and sexy contempary romances that any romantic will enjoy reading.  Each book ends with a cliff hanger that has the reader frustrated as the wait is a killer!

It isn’t necessary to read the Switched at Marriage serial first, but it would help to understand some of the story background.

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Coming Soon…The Billionaire Duke 2