Recently Released…Blitzed: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by Lauren Landish


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Whitney fell in love with Troy so completely it was as if their souls were one.  She knew of his home life and how left him in pain both emotionally and physically. She knew of his dreams where football would take him away from that life and how he would be different than his father. She knew how he ached to leave it all behind.   Knowing this and the secret she carried, Whitney let him go because she loved him too much to destroy him.

Whitney didn’t tell Troy they had a child together. Instead she ran away to Italy and gave birth to their daughter Laurie and tried to let Troy go.  But not matter what she did to move on with her life, Troy was a ghost that stood in the shadows…waiting.  When Laurie turns five, Whitney knows she has to bring her home to meet her father.

Troy was devastated when Whitney left their senior year of high school.  He couldn’t understand why she leaves him when he was still so much in love with her.  For five years, Troy worked hard to make it in football.  For five years he tried to forget Whitney and move on, but he couldn’t because he stilled love her.

While waiting for his game to start, Troy is flagged down by a little girl who wants an autograph for her Mama.  Troy senses she is familiar but can’t figure it out until he sees Whitney.  Troy can’t believe she has a daughter and it never occurs to him that he is the girl’s father.  When Troy tracks Whitney down days later, she confesses that Laurie is his .

Whitney and Troy begin to fall in love again, but just as before something happens to rip them apart.  Whitney lets him go again, but this time will Troy fight to keep his family after just getting them back?  Or will Whitney’s continual running be too much for him? Will Whitney realize that she doesn’t have to sacrifice anymore? Is it time for her to hang on to Troy and their love or leave?

This author is new to me and I found I fell in love with her writing.  She keeps her stories going and they are full of emotion!  Her characters are flawed and realistic.  This is a standalone novel well worth the read.



Christmas in Vermont: A Very White Christmas by author Bryan Mooney



The story:

Marine Jack Reynolds and school teacher Hope Caldwell first meet in Iraq during a horrific experience trying to escape jihadists.  When they are trapped and wounded they refuse to let the other die and with a bond forged between them, closer than even their clasped hands, their lives are changed as if fate stepped in.

Jack Reynolds never stopped thinking of the woman who saved his life.  With Christmas approaching, Jack goes home while trying to decide what future he wants….Melissa his girlfriend who pushes for marriage and living in Florida or becoming a post master like his uncle and living in Vermont.  When he gets home he is thrown into the holiday celebrations and is surprised to see Hope there.

Hope could never give up on her Marine.  She never learned his name but their meeting came to hold such a meaning for her that she can’t form commitments or real attachments with anyone else.  Taking a temporary teaching job in Vermont, she is more than surprised to find her Marine there.  She is also surprised to hear he is engaged.

When a lost bag of last year’s Christmas cards are in need of delivery, Jack and Hope decide to do it together. While spending time with each other, their bond is deepening leaving each wondering what will happen to them.  They are each other’s best friend and love is strong between them, but will outside influences drive them apart? Will fate step in again and save these two soul mates?

My thoughts:

I truly was captivated by this story from the beginning.  From Iraq to Vermont the characters are strong, interesting and hold depth of emotion.  Not only are the main characters this way, but so are the various secondary ones such as Margaret Carroll and T.J. Dancer.  This small community that the author created was hit hard by the loss of their family and friends to the military and you can truly feel the emotions from these characters as if their pain where real.  Very impressive writing skills!

There were two issues I connected with in this story.  One of them had to do with the military.  In the story Jack takes on the project of renovating the local Veterans Hall.  I can’t speak to the halls around the country, but the ones I see locally are either closing or not used often.  Jack not only decides to fix up the hall for job fairs and gatherings, but he is able to lift the moral and build up the loyalty and community pride in the veterans and their sacrifices. I wish this could happen more often in real life and not just at times of fear.

The second issue is another close to my heart.  In delivering the cards, Hope is asked to read a letter to a young girl written by her father.  The letter was written in cursive and the girl, my take was late teens or early 20’s, could not read it.  The school systems are teaching our kids to print and not use cursive.  This is a disability that I just cannot fathom its justification.  When our children cannot read historical documents written in cursive or sign their legal names how can we say we did right by them?  Hope’s character has workshops she conducts to teach this skill and encourages all to attend.  This is a shameful situation our children will be the bearers of.  I was happy to see the author use this in his story to draw attention to this deplorable lack of education we are fostering.

This is the first introduction I had with this author, Bryan Mooney, and I was very taken with his style. I look forward to more of his books and in fact I am eyeing his previous book,  Love Letters.


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Love on a Summer Night by Zoe York Released November 24, 2015


Zoe York first captured my interest with the first book in the Pine Harbour Series, Love In a Small Town.  After that I was completely hooked and have read every book in this series as soon as it has come out.  Love On a Summer Night has been no different. I received the book after a request through Netgalley, but I would have purchased it in a heartbeat if I had been refused.  This has been a long awaited book for me and I was thrilled to read it.

Faith Davidson isn’t a new character to the series but one we got to get a small glimpse of before.  Widowed and  a single Mom, Faith is struggling with work and making sure her 5 year old son has a good life.  Before she was a Mother and widow, Faith loved life and adventurous living.  When her thrill seeking husband dies in a skiing accident, Faith closes herself up in a bubble of safety and existence.

Zander Minelli is the oldest of his siblings and doesn’t believe in love due to his earliest memories of his parent’s long forgotten breakup.  Most do not recall his father leaving and his Mother dragging him back home to face his responsibilities, instead the see a loving couple who have been married for years.  When Zander was old enough he joined the military and decided a family life wasn’t for him.  But now he is leaving the military, older and unsure what his future holds.

When Zander and Faith meet, the interest is strong between them but their baggage is heavier.  They enjoy their time together thinking they had the one time to enjoy, but fate had other plans for these two.   Finding themselves with mutual friends, Zander and Faith begin to explore a sweet summer romance.  Love blossoms between them even if they can’t admit it exists.  Zander falls for Faith and her son, Eric, and soon realizes this is just what he wants and needs.  Faith knows Zander is a man she could love, but fights her bubble wrapped fear of safety and caution.

When Faith is faced with a parent’s nightmare, she needs Zander to get her through.  Zander discovers the key to saving Eric and as he races toward them he comes to the realization that he is racing to his family.  Is this enough for Faith and Zander to throw their fears to the side and risk all for their future happiness?

Zoe York writes contemporary romance set in small town areas of Canada.  Her characters are bad boys with heart who make the perfect book boyfriends(especially Rafe and Zander) with her women strong and passionate.  Her supporting characters are equally captivating as their lives are blended into the story foundation or used to keep it flowing.  Sometimes she may surprise you by making them a leading character later as she did with Faith.  Zoe draws you in so that you feel like you are reading a story of your friends and can’t wait to find out the end!

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Love on the Run…Dean and Liana

Enter the dark world of MC with Lana Grayson’s Anathema Series


In the world of the MC there are the ones known as the 1% because that is the percentage that is the worst of the whole.  They are the ones who live nearest to hell.  They are the ones a good girl should run from!

Lana Grayson has a series that I recently found and devored within days! She has created a world of MC with her main club being that of the Anathema MC.  Her story is strong with darkness prevalient and slivers of shining light as hope.  The men and women within her pages will keep you spellbound and wanting more. She writes and you will read more than just a story and will become  transfixed by lives than characters.

So far there are four books to her series and I am anticating and hoping for more.  The books are  Warlord, Exiled,Knight and Saint (Possess anthology).  Saint being part of an anthology was first overlooked by me, but once I found it I discovered it actually takes place before Knight.  I would defintely read these books in order.

The books are mainly about the rivarly between the Anathema MC and the the Coup MC.  Anatheam in short means dedicated to evil and being cursed to hell.  Yes, I had to look that one up and hopefully helped you out as well.  A very fitting MC title in my opinion.  The Coup is a group of Anatheam’s ex brothers who split from them and a war betweent the two started. The result was dead brothers, a rivarly and new territorial lines being drawn.  There is also another MC in the area called the Temple who were more evil and terrifying than the Anathema as they operated more as cartel.

Warlord begins the series and sets the pace for the others,so yu have to start here.  Anathema and Coup have already split and Thorne has taken over as president of the Anatheam and Knight who was once their brother is president of the Coup.  The rivarly between them exists but this book is centered on more of an internal family issue revolving around Blade Darnell one of the “grey generation”, his sons Brew and Keep, his daughter Rose and Thorne.  Secrets within this family are numerous and leads to a path of vengence.  Thorne as president is the only one who can save Rose (like the rose and thorne connection!) and Brew is the only one who can avenge her.  The cost to all of them will change their lives in different ways.

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Exiled is Brew’s story.  After getting revenge and saving Rose, Brew becomes a ghost. No connections.  No name. No home. When his travels bring him to a small town MC and a girl named Martini, Brew thinks he is involved with small town runs.  He never expected to see Temple so far from their territory.  Now Brew is on the run again, this time trying to save Martini.  When he discovers Rose in in trouble again and believes Martini has lied to him he leaves Martini and heads home. Martini faces a new hell of her own and barely escapes with her life and follows Brew in order to save his.

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Saint (Possess Anthology)- Gold is a member of Anathema.  He has survived Iraq, barely, and now serves in the MC as treasurere.  Normally a guy with a ready smile, he lives a personal life of misery in which smiles are few.  He had to give up his woman, when a stripper says he got her pregnant.  Trying to do the right thing he stayed with the mother of his daughter, Sophie or Silver as she is called.  Alexis the baby’s mother is a junkie and the worst mother ever. Coming home from a run, Gold finds the utilities off, Alexis passed out in a junkie haze and his daughter starving and filthy. Gold takes his daughter and leaves, but gets knifed in the process.  Getting his wound fixed leads him back to his woman and he is determined to keep her this time.  When Alexis and the Coup join forces against him, Gold calls in his brothers to save his woman and his daughter while getting a bit of retaliation on the Coup.


Knight- Knight didn’t actually want to see Anathema split but when he voiced his concerns and hell broke out, his words are the ones remembered creating his label of traitor.  He is desperate to fix things and realizes that it may lead only to his death, but things can’t continue as they are.  His one regret is losing Lyn, the only woman he has ever loved.  The toughest and sexiest woman ever.  When the ATF and Temple come after Lyn, Knight knows his time is up.  He wants to reunite Anatheam and Coup if they are all to survive.  In a daring plot to turn ATF toward Temple, secrets spanning over decades come brutally in the open.  Who survives and who doesn’t is a thrilling climax in Knight.


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 Anathema….Dedicated to Evil…Cursed!

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Sinful by author Jennifer Dawson



Publication Date: November 17, 2015

The story:

Leo and Jillian have danced around each other for years.  She is the younger sister of his best friend and she believes that is the reason he refuses to see her on a romantic level.  Jillian has finally had enough of his pushing her away.   At her brother’s birthday party she plans to make her move.  One last time and then she walks away.


Leo has a dark secret, one he shares with Michael, his best friend and Jillian’s brother.  He knows that Michael wouldn’t want him near Jillian.  In fact, Michael has ordered him to leave his sister alone.  With a tragedy in his past, Leo isn’t willing to lose his friend and fights his attraction to Jillian.


Jillian doesn’t leave him a choice but to admit the attraction and act on it.  But when Jillian discovers his secret will he be able to keep her or will she run?  Can they fight the past and move forward together?


My thoughts:

BDSM is not something new for me to read about, but what I found different in this book was the approach to that lifestyle.  Jennifer Dawson shows us three male friends, who are best friends, and share an interest in BDSM, but Leo has more of desire of using rough or pain.  I gathered from the reading this added interest was due to the tragedy of losing his twin when younger and then building walls to keep from loving another person and then having the risk of losing them as well.  Because Michael, Jillian’s brother, is aware of Leo’s interest and knowing his sister isn’t aware of his this side of him, he doesn’t want her to continue pursuing Leo and orders Leo to stay away from her.


When Jillian confronts Leo, he tries to explain his desires but does so in a way that Jillian is left with more questions than answers.  She knows there is a piece of the puzzle she is missing and asks for help from Michael and Leo’s friend, Brandon.  Brandon answers her questions and intrigues her even more.  Leo, Jillian finds out, left out a lot of facts purposely to chase her away.  But Jillian is stubborn and refuses to leave him alone until she knows everything.  Deciding to try and meet Leo’s needs, Jillian learns that being a submissive doesn’t mean being a slave.  Leo explains and moves her into Dominant-Submissive relationship slowly which allows the reader to learn some of the fundamental roles of each participant.  Jennifer Dawson did touch on the fact that there are different degrees of BDSM in which Dominant-Submissive and Master-Slave are personal choice and not all will prefer both of these levels.  For some the roles of Master and Slave are much more suitable but for others it is of no interest.

I enjoyed this book because the author portrayed a novice being initiated into the world of BDSM on a much tamer level than other books I have read.  In this book, the reasons for the BDSM behaviors are explained and explored without truly plunging into the darkness of the lifestyle some follow.  The author also builds the relationship of the characters so that the BDSM is a part of them but not the focus.

This is book 2 in the Undone series by Jennifer Dawson.  Book one is titled, “Crave”.  I look forward to additions to this series.


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