Cyborg Sizzle Series by Cynthia Sax

releasing rage

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I found a new series while browsing the free books on Amazon.  Cynthia Sax has a Cyborg series with the first book, Releasing Rage currently free.  This is an amazing sci-fi erotic romance series.  If you like blood and gore with cyborgs that will not blink to committing any type of torture as they are the ultimate killing machine then you need to read this series.

Cynthia Sax has written of Cyborgs that have been manufactured for years beginning with the A series where the skin is gray and the skeletal frame is extremely heavy to the K series which looks more human and smaller.  The humans that control them are cruel and do unthinkable acts on the Cyborgs because to them they are just things or machines.  The Cyborgs are caged and tortured.  They are “decommissioned” the slightest emotion such as smiling or showing any weakness.

But the humans who made them and have control over them made a mistake….they cyborgs can feel, are intelligent, can communicate and they are plotting their escape.  Because this is a romance as well, you will find that as they find their freedom they also find love with non-Cyborgs.  There may even be a surprise in store for those couples.

This is the reading order to the series:

  1. Releasing rage         Published August  2015
  2. Breathing Vapor     Published November 2015
  3. Being Green     Published December 2015  (available only by signing up for Cynthia Sax’s newsletter  )
  4. Crash and Burn     Published   February 2016
  5. Defying Death    Published  April 2016
  6. Chasing Mayhem   Coming August 2016
  7. Ace and Thrasher’s story- Title TBD Coming November 2016


I was so hooked with Releasing Rage, I also in the same day read Breathing Vapor and Crash and Burn.  I did sign up for the newsletter but have not yet received the copy of Being Green which according to Cynthia Sax’s website, should be read after Breathing Vapor.  I can say that during one scene of Crash and Burn I needed a box of tissues.  The author wrote with such emotion that as a reader I was drawn in and couldn’t help but feel the pain in the scene.  To me this is a great writer if the reader can get that involved with the storyline.  I am looking forward to continuing this series and have already formed my list of the characters I would love to see get their own story.  There is so much blood and gore alongside extremely HOT, HOT, HOT Sex!

For those who have read and enjoyed Laurann Dohner’s Cyborg’s series, I am sure that you will enjoy this one. I would encourage a visit to the author’s website where you will be able to learn a little more about the world of the Cyborg such as their nanocybotics and the differences between the A-K series.  Cynthia Sax’s website is:

The Cyborgs who were once enslaved are now free and fighting to keep that freedom along with the joy of love and family.


In Safe Hands by Leslie North


Leslie North has brought us another fantastic series, Safe House Unit.  In this series, we have elite men who protect those who are in trouble.  I love the suspense she has in this new series.  In the past, Leslie North has written sexy alpha men who were rulers and business men with women who more than equaled them.  In this series, you once again read about those types of men and women but the added suspense is wonderful.  It is almost as if I am reading a different author as the style of writing has taken on a new feeling but yet remains true to the author.

This story is about an ex-detective who served the force until he had a shocking, horrific experience that he couldn’t move past.  When the Russian Mafia ambushes him and his partner, leaving the partner dead, Damian Stone’s pain and nightmares leave him a man damaged and more outwardly descriptive of his last name.  He leaves the force to work for an organization that protects those such as Alexa Volkov.  Damien wasn’t expecting his past to come barreling to his present with this assignment, but that is exactly what happens.  Will he consider Alexa his enemy or is there a chance she will be his savior?

Alexa Volkov is a Russian Mafia princess and her father is Damien Stone’s  enemy.  When Alexa’s Mother is killed because of her father’s business, she decides to turn evidence against him.  Entering the witness protection program, Alexa finds herself under the protection of Damien Stone.  Her first reaction is that he was a dirty cop, but when her family tattoo sparks his anger, she finds that his reasons for leaving the force are connected to her own father.

As the situation turns deadly for both of them, Damien and Alexa find themselves fighting the men coming after Alexa to keep her quiet as well as a ghost from Damien’s past.  They are also fighting their attraction to each other and the differences in their individual lives.

I love the constant questions of who can be trusted, who is the bad guy and how will Damien and Alexa end.  As mentioned before, I love this new style of romantic suspense the author has going.  I felt the change to this style began with the Slade Security series and seems to  be getting better.

I absolutely recommend this new series and I look forward to the next book.  I am hopeful that their will be one regarding Samson’s character.

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The Sacrifice Stone by author Elizabeth Harris


This story was captivating!  From the beginning until the end I never put it down because it was so interesting.

This is a story of the past meeting the future and the story that brought the two eras together.  The story is divided into parts which offered a glimpse of the story as it was told by the characters whether past or present.  In 175 AD a young boy is the pawn for vengeance and a catalyst that will change how the future will remember them all.

Beth, Joe and Adam are three present day individuals whose lives are intertwined with the story of St. Theodore a young boy who legend says became a Christian martyr after being killed by a Roman soldier.  Joe is a student of theology and working on his thesis regarding early Christian martyrs especially regarding St. Theodore reputed to have been killed by a Roman soldier who cut his throat which lead to St. Theodore healing throat issues.  Beth is Joe’s sister.  Beth had always been treated as less important than Joe by their father.  Her dreams where always thwarted by her father’s archaic behavior of which Joe mimicked.  Beth agreed to travel to France with Joe to help him with his research.  It was in France that they met Adam who was working on a film documentary on the Romany Gypseys.

Beth begins to see shadows and images as well as sensing the presences of someone around her.  She soon learns that Adam isn’t there solely for the Gypsy research but for the images that a certain Roman soldier has plagued him with.  Determined to find the truth, the pair work together regarding the story of St. Theodore and his accused killer.

Sergius Cornelius Aurelius is a Roman soldier in the year 1756.  He has known the life of a soldier for most of his life.  When his personal life offers tragic loss, he becomes more of a loner.  When a chance encounter with a young boy accused of theft, Sergius saves the boy and takes him home.  Theodore and Sergius bond more as adopted son and father.   Threats from the past soon have Sergius defending his life and his religious beliefs but it becomes apparent too late that Theodore may also be in danger.  Sergius reaches across time and beyond death to protect himself and Theodore.

This historical story was filled with imagery of the Roman Empire and how their blood lust was the cause of so many innocents meeting their deaths in the arenas.  Christians were sought after as favored sport to the Lions while the Roman citizens cheered.  The author depicted this ruthlessness while remaining true historical views of the time period.

I was more enthralled with the parts of the story regarding Sergius and Theodore than the present day characters.  The author did a fantastic job of blending the two time periods to create her story.

Elizabeth Harris seems to write her stories in this style of past and present working together to resolve a wrong from the past.

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Christmas in Vermont: A Very White Christmas by author Bryan Mooney



The story:

Marine Jack Reynolds and school teacher Hope Caldwell first meet in Iraq during a horrific experience trying to escape jihadists.  When they are trapped and wounded they refuse to let the other die and with a bond forged between them, closer than even their clasped hands, their lives are changed as if fate stepped in.

Jack Reynolds never stopped thinking of the woman who saved his life.  With Christmas approaching, Jack goes home while trying to decide what future he wants….Melissa his girlfriend who pushes for marriage and living in Florida or becoming a post master like his uncle and living in Vermont.  When he gets home he is thrown into the holiday celebrations and is surprised to see Hope there.

Hope could never give up on her Marine.  She never learned his name but their meeting came to hold such a meaning for her that she can’t form commitments or real attachments with anyone else.  Taking a temporary teaching job in Vermont, she is more than surprised to find her Marine there.  She is also surprised to hear he is engaged.

When a lost bag of last year’s Christmas cards are in need of delivery, Jack and Hope decide to do it together. While spending time with each other, their bond is deepening leaving each wondering what will happen to them.  They are each other’s best friend and love is strong between them, but will outside influences drive them apart? Will fate step in again and save these two soul mates?

My thoughts:

I truly was captivated by this story from the beginning.  From Iraq to Vermont the characters are strong, interesting and hold depth of emotion.  Not only are the main characters this way, but so are the various secondary ones such as Margaret Carroll and T.J. Dancer.  This small community that the author created was hit hard by the loss of their family and friends to the military and you can truly feel the emotions from these characters as if their pain where real.  Very impressive writing skills!

There were two issues I connected with in this story.  One of them had to do with the military.  In the story Jack takes on the project of renovating the local Veterans Hall.  I can’t speak to the halls around the country, but the ones I see locally are either closing or not used often.  Jack not only decides to fix up the hall for job fairs and gatherings, but he is able to lift the moral and build up the loyalty and community pride in the veterans and their sacrifices. I wish this could happen more often in real life and not just at times of fear.

The second issue is another close to my heart.  In delivering the cards, Hope is asked to read a letter to a young girl written by her father.  The letter was written in cursive and the girl, my take was late teens or early 20’s, could not read it.  The school systems are teaching our kids to print and not use cursive.  This is a disability that I just cannot fathom its justification.  When our children cannot read historical documents written in cursive or sign their legal names how can we say we did right by them?  Hope’s character has workshops she conducts to teach this skill and encourages all to attend.  This is a shameful situation our children will be the bearers of.  I was happy to see the author use this in his story to draw attention to this deplorable lack of education we are fostering.

This is the first introduction I had with this author, Bryan Mooney, and I was very taken with his style. I look forward to more of his books and in fact I am eyeing his previous book,  Love Letters.


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Love on a Summer Night by Zoe York Released November 24, 2015


Zoe York first captured my interest with the first book in the Pine Harbour Series, Love In a Small Town.  After that I was completely hooked and have read every book in this series as soon as it has come out.  Love On a Summer Night has been no different. I received the book after a request through Netgalley, but I would have purchased it in a heartbeat if I had been refused.  This has been a long awaited book for me and I was thrilled to read it.

Faith Davidson isn’t a new character to the series but one we got to get a small glimpse of before.  Widowed and  a single Mom, Faith is struggling with work and making sure her 5 year old son has a good life.  Before she was a Mother and widow, Faith loved life and adventurous living.  When her thrill seeking husband dies in a skiing accident, Faith closes herself up in a bubble of safety and existence.

Zander Minelli is the oldest of his siblings and doesn’t believe in love due to his earliest memories of his parent’s long forgotten breakup.  Most do not recall his father leaving and his Mother dragging him back home to face his responsibilities, instead the see a loving couple who have been married for years.  When Zander was old enough he joined the military and decided a family life wasn’t for him.  But now he is leaving the military, older and unsure what his future holds.

When Zander and Faith meet, the interest is strong between them but their baggage is heavier.  They enjoy their time together thinking they had the one time to enjoy, but fate had other plans for these two.   Finding themselves with mutual friends, Zander and Faith begin to explore a sweet summer romance.  Love blossoms between them even if they can’t admit it exists.  Zander falls for Faith and her son, Eric, and soon realizes this is just what he wants and needs.  Faith knows Zander is a man she could love, but fights her bubble wrapped fear of safety and caution.

When Faith is faced with a parent’s nightmare, she needs Zander to get her through.  Zander discovers the key to saving Eric and as he races toward them he comes to the realization that he is racing to his family.  Is this enough for Faith and Zander to throw their fears to the side and risk all for their future happiness?

Zoe York writes contemporary romance set in small town areas of Canada.  Her characters are bad boys with heart who make the perfect book boyfriends(especially Rafe and Zander) with her women strong and passionate.  Her supporting characters are equally captivating as their lives are blended into the story foundation or used to keep it flowing.  Sometimes she may surprise you by making them a leading character later as she did with Faith.  Zoe draws you in so that you feel like you are reading a story of your friends and can’t wait to find out the end!

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Love on the Run…Dean and Liana

A New Paranormal Series by author Tina Moss

Publication Date: Septemer 29, 2015 Publisher: City Owl Press 271 Pages

Publication Date:
Septemer 29, 2015
City Owl Press
271 Pages

I love a good paranormal story with my favorite authors being Lauranne Dohner and Lora Leigh.  Shifters and Vampires, Oh my!  This is the perfect type of story to get lost in and let your imagination take over.

A new paranormal series by author Tina Moss has you wondering what is going on from beginning to end as she throws curves one after another!  With twists and secrets from every angle the characters don’t know what the truth is, who the bad guy is or what everyone is! Vampires, wolves, light energy beings and what the heck is the phage!

Tina Moss creates a society where paranormals are classified into three groups and subjected to registration and monitored by paranormal agencies. But what happens when beings that have existed for centuries are not known about but are now making appearances? You get chaos!  With a bit of mass murder what could be more exciting, right?

Special Agent Talon Rede is the leader of a group of paranormals who work for the Paranormal Crimes Division and they are trying to solve a murder that was obviously done by a paranormal but not one they don’t recognize from the registration.  While in the midst of this, he gets a call from a journalist Sera Benenati asking questions regarding this murder.  Usually not one to take time for such a thing, Talon Rede finds himself bantering back and forth with Sera for some time and then can’t seem to forget her or she him.

When Sera is provided a lead she finds herself surrounded by these “creatures” and her only way to survive is to give herself over  to the voice in her head.  Sera is a paranormal, the problem is that she doesn’t know what she is or why there is a guy talking to her inside her own head!  She just knows that she can’t let him take over or situations could turn ugly quickly.

When Sera is found to be the only survivor of a mass murder, Rede is shocked to say the least.  He tries to act as if she is a witness without ruling out suspect but his instinct is to protect her.  When the two find that is best to work together, they are embroiled in a convoluted mess of which faction of paranormals is good and who is the bad guy.  They may have to change up what they have always believed if they are to survive.

As secrets come to light, Sera and Rede fight to save the world of the phage.  You will have to read to find of if they succeed, find out who is behind the phange, and if they finally admit they are mates!  This is just the beginning as Code Black is followed by Red Alert.

Paranormal fiction is genre based upon imagination to the extreme and this is one series I am looking forward to following.  I did receive this eBook as a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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His Stubborn Lover (Slade Security Team Book 1) by author Leslie North

Publication Date: September 10, 2015 Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 106 Pages

Publication Date:
September 10, 2015
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
106 Pages

Leslie North takes us from the Jawhara Sheik Series with a captivating spin off with Slade Security Team.  In Book one, His Stubborn Lover, we get another look at Sheik Kamal Mehalel El-Jawhara and his fiancée Erin Malone.  With the threats against Erin, and their unborn child an added risk, Sheik Kamal calls in reinforcements in the form of Slade Security Team members.

Brock Wells is the best operative at Slade Security Team outside of Slade himself.  He never mixes business with personal which is one of the reasons he is so good.  Known for having a heart of ice, women don’t expect much from him.  This was true until he met Keira Mantz and now he is having trouble concentrating on the job.

Keira Mantz knows if it wasn’t for Brock she probably wouldn’t be alive today.  Nights full of erotic dreams of Brock are her only personal connection to him, because her days require her to keep her distance. When Slade gives her a chance to be in charge of her own op with the security for Erin Malone, she is surprised to see Brock waiting for her when she arrives. Hearing that the plans have changed and now she must act as his lover, Keira fights herself in discovering how much she wants the role to be true.

Brock and Keira fight their attraction because of duty and their personal baggage.  When Slade offers Brock a chance to remain in Jawhara creating a new division of the company, Brock has to make a choice regarding Keira.  Can he live without her?  Keira will have her own choice to make regarding this new information.  Will she choose Brock?

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I have always enjoyed a book by Leslie North and this one is no exception.  In reading the teaser for book 2, His Secret, I am already waiting eagerly to read what happens to Slade and learn what Tayra’s secret is.

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