Aura of Magic by Patricia Rice

aura of magic imageAura of Magic is the newest release by the marvelous magic spinner Patricia Rice and continues the Malcolm-Ives family tales.  It is finally Uncle Pascoe’s turn at Ms. Rice’s enchanting imagination into the world of melding magic and science that ends in a burst of applause!

Uncle Aaron Pascoe-Ives, the youngest illegitimate son of the late Marquess who was raised with his nephews due to their close ages, has worked for the king in hopes of achieving his own Knighthood.  He prefers to be recognized as Pascoe, often dropping the Ives to remain separated from the family. Pascoe is a covert spy who easily blends in to learn secrets that will aid his king.  It is on one of these missions that Pascoe must either fight to continue with his carefully planned future goals or decide if it is time to change them.

Lily, Pascoe’s wife has passed away leaving him with two adorable but precocious toddlers that has him frustrated.  Nannies come and go with no one able to control them.  Just as the king gives him his newest assignment investigating trouble brewing in the north, the latest nannie leaves in tears.  Pascoe now must take his toddlers with him and hope they can stay with his family.

Edward and Emma are Pascoe’s children.  They have not spoken to anyone but seem to communicate with each other and the spirit of Lily who hovers over them in protection and guidance.  Lily tells Edward and Emma they must go with their father to meet their new Momma.  When Pascoe learns of this I don’t know if he is more shocked that his children have spoken or that they are saying such far-fetched things such as getting a new Momma!

Bridey has lived as a Countess since marrying her husband at the age of 16.  She has given her heart to helping the women and children of her area to survive the harshness their lives face.  Betrayed by those she sought to help, Bridey has hardened herself to the point she has gained the nickname of “the Ice Queen”.  With her plans to start a school to teach women about their own care as well as that of their children, Bridey refuses to give into her own heart.  With her Malcolm family gifts and her own dreams, Bridey moves forward to make her plans a reality.  But Bridey never counted on meeting two beautiful toddlers, the most handsome man ever, a thief or a host of spirits waiting to make her change her mind.

I truly believe this is my favorite of the newest generation of Malcolm-Ives descendants.  I love the solid strength of reality that Pascoe possess along with the denial of his Malcolm gifts from Lady Ninian Malcolm.  What he considers ordinary and not worth a second thought are in fact gifts set in magic!  I also enjoyed how the story was written with two characters so strong in their convictions to obtain their personal goals that they lost track of using compromise to fit in more than just the narrow tunnel vision they possessed in making their goals a reality.  With a little help from magic, will Pascoe and Bridey finally see what is right in front of them?

One comment made in the story was of a library regarding the Ives men and their progeny as the women have for the special gifts associated with the Malcolm women.  I would really like to see this happen in a future book of Ms. Rice’s.  I think it would be an interesting storyline for someone to hunt down the past and record it for the future of the Ives men.

Next in line for release is the title, “Chemistry of Magic”.  Of course, the except included in “Aura of Magic” shows another wonderful story to read.


The Sacrifice Stone by author Elizabeth Harris


This story was captivating!  From the beginning until the end I never put it down because it was so interesting.

This is a story of the past meeting the future and the story that brought the two eras together.  The story is divided into parts which offered a glimpse of the story as it was told by the characters whether past or present.  In 175 AD a young boy is the pawn for vengeance and a catalyst that will change how the future will remember them all.

Beth, Joe and Adam are three present day individuals whose lives are intertwined with the story of St. Theodore a young boy who legend says became a Christian martyr after being killed by a Roman soldier.  Joe is a student of theology and working on his thesis regarding early Christian martyrs especially regarding St. Theodore reputed to have been killed by a Roman soldier who cut his throat which lead to St. Theodore healing throat issues.  Beth is Joe’s sister.  Beth had always been treated as less important than Joe by their father.  Her dreams where always thwarted by her father’s archaic behavior of which Joe mimicked.  Beth agreed to travel to France with Joe to help him with his research.  It was in France that they met Adam who was working on a film documentary on the Romany Gypseys.

Beth begins to see shadows and images as well as sensing the presences of someone around her.  She soon learns that Adam isn’t there solely for the Gypsy research but for the images that a certain Roman soldier has plagued him with.  Determined to find the truth, the pair work together regarding the story of St. Theodore and his accused killer.

Sergius Cornelius Aurelius is a Roman soldier in the year 1756.  He has known the life of a soldier for most of his life.  When his personal life offers tragic loss, he becomes more of a loner.  When a chance encounter with a young boy accused of theft, Sergius saves the boy and takes him home.  Theodore and Sergius bond more as adopted son and father.   Threats from the past soon have Sergius defending his life and his religious beliefs but it becomes apparent too late that Theodore may also be in danger.  Sergius reaches across time and beyond death to protect himself and Theodore.

This historical story was filled with imagery of the Roman Empire and how their blood lust was the cause of so many innocents meeting their deaths in the arenas.  Christians were sought after as favored sport to the Lions while the Roman citizens cheered.  The author depicted this ruthlessness while remaining true historical views of the time period.

I was more enthralled with the parts of the story regarding Sergius and Theodore than the present day characters.  The author did a fantastic job of blending the two time periods to create her story.

Elizabeth Harris seems to write her stories in this style of past and present working together to resolve a wrong from the past.

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A New Paranormal Series by author Tina Moss

Publication Date: Septemer 29, 2015 Publisher: City Owl Press 271 Pages

Publication Date:
Septemer 29, 2015
City Owl Press
271 Pages

I love a good paranormal story with my favorite authors being Lauranne Dohner and Lora Leigh.  Shifters and Vampires, Oh my!  This is the perfect type of story to get lost in and let your imagination take over.

A new paranormal series by author Tina Moss has you wondering what is going on from beginning to end as she throws curves one after another!  With twists and secrets from every angle the characters don’t know what the truth is, who the bad guy is or what everyone is! Vampires, wolves, light energy beings and what the heck is the phage!

Tina Moss creates a society where paranormals are classified into three groups and subjected to registration and monitored by paranormal agencies. But what happens when beings that have existed for centuries are not known about but are now making appearances? You get chaos!  With a bit of mass murder what could be more exciting, right?

Special Agent Talon Rede is the leader of a group of paranormals who work for the Paranormal Crimes Division and they are trying to solve a murder that was obviously done by a paranormal but not one they don’t recognize from the registration.  While in the midst of this, he gets a call from a journalist Sera Benenati asking questions regarding this murder.  Usually not one to take time for such a thing, Talon Rede finds himself bantering back and forth with Sera for some time and then can’t seem to forget her or she him.

When Sera is provided a lead she finds herself surrounded by these “creatures” and her only way to survive is to give herself over  to the voice in her head.  Sera is a paranormal, the problem is that she doesn’t know what she is or why there is a guy talking to her inside her own head!  She just knows that she can’t let him take over or situations could turn ugly quickly.

When Sera is found to be the only survivor of a mass murder, Rede is shocked to say the least.  He tries to act as if she is a witness without ruling out suspect but his instinct is to protect her.  When the two find that is best to work together, they are embroiled in a convoluted mess of which faction of paranormals is good and who is the bad guy.  They may have to change up what they have always believed if they are to survive.

As secrets come to light, Sera and Rede fight to save the world of the phage.  You will have to read to find of if they succeed, find out who is behind the phange, and if they finally admit they are mates!  This is just the beginning as Code Black is followed by Red Alert.

Paranormal fiction is genre based upon imagination to the extreme and this is one series I am looking forward to following.  I did receive this eBook as a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Forbidden: Never After Dark Book 1 by author: Elle Thorne

Publication Date: July 5, 2015 Publisher: Barbed Borders Press 105 Pages

Publication Date:
July 5, 2015
Barbed Borders Press
105 Pages

Destiny. Fate.  Do they really exist for all of us or just a select few?  Jax Vasquez, and Rafe Tiero are about to discover their destiny and how it has been spiraling toward each other since they were teens.

Jax doesn’t have the best relationship with her parents and tries very hard to separate herself from them, even to the point of moving to another country.  Since she was 13, Jax has had dreams of a white tiger with piercing blue eyes.  She has felt comforted and safe when dreaming of the tiger, emotions she doesn’t feel with anyone else. Jax’s parents have mocked and humiliated her over the tiger dreams, the tiger tattoo she got, and the fact she sought a psychics help. But Jax knows there is something to the tiger and she knows someday the answers will come.

When Jax moves to Italy for her education, her life continues as it has.  She can look forward to long school hours, an insensitive boyfriend and avoiding her parents demeaning comments.  Then she meets Rafe who makes her feel things but can’t figure out why. When her parents decide on an impromptu visit, Jax enlists Rafe in a scheme to pretend they are a couple.  Rafe agrees to Jax’s plan but with his agreement comes with a catch. When Jax finds out what it will be and what it will cost her, what will she do?

Rafe is a white tiger shifter with a few secrets of his own. Rafe is infatuated with his half-brother’s mate.  His tiger doesn’t feel the same, but Rafe wanted her and then lost her to his brother Vax.  When Vax and Callie arrive in Italy, Rafe leaves the villa to avoid them.  He never imagined he would find Jax in a small café and she would not only intrigue him but his tiger as well.  When she asks that he pretend to be her boyfriend, Rafe agrees but only if she agrees to be his for the weekend around his family.

When Jax’s parents mention her Tiger tattoo, Rafe is caught off guard.  When he finally hears the story of her White Tiger dreams, Rafe decides it is time to show Jax his secret place and how destiny has played into their being together.

When the truth of Rafe’s family and her dreams collide will Rafe convince Jax that she is meant to be his mate forever or will the truth be too much for her to endure?  Will Rafe’s family keep them apart? What is the destiny their pasts have brought them to face?

A recommended short read with characters you will instantly love. The first in a series you are bound to want to read through. Enjoy the shifters that Elle Thorne has created that began in the Never After Dark and continue in this spin off series, Always After Dark.

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