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secrets from your garden


Herbalism has been around for centuries with no indication that it will ever be a dying interest or way of life.  Through out those centuries those who used herbs were known by different names, but more common as “healer”.  Those who were misunderstood by their society’s time were at times called “witches”.  Regardless of the name, herbalism has been around and practice with healing naturally as its intent.

Herbalism can also have a central focus on spiritualism and the use of the herb to heal both the physical body and that of the mind.  Those who  come to mind for the most influential practice of this would be the Druids.  It is from this background of learning and living that the author has developed her book, Secret Medicines From Your Garden.  The author has extensive years involved in learning her art and shares a wealth of knowledge with the reader.

Secret Medicines From Your Garden is packed with information from recognizing plants based upon shape of stems, leaves and growing conditions to using those plants. One section of this book is broken down to individual plants and the growing seasons of Spring, Summer and Fall.  The plants and what portions are used are discussed along with a “recipe”.  Another section is recipes for various aliments and needs.  Throughout the book, the connection to the physical plant and a spiritual healing is linked.

Beyond the amazing discourse on the plants and their healing or home uses, Ellen Evert Hopman concentrates on sharing the spiritual or “magic” associated with these plants.  Having studied Druid and American Indian herbalism, Ms. Hopman strongly influences her book with the idea of healing body and mind with plants.  This is defiantly a way of life that is being introduced and explained to the reader.

Secret Medicines From Your Garden is worth reading if you are interested in herbalism.  As the subtitle, “Plants for Healing, Spirituality, & Magic”, states that is what this book is about.

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Ultimate Guide To Local Business Marketing by Perry Marshall



This book was very interesting and informative.  I was amazed at the information that was contained and how easily it was understood.  For many the idea of SEO and PPC and identifying the benefits of each can be confusing and I believe this book explains that well, clearing any confusion.

For any business owner I would highly recommend this book to assist in getting your business recognized and sought after.  You will learn within this book, how to tell the difference between SEO and PPC and how to use Google search to your benefit.  “Key words” is a phrase I hear in many aspects of life and in this respect, that philosophy is applied to making your business stand out over  your competitors to Google searchers which is imperative in today’s market.  You will learn how to apply the words that fit your business and make it stand out.  How to identify whether or your add is working  or not is another benefit discussed in this marketing strategy.  There is so much more than these  areas involved in this book, but those are ones I feel are central.

If you are serious about your business you need to read this book.  I felt as if I was back in my marketing courses with the amount of information given.  My attention was caught and some areas that I had felt I needed clarifying were presented in this book and I understand the content better.  The material will definitely be a plus to any determined business owner.


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