A Bond of the Heart: A Sacred Bond Friends and Family Novella by Lee Tobin McClain


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Shane MacQuaid was born rich but now he is homeless by choice. When his connection to childhood friends first introduces to him to God he quickly sees that his family isn’t what he wants. They have the riches and the corporate family business but he decides he doesn’t want it, so he enlists into the military.  When a bomb blast causes him physical harm with lasting repercussions he returns home to only once again leave when his family becomes oppressive and his future is unclear.

Dani Cooper is a sweet person who has issues with trusting too much to everyone else’s too little.  She has been married twice and left twice with children from each marriage.  Her older sister is the only family she has left in her home town and although Dani relies on her help she could do without her constant advice and criticism.

Shane rents the garage apartment from Dani while building a business as a local handyman.  He soon becomes a part of the community so that it feels like home and every day he falls a little more in love with Dani and her kids.  Just as he feels he is breaking through Dani’s self-imposed rules of not getting involved again, his interfering family shows up.  His sister in law has Dani’s sister believing him to be dangerous and deranged and his brother is trying to force him home for medical treatment and then to take over as CEO of his family’s business.  When Dani walks away Shane feels his life is falling apart just as he was putting it together.

The author has created a storyline in which God is central to these characters.  Shane’s character wasn’t exposed to God and his grace until he met the young men from the Sacred Bond Brotherhood.   It was through this friendship God is working with Shane and showing him that by following the plan God had for him that his life would be enriched.  Dani trusted God more than she did herself after her failed marriages and teen pregnancy.  With a leap of faith both of these two are brought together for a beautiful romance and a happily ever after with God leading them forward.  This is a wonderful story of sacrifice and trust with love as the ultimate prize.  I have always enjoyed the Sacred Bond Brotherhood men and how strong their faith is and was very happy to read this novella showcasing their friends and family. Truly heartwarming and recommended.

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Elizbeth Lennox has written the following about this exciting combination from two of the queens of Sheik Romances!

Get four breath-taking sheik romances from two of your favorite authors – all in the same box set!

The Sheik’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox
When she sings, she sounds like a cat in heat…but Ana, a brilliant mathematician, stuns and surprises Najid del Sabur, Sheik of Safir.  Her bright eyes defy him and her smiles sooth him, while her body makes him lust for her.  But can he catch her?  Can he convince her that her past won’t hurt their future?

The Prince’s Challenge by Elizabeth Lennox 
She can’t sit still.  She’s beaten every nurse and doctor on her floor at cards.  And she’s achingly beautiful.   But is she friend or foe?  Having been caught in the line of fire by a bullet meant for his brother, Prince Jual del Sabur, Minister of Defense for Safir can’t decide if the lovely Sonya was part of the assassination attempt or innocent and just caught by bad timing.  All he knows is that he is definitely caught by her startling eyes and her soft sighs as he explores that question.

The Sheikh’s Untraditional Lover by Leslie North
Ultra-traditional and devastatingly handsome Prince Zafar Tadros thinks a business/sports complex is not what is needed for his country—but he believes in helping his family. With the region increasingly doing more business with Western companies, his father Sheikh Ahmadi has ordered this new business/sports complex to be a mix between West and East cultures.
Zafar has decided he will work to integrate as much traditional elements as possible, but Belle Mooney, an innovative American architect has taken her direction from Zafar’s father and is going for innovations. The two clash over designs—and only one can win.

The Sheikh’s Stubborn Partner by Leslie North 
With the deadline fast approaching, playboy Prince Adyan Tadros must supervise the only construction company that will take on the job of building the business/sports center in less than six months. The meticulous Edna Abbey has taken over her father’s construction company while he recovers from a stroke, and the last thing she wants to do is rush the project. But with attraction between her and the Prince growing everyday, she may be glad for the distraction…

With this Ring? A Novella Collection of Proposals Gone Awry



With This Ring is a collection of heartwarming stories of engagements that didn’t start out in a normal way.  This collection was written by four well-loved authors….Karen Witemeyer, Mary Connealy, Regina Jennings and Melissa Jagears.  These authors are known for writing Christian stories set in the 1800’s.

The Husband Maneuver was written by Karen Witemeyer, and tells the story of a young woman who has been in love with her father’s foreman for a few years.  As far as Marietta Hawkins knows, Daniel Barrett thinks of her as his boss’s daughter and not someone of marriageable potential.  Marietta overhears Daniel tell her father he is leaving the ranch for his own ranch and future plans.  Determined that he won’t be leaving without her she decides to show him she is the perfect wife and just what he needs. Daniel on the other hand wants to be with Marietta but hides his love because of her father.  When a natural disaster throws the two together, their feelings are brought out into the open but a misunderstanding sets them apart again.  An unexpected push will come to help these two find their way to their future.

Her Dearly Unintended is another story written by Regina Jennings and involving the families of Pine Gap, Missouri which was introduced (to me anyway) in her book At Love’s Bidding.  In Her Dearly Unintended Katie Ellen has loved Josiah for some time and thought at one time they would marry, but when he didn’t seem to act as if he wanted to be with her anymore, she shut herself off from any pain by denying her feelings.  Josiah loves Katie Ellen but has a secret reason for his behavior towards her.  When the river washes out the bridge to Katie Ellen’s family home, Josiah goes to check on her but never thought a stranger would force them the two of them to pretend to be married.  Josiah isn’t about to leave Katie Ellen alone with the stranger so when they must act a husband and wife their hurt feelings surface in witty encounters.  When a flood and a stranger work together to help these two individuals admit they belong with each other, you can surely believe God has had a hand in the situation.

Runaway Bride is wonderful adventure written by Mary Connealy. Carrie and her brother Isaac are running away from the lives that will only set them up for a future of pain or possibly worse.  Carrie has been traded to a cruel man as his bride in exchange for her father’s debt.  Their older sister has sent in a friend to save Carrie and unknowingly their little brother.  Big John Conroy, a Texas Ranger with a band of friends which are more like family and willing to fight as an army, to save Carrie from the evil that is tracking her.  Big John never thought he would settle down and have a family, but with Carrie he finds himself with feelings he can’t shake.  When the suggestion comes for the two of them to marry in order to keep Carrie safe, Big John and Carrie both say no.  But when her stalker closes in, Big John and Carrie find themselves agreeing to this wild plan.

Engaging the Competition is the last story in the collection and is written by author Melissa Jagears.  In this story we have two people who aren’t really “friends” but are thrown together when the one causes the other a setback.  When Charlotte Andrews is forced to accept a marriage proposal, Harrison finds that their time together has shown that Charlotte means more to him than he thought.  Harrison will step forward in a marriage proposal that will help Charlotte if only she will accept.


Each of these authors tells stories of love and of people who are brought face to face with a plan they never considered.  With love thrown at them when they were not expecting it or never considered it possible, they find themselves falling in love and heading to the alter!

These authors have a wonderful style of writing where you find yourself stepping into the story along with the characters and laughing at their antics, cheering them on or wondering what they will do next.

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