Chemistry of Magic by Patricia Rice

Chemistry of Magic

Another fantastic tale in the Malcolm-Ives family by Patricia Rice.  I have not found another author who can spin the tale that combines the romantic pairing of a man of science and a woman of magic like Patricia Rice.  Her Malcolm-Ives stories are now in the second generation from when she first started them several years ago.  The two families have a history that first began with a pairing of the families that would cause a rift that would find closure as they families find themselves bound by marriage time and again.  Each of these marriages unites a man and a woman so different in character, yet once their differences are accepted by the couple they are melded together through the strongest love.

In Chemistry of Magic, we learn of two people who decide to marry for the benefit of convenience.  A man dying and woman desperate decide that the only acceptable course to follow is to unite in marriage.  Sounds easy, right?  Maybe a little too easy in the world of science and magic and the Malcolm and Ives families.

Viscount “Devil” Dare, is dying of consumption and his only heir is his obnoxious cousin who threatens to throw Dare’s Mother and sisters out of their home.  As he struggles daily with his deteriorating health, his only worry is how to provide for his family when he is gone.  He uses his scientific mind, to run test after test with no answers to his cure.

Emilia McDowell is a distant relative to the Malcolm family and as all Malcolm’s she possesses her own magical gift.  Emilia can heal with her touch, but to do so she suffers through the same pain.  Along with this gift of healing, Emilia dreams of publishing her life work…. A pharmacopeia.  But to do this, Emilia must marry for her to receive her inheritance.

Emilia and Dare marry for their mutual benefit.  She will use her inheritance to not only secure housing for Dare’s family but also gain her laboratory to continue her studies and complete her pharmacopeia.  A marriage of convenience that would lack love and would only last as long as Dare lives.  But neither anticipated how powerful fate is and how love would come along.

As Emilia and Dare work toward fulfilling each of their plans, a few surprises come along that will alter what they believed to be true which may, in turn, alter those plans.  But never fear, a few of the earlier Malcolm-Ives characters we have grown to love will make appearances to help Emilia and Dare.

Patricia Rice never lets me down when I read her stories.  I love her characters immensely with my favorites being the Malcolm-Ives.  Each story can be read as a stand-alone, however, I really would encourage reading all the Malcolm-Ives (the first and then this second generation) in order to truly value the wonderful world of science and magic coming together.


Aura of Magic by Patricia Rice

aura of magic imageAura of Magic is the newest release by the marvelous magic spinner Patricia Rice and continues the Malcolm-Ives family tales.  It is finally Uncle Pascoe’s turn at Ms. Rice’s enchanting imagination into the world of melding magic and science that ends in a burst of applause!

Uncle Aaron Pascoe-Ives, the youngest illegitimate son of the late Marquess who was raised with his nephews due to their close ages, has worked for the king in hopes of achieving his own Knighthood.  He prefers to be recognized as Pascoe, often dropping the Ives to remain separated from the family. Pascoe is a covert spy who easily blends in to learn secrets that will aid his king.  It is on one of these missions that Pascoe must either fight to continue with his carefully planned future goals or decide if it is time to change them.

Lily, Pascoe’s wife has passed away leaving him with two adorable but precocious toddlers that has him frustrated.  Nannies come and go with no one able to control them.  Just as the king gives him his newest assignment investigating trouble brewing in the north, the latest nannie leaves in tears.  Pascoe now must take his toddlers with him and hope they can stay with his family.

Edward and Emma are Pascoe’s children.  They have not spoken to anyone but seem to communicate with each other and the spirit of Lily who hovers over them in protection and guidance.  Lily tells Edward and Emma they must go with their father to meet their new Momma.  When Pascoe learns of this I don’t know if he is more shocked that his children have spoken or that they are saying such far-fetched things such as getting a new Momma!

Bridey has lived as a Countess since marrying her husband at the age of 16.  She has given her heart to helping the women and children of her area to survive the harshness their lives face.  Betrayed by those she sought to help, Bridey has hardened herself to the point she has gained the nickname of “the Ice Queen”.  With her plans to start a school to teach women about their own care as well as that of their children, Bridey refuses to give into her own heart.  With her Malcolm family gifts and her own dreams, Bridey moves forward to make her plans a reality.  But Bridey never counted on meeting two beautiful toddlers, the most handsome man ever, a thief or a host of spirits waiting to make her change her mind.

I truly believe this is my favorite of the newest generation of Malcolm-Ives descendants.  I love the solid strength of reality that Pascoe possess along with the denial of his Malcolm gifts from Lady Ninian Malcolm.  What he considers ordinary and not worth a second thought are in fact gifts set in magic!  I also enjoyed how the story was written with two characters so strong in their convictions to obtain their personal goals that they lost track of using compromise to fit in more than just the narrow tunnel vision they possessed in making their goals a reality.  With a little help from magic, will Pascoe and Bridey finally see what is right in front of them?

One comment made in the story was of a library regarding the Ives men and their progeny as the women have for the special gifts associated with the Malcolm women.  I would really like to see this happen in a future book of Ms. Rice’s.  I think it would be an interesting storyline for someone to hunt down the past and record it for the future of the Ives men.

Next in line for release is the title, “Chemistry of Magic”.  Of course, the except included in “Aura of Magic” shows another wonderful story to read.

Whisper of Magic by Patricia Rice


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The newest book in the Malcolm-Ives family saga reached the shelves just this week, with the release of Whisper of Magic.  In the previous book, Magic in the Stars, we were introduced to Erran Ives, the barrister of the family.  It was during our introduction that Erran’s behavior was becoming a bit withdrawn but the reasons behind those actions were not explained until now.

Erran Ives, a barrister by trade, was trying to protect his client, a family that had been wrongfully evicted from their home.  During the impressive court room arguments, Erran is bewildered by everyone’s actions when he lets loose his own forceful emotions through his booming voice.  When all is returned to normal, the ruination of his career and his own defeated self-esteem is his shadow.  With his brother, the Marquis of Ashford, in need of the family’s townhouse, Erran must ask the tenants to relocate but is having difficulty in connecting with the Baron or his representative.

Celeste Malcolm Rochester has lost her father and now as the eldest child of Baron Rochester, a distant relative of the Ives-Malcolm’s through the lineage of Sir Trevelyan Rochester and Lady Lucinda Malcolm.  For those of you familiar with the previous Ives-Malcolm series, Lady Lucinda Malcolm had a gift of prophetic visions within her paintings and had at one time painted a questionable portrait of Sir Trevelyan.  Celeste, her siblings and a few loyal friends and servants are struggling to do what they can to combat their father’s cousin who is trying to illegally take over his estate.

Erran, Lady Azenor, and several other Ives family members join forces to aid their Rochester family in the race to prove Lord Lansdowne’s claim to the estate is fraudulent.  As Lord Erran and Lady Celeste band together, they find themselves facing magic, fertility ceremonies and a common magical gift they share.

It is wonderful to read these newest Ives-Malcolm relatives.  I also enjoy how the author, Patricia Rice does make references to the past Ives-Malcolm pairings as the ancestors of the current characters. Ms. Rice also employs her characters and interweaves them so that you are treated to reading of the characters from previous books, such as Lady Azenor.    I find this always enjoyable and believe it pulls the story together.  Lady Azenor played a large role in this story and having her stand out against the stoic Ives men is richly entertaining with her magical oddities and sense of style. There is always fun, strange magic, a budding romance and of course the bad guys to defeat.  Patricia Rice is an author that will intrigue, captivate and in the end keep you breathlessly anticipating the next story.  You just can’t get enough of her magical romances.


Magic in the Stars: Unexpected Magic Book #1 by Patricia Rice



The Malcolm and Ives are back with another generation! I am so excited to see this story line continue from the books I fell in love with years ago. These family members are so uniquely interesting and when paired they keep you reading and wanting more.

The Malcolm’s are a family predominately female and the bearers of “gifts” that seem more of the magical quality that have them labeled as witches. The Ives on the other hand is a predominately male family and they are all scientific in nature. Science and Magic coming together in explosive romances! With so many differences….science vs. magic….dogs vs. cats…females vs. males you can’t help but see some fun and excitement happening with these characters.

Theo is an astronomer who is working toward creating a more powerful telescope that will prove Jupiter has an additional ring around it. When he is confronted by a beautiful woman claiming to be part of the Malcolm relatives and bringing a dire warning for his eldest brother and their family, Theo isn’t sure what to think except that she must be crazy. When her predictions begin to come true, Theo tracks her down to help him.

Aster is the Malcolm family librarian and as an astrologist she charts the family member’s lives, offering insight when needed. Believing she is to be a danger magnetic to her family Aster isolates herself and is content to read her charts. When she sees danger surrounding the Ives family she leaves home to warn them only to be met with Theo’s disbelief and an attraction to him that she wasn’t expecting.

As Aster’s warnings are taking form, she must get Theo to marry and produce an heir. Considering she is too dangerous around those she loves, Aster doesn’t believe she can ever marry so she tries to set Theo up with a selection of females in which to choose a bride from.  What she doesn’t count on is that Theo wants her! Can Theo convince her to marry him?

As their enemies make themselves known, the family must unite to combat them. Why has their family been targeted? As the family unites, these individuals will learn more about themselves and their family then what they ever considered. What will happen when magic and science come together to battle those set to destroy them?

I am so excited that this will be a new series of Malcom-Ives. I can only imagine where Patricia Rice will take us with this family and what kind of pairings of magic gifts and scientific interests she will be creating. If you haven’t read the original books of the Malcolm-Ives, you don’t need to worry. This is a new generation and the connections are loosely based in order to enjoy your reading. I would suggest reading the originals at some point just because they are wonderful characters.


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When a Child Is Born: A Regency Yuletide Collection



When a Child is born is a collection of short stories set in Regency England during the magical Christmas season and with each involving the love of a child.  The authors of these Regency Christmas stories are Virginia Brown, Jo Ann Ferguson, Karen Frisch, and Sharon Sobel.  I enjoy Christmas stories set during Regency England and find them heartwarming  as I picture a time where Christ and the message of good will toward me is the focus of the season and the commercial gift giving hasn’t taken over.   I find that anymore Christmas has become so much about gifts that I run my self crazy trying to find the perfect gift or worry about who I still have to buy for that I am not spending as much time as I want with my kids.  It is so close to Christmas  and I still haven’t baked cookies with them.  I have been missing the magical Christmas spirit!  Tomorrow after my kids come home from their Dad’s, I plan to have the Christmas music going and everything ready to make cookies and maybe even have time for a Christmas movie!

Child of Mine?  by Virginia Brown

Notice the question mark at the end of the title? It gives you a clue as to the story.  Robert Bray, Baron Braxton is on his way home when he hears the sounds of what appears to be a kitten in his carriage, but the search uncovers a baby instead.  Robert Bray immediately has his carriage turned around to discover the parents of the child but when none are to be found he decides to visit the local vicarage.  While explaining the situation a startling surprise awaits the Baron as a note is uncovered naming him the father!  With no choice until the Mother can be found, he must make the long tedious trip home with the babe.

Declaring his innocence doesn’t get him far with his family.  The one constant ally he has is Miss Clare Seaton a family friend who has grown up to be lovely woman in the now opened eyes of Robert.  As the family searches for the missing Mother, Robert and Clare are thrown together at every opportunity.  When the circumstances of the baby’s parentage are revealed, Robert takes matters in hand.  Will Clare agree with Robert’s decision and will she accept the role of being his Baroness?

What Child is This? By Jo Ann Ferguson

A story that gives us not only the Christmas season but also mystery and spies!  Adelaide is a servant, one that is bit more outspoken than what is considered acceptable.  When the Lady Norah asks her to take her baby, Lily, to Stonehall-on-Sea she goes with the orders to not reveal Lily’s true name, trust no one and to never give up a locket she gives her and to wait for her.  Knowing she is being followed, Adelaide creates a lie to help her hide from those who are following her and Lily and quickly blends herself in with the locals.  She never counted on meeting Theodore West.

Theodore West has his own secrets to hide.  West is secretly trailing smugglers and trying to figure out how Adelaide fits in.  He knows she is hiding something, but can’t figure her out.  When the smugglers become more violent will he be able to solve the mystery in time to save Adelaide?  Will he convince her he has fallen in love with her and will she be able to accept who he truly is?

Through the Eyes of a Child   by Karen Frisch

Edmund Hadleigh, Viscount Tyndale has returned home from the war and finds himself thrown together with the one woman he will always love but married another man. Annabelle Sedgwick has and will always love Edmund, but when faced with he chose staying to fight in the war over coming back to her, she felt he didn’t love her enough and married another.

Edmund receives a surprising Christmas present….his friend and commanding officer and his wife were killed and left their son in his care.  Knowing he cannot raise the boy without a Mother for him he begins to look for a wife even though no one will compare to Annabelle.  Annabelle has always wanted children but never had them with her short marriage to her late husband, so when the baby arrives she is more than happy to take care of him and the two bond as if Mother and son.  Will Edmund separate the baby from his one true love and keep himself closed off from her forever?

In this Christmas tale an orphan baby brings together two strong stubborn people who love each other but have allowed past hurts keep them apart.

Baby’s First Christmas by Sharon Sobel

Josiah Hampshire, Earl of Kingston, is a bit of recluse.  He works for the Foreign Service by providing maps and has developed a nasty habit of closing off the rest of the world.  His sister Liliana is done watching him do so.  It is Christmas and she has accepted an invitation for them to spend the holidays with her best friend Marianne Westlyme.

Countess of Lashton, Marianne Westlyme, is alone for the holidays but for her infant son.  She married her husband out of love, but quickly found he loved lots of women which ended in his drunken death during a duel before her son was born.  When Liliana accepts her invitation, Marianne is surprised that her brother Josiah accompanies her. Having met Josiah before, her time with him during the holiday’s shows her recollections of him did not serve him justice.  When a near tragedy with son has Josiah and Marianne admitting their developing feelings an unexpected twist in the family history may put a stop to everything.  Can the magic of the mistletoe be enough for Josiah and Marianne?


A heartfelt holiday anthology to enjoy for the Christmas with authors that always give an enjoy story.  These authors are all ones that I have enjoyed time and again. I cetainly hope you will find the Christmas season with your families wonderful this year!


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The Art of Ruining a Rake (The Naughty Girls Book 4) by author Emma Locke

Publication Date: July 21, 2015 Publisher: Intrepid Reads 345 Pages

Publication Date:
July 21, 2015
Intrepid Reads
345 Pages

Roman Alexander is a known rake with mistress after mistress.  But what most of the ton and that certainly includes Lucy Lancester, his friends little sister, doesn’t know is that Roman has a secret.  Roman’s father just about destroyed the family with his gambling which caused his own death in debtor’s prison, but also caused each of his sons to face that problem differently.  Roman is the oldest and holds the title of Marquis, but it is his brother Tony that kept the business matters of the estate going as Roman gallivanted about town.  When his father went to prison, Roman was immature and wanted costly things but had no money. When approached by a woman of the ton who offered in exchange for his ….ahem…personal favors she would cover his debts at one of his establishments, the young Roman Alexander had no problem with such agreements. Soon, Roman was a kept man by enough women that he earned the name of “whore” but which of course was spoken behind closed doors and not in polite society. The knowledge of what he has become rips Roman apart when he must open his secret up to Lucy and risk losing her.

Lucy Lancester has been in love with Roman since she was a little girl, but doesn’t believe she can offer anything other than a fling because of her Mother’s history.  Her Mother was crazy and in a fit she killed Lucy’s father and then herself. Lucy believes she is the same as her Mother and that history will repeat itself.  During a night of seduction, Lucy has her one night with Roman. She then steals away and begins a new life as headmistress of a girls school.  Months later who should come knocking at her school but Roman!  “Get out” she says, but somehow they are found in a compromising position with her legs wrapped around him not long after!  Lucy is asked to step down as headmistress of her own school.  Now what is she to do?

Roman wants to marry Lucy but she continually turns him down.  What started out for him as asking to keep her from ruination, develops into quite the interest as he becomes closer to her and learning more about what makes Lucy, well Lucy.  In trying to make an honest man of himself he sends notice to his women which all but one seems to accept.  That one will make things very difficult for Roman and Lucy.  Roman also throws himself in to his role of Marquis and begins his journey of maturing and building a life that he can include Lucy in.  Lucy on the other hand is building her own life.  She is to become an authoress and be famous!  She feels she must refuse Roman’s marriage to protect him from herself and decides that only a friend with benefits relationship is what they can have.

As these two souls move forward, and slide a bit now and then they must also battle outside influences.  They have jealousy from both men and women surrounding them, an arsonist on the loose, abounding titillating gossip and their own undeniable attraction for one another. Will these two finally get together? Especially when they can’t keep their hands off each other? Will they finally share their secrets and admit their love or continue to deny that love as only a physical attraction?  Who is the arsonist and what is their purpose?   Ah, Roman and Lucy are quite the pair in this wonderful regency romance by Emma Locke.  Luckily, these two will find some unexpected help from their siblings.

The Art of Ruining a Rake is the fourth book in The Naughty Girls Series by Emma Locke. Roman and Lucy first begin their journey in the book 3, A Game of Persuasion: Extended Prologue for The Art of Ruining a Rake. I received this eBook from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.  The Art of Ruining a Rake is a great read in a wonderful series.  It was amusing to read a story where it wasn’t the woman who had the reputation for being a mistress but the man!  Enjoyable read!

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Vexed by a Viscount- An All’s Fair In Love Novella by author Erin Knightley

Publication Date: August 11, 2015 Publisher: Night Shift Publishing 112 Pages

Publication Date:
August 11, 2015
Night Shift Publishing
112 Pages

Prudence Landon is stuck!  I mean stuck!  She has been the most dutiful daughter and always bent to her parents’ wishes, but this one takes the cake!  Her father accepted the local squire’s marriage offer and being the dutiful daughter she also accepted but the man is at least twice her age and let’s face it the guy is a creep.

Determined to live her life before she must become the dutiful wife instead of the dutiful daughter, Prudence creates her own form of a bucket list.  This is her chance of a little rebellion to live as she wants and go against everyone else’s wishes including those nasty little rules set be society.  While indulging in the first of her list, she is caught swimming naked in a rather questionable pool of water.  Trying to maintain her calm while unknown water creatures are rubbing against her, she faces her neighbor, Lord Ashby and his amusement.  Can things get any worse for Prudence?  Now she has to figure out a way to shut Lord Ashby up before he tells anyone what she was doing.

When they meet again that night for dinner, Lord Ashby is shocked to learn of Prudence’s upcoming marriage.  While having a moment alone, Prudence explains her list and Lord Ashby is more than happy to help her achieve each item and even add to it.  As partners in crime, Lord Ashby and Prudence can’t help but develop feelings for one another….of course they are just friends as each of them is betrothed to others.

When Squire Jeffries uses his time alone to express his own desires to Prudence let’s just say the creepiness comes out.  Yuck!  Can you imagine being a young women and having an old man tell you how he has a seamstress that understands what he likes in the lingerie department?  Or better yet how he is going to teach you about the wedding night and that he has particular tastes?  When Prudence attempts to dislodge herself from the squire she is hurt, which rouses anger in Lord Ashby but her ever selfish and narrow-minded parents think she should not be so dramatic and allow the squire his wishes.  Ok this part made me mad!  I know that the time period of the story people did look the other way for abuse, and for the sake of the story the parents were written in that way, but in story or life hiding abuse is sickening to me.  Alright, I am done with the rant.

Lord Ashby leaves without a goodbye to Prudence.  While she is alone she realizes that she doesn’t want to live like this anymore and finally stands up for herself. Good girl, about time!  She calls off the wedding and stands her ground against the threats from the squire and her parent’s attitudes.  So what people, you sold your daughter and she no longer wants to be your pawn.  Get over it!

Lord Ashby returns to find slightly drunk Prudence who delivers the news of her calling off the wedding. Nothing could make him happier.  When he shares that he also has called off his own betrothal, Prudence is shocked but delighted and in her drunken state and his amusement they share their feelings for one another.  **sigh** Of course a happily ever after happens for these two characters.

This book was provided by Netgalley for an honest review.  I haven’t read the other three books in this series, although my opinion would be they are just as good as this one.  I was delighted with the story and its humor, rebellious antics and how the characters to came together.  Having only 112 pages it is a quick and enjoyable read.

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