In Safe Hands by Leslie North


Leslie North has brought us another fantastic series, Safe House Unit.  In this series, we have elite men who protect those who are in trouble.  I love the suspense she has in this new series.  In the past, Leslie North has written sexy alpha men who were rulers and business men with women who more than equaled them.  In this series, you once again read about those types of men and women but the added suspense is wonderful.  It is almost as if I am reading a different author as the style of writing has taken on a new feeling but yet remains true to the author.

This story is about an ex-detective who served the force until he had a shocking, horrific experience that he couldn’t move past.  When the Russian Mafia ambushes him and his partner, leaving the partner dead, Damian Stone’s pain and nightmares leave him a man damaged and more outwardly descriptive of his last name.  He leaves the force to work for an organization that protects those such as Alexa Volkov.  Damien wasn’t expecting his past to come barreling to his present with this assignment, but that is exactly what happens.  Will he consider Alexa his enemy or is there a chance she will be his savior?

Alexa Volkov is a Russian Mafia princess and her father is Damien Stone’s  enemy.  When Alexa’s Mother is killed because of her father’s business, she decides to turn evidence against him.  Entering the witness protection program, Alexa finds herself under the protection of Damien Stone.  Her first reaction is that he was a dirty cop, but when her family tattoo sparks his anger, she finds that his reasons for leaving the force are connected to her own father.

As the situation turns deadly for both of them, Damien and Alexa find themselves fighting the men coming after Alexa to keep her quiet as well as a ghost from Damien’s past.  They are also fighting their attraction to each other and the differences in their individual lives.

I love the constant questions of who can be trusted, who is the bad guy and how will Damien and Alexa end.  As mentioned before, I love this new style of romantic suspense the author has going.  I felt the change to this style began with the Slade Security series and seems to  be getting better.

I absolutely recommend this new series and I look forward to the next book.  I am hopeful that their will be one regarding Samson’s character.

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They Call Me Crazy by Kelly Stone Gamble



I really, really enjoyed this crazy story!  It wasn’t just the main female character that everyone labeled as crazy, but the whole group, main and secondary characters were crazy as well! The plots were twisted and kept the reader’s interest in this “why’d she do it” suspenseful drama.  Best of all, though, was the inner dialogue that Cass had with herself….you couldn’t tell if she truly was crazy or not.

Cass is eccentric to say the least.  She has loved her husband, Roland, for most of her life.  Her memories of their good days help her to put up with his verbal abuse after years of being married.   But eventually she has enough and kills him.  That is where the fun starts for the reader.  Cass not only kills Roland, but then she decides to use their Koi pond as his final resting place.   However, Roland doesn’t have the decency to stay there which is unfortunate for Cass.

Clay is Roland’s older brother and secretly has always loved Cass and disliked Roland. Clay has his own obsessions…those being his red wigglers and his worm farm.  You might even say Clay has a special use for those red wigglers that just he and Cass know about.

When Cass is accused of murdering Roland by an ex school mate bent on making Cass’s life difficult, Clay comes to her rescue.  It doesn’t take long for the whole town to become involved and secrets to emerge that set a pace of twists and turns you would never expect.  Secondary characters such as the sheriff, the ex-best friend, Cass’s grandmother and even Clay’s daughter quickly emerge with crazy lives, secrets and behaviors that set this book apart as one not to put down until finished.

While Cass is charged with murder and Clay and her brother-in-law are trying to clear her name, Cass continues to say she murdered Roland.  Did she murder him?  Or does she think she does due to some reason that may have played tricks with her mind?  When the verdict is declared can it really be the truth?

I have not enjoyed a twisted plot like this ever.  I highly recommend this book as a got to read book for the hilarity of the characters that the author, Kelly Stone Gamble created.  She brought to life not just the main character, but the supporting ones as well.


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The Sacrifice Stone by author Elizabeth Harris


This story was captivating!  From the beginning until the end I never put it down because it was so interesting.

This is a story of the past meeting the future and the story that brought the two eras together.  The story is divided into parts which offered a glimpse of the story as it was told by the characters whether past or present.  In 175 AD a young boy is the pawn for vengeance and a catalyst that will change how the future will remember them all.

Beth, Joe and Adam are three present day individuals whose lives are intertwined with the story of St. Theodore a young boy who legend says became a Christian martyr after being killed by a Roman soldier.  Joe is a student of theology and working on his thesis regarding early Christian martyrs especially regarding St. Theodore reputed to have been killed by a Roman soldier who cut his throat which lead to St. Theodore healing throat issues.  Beth is Joe’s sister.  Beth had always been treated as less important than Joe by their father.  Her dreams where always thwarted by her father’s archaic behavior of which Joe mimicked.  Beth agreed to travel to France with Joe to help him with his research.  It was in France that they met Adam who was working on a film documentary on the Romany Gypseys.

Beth begins to see shadows and images as well as sensing the presences of someone around her.  She soon learns that Adam isn’t there solely for the Gypsy research but for the images that a certain Roman soldier has plagued him with.  Determined to find the truth, the pair work together regarding the story of St. Theodore and his accused killer.

Sergius Cornelius Aurelius is a Roman soldier in the year 1756.  He has known the life of a soldier for most of his life.  When his personal life offers tragic loss, he becomes more of a loner.  When a chance encounter with a young boy accused of theft, Sergius saves the boy and takes him home.  Theodore and Sergius bond more as adopted son and father.   Threats from the past soon have Sergius defending his life and his religious beliefs but it becomes apparent too late that Theodore may also be in danger.  Sergius reaches across time and beyond death to protect himself and Theodore.

This historical story was filled with imagery of the Roman Empire and how their blood lust was the cause of so many innocents meeting their deaths in the arenas.  Christians were sought after as favored sport to the Lions while the Roman citizens cheered.  The author depicted this ruthlessness while remaining true historical views of the time period.

I was more enthralled with the parts of the story regarding Sergius and Theodore than the present day characters.  The author did a fantastic job of blending the two time periods to create her story.

Elizabeth Harris seems to write her stories in this style of past and present working together to resolve a wrong from the past.

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Enter the dark world of MC with Lana Grayson’s Anathema Series


In the world of the MC there are the ones known as the 1% because that is the percentage that is the worst of the whole.  They are the ones who live nearest to hell.  They are the ones a good girl should run from!

Lana Grayson has a series that I recently found and devored within days! She has created a world of MC with her main club being that of the Anathema MC.  Her story is strong with darkness prevalient and slivers of shining light as hope.  The men and women within her pages will keep you spellbound and wanting more. She writes and you will read more than just a story and will become  transfixed by lives than characters.

So far there are four books to her series and I am anticating and hoping for more.  The books are  Warlord, Exiled,Knight and Saint (Possess anthology).  Saint being part of an anthology was first overlooked by me, but once I found it I discovered it actually takes place before Knight.  I would defintely read these books in order.

The books are mainly about the rivarly between the Anathema MC and the the Coup MC.  Anatheam in short means dedicated to evil and being cursed to hell.  Yes, I had to look that one up and hopefully helped you out as well.  A very fitting MC title in my opinion.  The Coup is a group of Anatheam’s ex brothers who split from them and a war betweent the two started. The result was dead brothers, a rivarly and new territorial lines being drawn.  There is also another MC in the area called the Temple who were more evil and terrifying than the Anathema as they operated more as cartel.

Warlord begins the series and sets the pace for the others,so yu have to start here.  Anathema and Coup have already split and Thorne has taken over as president of the Anatheam and Knight who was once their brother is president of the Coup.  The rivarly between them exists but this book is centered on more of an internal family issue revolving around Blade Darnell one of the “grey generation”, his sons Brew and Keep, his daughter Rose and Thorne.  Secrets within this family are numerous and leads to a path of vengence.  Thorne as president is the only one who can save Rose (like the rose and thorne connection!) and Brew is the only one who can avenge her.  The cost to all of them will change their lives in different ways.

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Exiled is Brew’s story.  After getting revenge and saving Rose, Brew becomes a ghost. No connections.  No name. No home. When his travels bring him to a small town MC and a girl named Martini, Brew thinks he is involved with small town runs.  He never expected to see Temple so far from their territory.  Now Brew is on the run again, this time trying to save Martini.  When he discovers Rose in in trouble again and believes Martini has lied to him he leaves Martini and heads home. Martini faces a new hell of her own and barely escapes with her life and follows Brew in order to save his.

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Saint (Possess Anthology)- Gold is a member of Anathema.  He has survived Iraq, barely, and now serves in the MC as treasurere.  Normally a guy with a ready smile, he lives a personal life of misery in which smiles are few.  He had to give up his woman, when a stripper says he got her pregnant.  Trying to do the right thing he stayed with the mother of his daughter, Sophie or Silver as she is called.  Alexis the baby’s mother is a junkie and the worst mother ever. Coming home from a run, Gold finds the utilities off, Alexis passed out in a junkie haze and his daughter starving and filthy. Gold takes his daughter and leaves, but gets knifed in the process.  Getting his wound fixed leads him back to his woman and he is determined to keep her this time.  When Alexis and the Coup join forces against him, Gold calls in his brothers to save his woman and his daughter while getting a bit of retaliation on the Coup.


Knight- Knight didn’t actually want to see Anathema split but when he voiced his concerns and hell broke out, his words are the ones remembered creating his label of traitor.  He is desperate to fix things and realizes that it may lead only to his death, but things can’t continue as they are.  His one regret is losing Lyn, the only woman he has ever loved.  The toughest and sexiest woman ever.  When the ATF and Temple come after Lyn, Knight knows his time is up.  He wants to reunite Anatheam and Coup if they are all to survive.  In a daring plot to turn ATF toward Temple, secrets spanning over decades come brutally in the open.  Who survives and who doesn’t is a thrilling climax in Knight.


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 Anathema….Dedicated to Evil…Cursed!

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Cyber Genius (Family Genius Mysteries Book 3) by Patricia Rice

Publication Date: September 29, 2015 Publisher: Book View Cafe 252 Pages

Publication Date:
September 29, 2015
Book View Cafe
252 Pages

Anastasia Devlin is the oldest in a unique, intelligent, trouble magnetic brood of siblings.  She once ran from the overwhelming responsibility of caring for her siblings, but not anymore.  Now she is determined that they will have chances she didn’t and that they will have as normal of lives that they can.

Anastasia, or Ana, has learned like her brothers and sisters the art of spying and hiding from their Mother.  Using these skills she must help her brother, Tudor, who is one the run after one of his programs sets off a chain of cyber problems quickly moving toward chaos.   With government agencies, the rich and famous, and of course really bad guys chasing them, Ana and Tudor must call upon their family and Graham for help.

Mayhem and madness seem to follow these siblings with Ana ever present as the leader. Murder, insider trading, poison, spies all come together in this cyber mystery as they race to find out who is behind the plot. It doesn’t take long to discover their nemesis Top Hat and Senator Rose are somehow mixed up in the conspiracy.  Will Ana take them down this time?

Graham is their resident hermit spy who comes to their aid.  Ana and Graham share a mutual attraction with a hefty dose of sarcasm between them.  With his own secrets in the balance, Graham is still a mystery that Ana plans to unveil.

With family, Graham, Mallard, and an assorted group of new friends Ana will stop at nothing to save her brother from the evil men pursing him.  Will she find the culprit before it is too late and can she do it before calling in the big guns….Mom.

This is the first book in the Cyber series by Patricia Rice that I have read. I found it very intriguing and very different from the style of her books I have read.  Even though there is a sexual undercurrent between Ana and Graham, the sex scenes are limited and do not over take the story.  Because I haven’t read the first two books in the series, there was some background I was missing. Even though this existed, I don’t believe it interfered with my understanding the story for this book.  I really enjoy this idea of one woman who has so many kids from different fathers and each of those kids have amazing abilities.  I plan to continue reading this series and going back to read the first two books already written.

I received this book from Patricia Rice in exchange for an honest review.

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