The Billionaire’s Beautiful Mistake by Elizabeth Lennox

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I have been waiting to write this review since the release date, but unfortunately I had some computer issues.  I never knew how dependent I was on my computer until I lost the use of the letter “r”.  It was funny to watch me try different ways of getting around that one letter such as reworking an entire sentence to not use a single “r” or as one friend suggested…cutting and pasting.  I was willing to try everything until I could get my laptop fixed!  Finally, as I still wait for that to happen, I broke down and bought myself a notebook.  I feel so much better having my ability to write back in my hands.  My checking account may be a little less in numbers but I am less anxious. 

Elizabeth Lennox has released the first of her new series for the Bold Alaskan Men….The Billionaire’s Beautiful Mistake.  I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to more.  One of the reasons I liked it is that although I really enjoy reading Ms. Lennox’s sheik romances, it is nice to see the stories take on a new location and the wilds of Alaska I believe is an amazing choice for relocation.  She still has her focus of several characters that create her bonded group and each will have his own story in the series.  The men are childhood friends that came from very humble beginnings and clawed their way to success.  Each of the characters are definitely strong, intelligent alphas that lead the industry of their choosing and leave their competitors quaking.  But when they are no longer in the board room or office, they have each other to lean on, to trust and to protect as brothers. 

In the first book, The Billionaire’s Beautiful Mistake, Ms. Lennox brings us Creek and Violet who are a wonderful match!  Creek is very much wrapped up in his business and never looks at women as a possible permanent situation, but one of need and convenience.  Until he meets Violet and finds that no matter what he can’t stay away.  Everything about Violet holds his attention.  Violet is no different than Creek with this attraction that sizzles between them.  She thinks he is the most delicious thing she has seen, but unfortunately Violet has self-esteem issues and doesn’t believe Creek would be interested in her. 

Violet and Creek begin their relationship but they unknowingly fall victim to another’s manipulations and greed.  Violet’s step-father is a shallow, untrustworthy jerk that she feels sorry for so she lets him stick around.  But when opportunity knocks with Creek’s arrival, dear step-daddy makes his move.  He tells Creek that Violet is a prostitute with special skills which will cost him $5000 a night.  Creek is easily fooled because his past has left him jaded and believes the worst and he makes his mistake…he pays it.  Violet has fallen in love with Creek which makes finding out that he paid for her devastating.  Her hurt and the betrayal leads her to walk away from Creek.

When Creek spirals into depression, we get our taste of the bond the men share as they step forward to help him.  But it is surprising who they stand up for and who they are willing to defend.  Can they make Creek and Violet understand they love each other enough to forgive the duplicity that tore them apart?

I love the alpha males that believe they can conquer all and keep emotions and relationships out of the equation.  Better yet, is the one woman who is the key to unlocking those barriers and polishing those buried hearts of gold.


Book 2, The Billionaire’s Challenging Beauty is releasing August 12 and will be the story of Saeger and Tyla and from what I have read of the previews this is going to be a great book with Tyla’s spunkiness.  You can pre-order a copy today and enjoy it right away on the 12th like I am doing.  I usually can’t wait to get up and find my book already there and begin reading.



Missouri Bride by Eugenia Riley

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I loved reading this story.  It has been awhile since I read a historical romance that was set near the 1800’s which held my attention so well.  Most of the books of this time period I have read lately I haven’t even reviewed because I just don’t know what to write because there isn’t enough “meat” to the story.  I didn’t find that with Eugenia Riley’s, Missouri Bride

Missouri Bride follows the Civil War by about 10 years so we are ensconced in a story that brings the heartache, emotional and mental traumas of the destruction that war brings.  Matt Kendall and Amy Harris both suffered tragedy during the war and each survived but not without lasting impressions that cause problems in forming relationships.  Matt, at 17, watched his uncle and father killed and then joined the Confederate Army seeing death and desolation, but in an added twist he joins with Quantrill’s Raiders where he is exposed to much more cruelty and brutality.  His life is spared through the influence of Abel Harris, Amy’s father.

Amy last seen her father while he was on leave from the war and what she witnessed between her father and her mother has left her with the wrong impression of marriage and the relationship between a husband and wife.  Her father leaves and never comes back but Amy is left wishing he did.  Amy’s mother is cruel and mentally unstable leaving Amy and her younger sister, Hannah, living in abuse and fear.  Their only hope lies in two men….their father and his return and Lacy Garrett, Amy’s fiancé.

Matt Kendall, believes his life is set for a particular course but takes a side trip back to St. Louis to see his friend Abel Harris.  He is surprised by the news he hasn’t been around in years and feels compelled to help Amy and Hannah.  Matt and Amy decide to marry but both are unsure how to trust and open themselves to each other to make their marriage work. Through several trials they begin to forge a bond, when Lacy Garrett comes to town.  This love triangle is filled with anger, revenge, love, loyalty and sacrifice. When the dust settles, the question is who is Amy going to choose?

This is definitely a story filled with layers of dynamics to keep the readers interest.  There is war and the changes that result in both people and places; there is young love; lawlessness; domestic abuse; child abuse; mental instability and finally there is the happy ending for the characters.

I highly recommend this historical romance and believe it will capture your interest.

A Father for Daisy by Jennifer Wenn



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Would it be heartbreaking for you if you had lost not only your virginity but also your home because you were drunk on the night of your prom?  What if you were also pregnant and didn’t know who the father was because you can’t remember who it was that you gave your virginity to?  For 13 years that is what has haunted Gillian Crane.   Having been thrown out of her home for being pregnant, Gillian survived as  she has raised her daughter alone in New York.

When she receives word that her mother is dying Gillian decides to return home to try and mend the broken relationship she has with the mother who turned her back on her from the time she was born.  Her daughter, knowing the circumstances of her birth, has her own reasons beyond meeting her grandmother…she is on a mission to find her elusive father. Gillian isn’t prepared for the overwhelming emotions and town gossip when she returns.  She certainly isn’t sure why she even came back when her Mother obviously doesn’t want her and peppers her with a confrontational attitude from the point she arrives.

As her mother’s death is looming, Gillian stays in town and reunites with her high school friends.  Her best friend, Andy, is the town doctor who has been secretly in love with her all these years, never moving on as no one would be able to replace her in his heart.  Her high school crush is now the local minister and the one who she has thought may be the father of her daughter.  As Gillian lingers in town, she and Daisy, both find answers to their questions.  Secrets are shared that will put a new light on who could be Daisy’s father.

Andy has been in love with his best friend for a long, long time.  When he hears she is returning to see her Mother he is hopeful that he can finally make her his.  But Andy harbors a secret and answers that may tear their friendship apart. As he watches Gillian spend time with her high school crush, his resentment from long ago rears up and he wants to walk away but he cares too much and continues to stick around.

The author has written a story of a young girl who on the cusp of adulthood has a crush on the local bad boy and which keeps her blinded to the real love her best friend, Andy, has for her.  When rejection leads her to drink heavily the consequences are more than she could have imagined.  The author brings her full circle when she brings her home to face the very life she was forced to leave.  With surprising secrets and a bit of humor over who exactly is Andy’s “wife” is, leaves our character completely overwhelmed and shell shocked.  We do get a happy ending and answers to many questions, except for one.  Who is Luke’s Mother?   This is a great read that takes us down a path of pain but brings us back to love and new beginnings.


The Sheik’s Jealous Princess by Elizabeth Lennox


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It is almost bittersweet to read of the last sibling in the Samara Royal Family, Shantra del Abbas Samara.

Shantra has managed to keep a very big secret from her brothers and sister.  In return for keeping her secret she has had to portray herself as having her head in the clouds so that they never discover she is the mysterious designer behind the Jesek Designs clothing line.  Shantra is happy with her life as she designs clothing for women knowing she is helping them to look and feel beautiful.  But she is feeling the loss of her sister, Ciala who recently moved away due to her marriage.

Laithir del Hassam is not looking for marriage after the horrific mistake he made before, but when he sees Shantra he knows he will have her in his bed.  Shantra is enchanting, beautiful and nothing at all like his first wife.  Shantra is nervous and acting completely out of character when she is around Laithir.  After being with him for several functions, Shantra has determined that her brother Ramzi is trying to play matchmaker and quickly declares to that is not going to happen! She soon realizes that isn’t the case and her outburst sets into the motion that very thing.  Laithir declares they will be married in 6 months!

When they arrive in his country of Piora their relationship begins to change and Shantra is startled to hear that Laithir not only knows her secret but he will support her in continuing to do her designs.  As the newlyweds grow closer toward loving each other, Shantra is being tormented by Sheik Laithir’s first wife’s family.   As the onslaughts grow, Shantra tries to contain her anger but finally erupts in a fantastic display of righteous retaliation.  When she notices that her husband has witnessed her actions she is left wondering what will become of them.  Will he be angry enough to send her away? Will he punish her? Is she going to lose him when she finally knows how much she loves him?

I fell in love with this series from the very beginning.  Elizabeth Lennox has a wonderful writing style that will draw you in and help you fall in love with her characters.   I have been reading Elizabeth Lennox for some time now and I have seen her style develop more debt as she writes more stories.  There is always a happy ending for us to enjoy.  One aspect of Ms. Lennox’s books that I do appreciate is her covers. The cover styles are stunning, sensual and stylish.  I for one am drawn first to a book cover and then I read the description so I do appreciate the covers greatly.

We don’t have long to wait for the next series to captivate as the Samara Royal Family.  The new series will have the location of Alaska and of course sexy alpha males and is called the Bold Alaskan Men Series.  The first book is scheduled for release on July 15, 2016 and is titled, The Billionaire’s Beautiful Mistake.  I have already reserved my copy and if you would also like to here is the link:


Embark on the next series with:

The Billionaire’s Beautiful Mistake coming July 15, 2016





Substitute Bride by Noelle Adams

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I have always enjoyed Noelle Adams contemporary Romances. She writes of wonderful and sweet romances that build from casual to fierce love. On occasion that romance may have some help from outside forces prompting the characters in that direction, just as what happens here.

James is a widower who lost his wife two years ago and now feels compelled to find a substitute wife and mother to his daughters.  He doesn’t necessarily need to love her but does feel a need of compatibility with the most important aspect for to be a Mother to his girls, Jill and Julie.  He believed he found that in Genevieve, a friend of his late wife’s and his in-laws.

Rose is a nanny to Jill and Julie and she absolutely adores them and secretly she is also very fond of James.  Rose is aware of the fear the children have for their future Step-Mother, and also the fact that James is more stressed than he should be, but what is she to do when she is the hired help? She does what she can and that is to take of the girls and love them as she already does. Unaware to Rose, James is starting to realize the depth of her love of his daughters and seeing her in a far different light than the hired nanny.

When Genevieve shows her true colors to James, he calls off their engagement.  Genevieve isn’t too happy about that and threatens James with his own regret for breaking up with her.  James doesn’t believe she can really do anything about the situation but how wrong he is. Genevieve causes scene upon scene which in one way brings James and Rose together in a fake engagement and then tears them apart.  Genevieve isn’t the only one who is manipulating the situation.  Rose’s own grandmother, who with a penchant for the family’s ancestral history and an uncanny habit of making odd comments of prediction, will set into motion James and Rose making their decision to be with each other….or not.

With Rose dealing with past relationship baggage and James working through his own fears it doesn’t look promising for the couple.  But wait until those darling daughters take things into their own hands and express their opinions to James.  It will be up to James to decide if he wants to be with Rose and complete their family or let her go for good.

I love Noelle Adams books. She never fails in her delivery of a wonderful romantic tale.  There is always a bit of drama that leads to love and happy endings.  I also loved this added bonus of the grandmother in this series. Her character is a stalwart member of the old society with her opinions of what is proper and what isn’t.  She isn’t one to show her emotions on her sleeve but her actions relay them loudly.  All of Ms. Adams characters are created as realistic personas with very real like situations the reader can get caught up in.  Her stories are easy and flow with ease so that they are enjoyable.

Of the stories I have read of Noelle Adams’ I would have to say my favorite based upon the number of re-reads, is the first book in the Willow Park Series, Married for Christmas ( But to be honest I have lots more to read and looking forward to them.


Until June the newest release in the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Aurora Rose Reynolds knows how to write about alpha males.  The Mason men are the hottest alpha males with their caveman gruffness and oh so sexy I’m going to cherish you to the day I die attitude!  And the women are feminine with steel cores.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

The Until Series began with the Mason brothers….Asher ( which is currently free at Amazon, Trevor (, Cash ( and Nico (  These men are scorching hot!  No one messes with their women…ever! This family is strong, sexy and so addictive.  The family prophecy is that each Mason male will find his soul mate and when he does it just hits him…..Boom!  When they do find those women there will never be another woman for them.

Next came the Until Her and Until Him series in which their children are now grown and burning up the sheets….I mean pages! The Mason prophecy has been thought to only follow the males but in the Until Her series the women are just as blindsided.  Aurora Rose seems to keep things interesting for her readers as she is so far altering her release dates between the Until Her and Until Him series.

In Until July,, we have the story of Asher and November’s oldest daughter.  July has grown up to be a veterinarian and meets Wes Silver.  Wes is very much like Asher in attitude which July finds annoying and yet comforting. July and Wes have a unique way of meeting and from there the relationship just builds.  Until Jax,, came next. Jax is very much like his father, Cash but more intense.  His attraction to Ellie proves to him that she is his boom, but he has a hard time convincing her of that.


Until June,, is another daughter of Asher and November’s.  This story is slightly different from the others as the threat to June and Evan is not an outside force but the demons that haunt Evan himself.  June and Evan met in Alabama and secretly married.  Soon after Evan enlisted in the Marines and was shipped to Afghanistan.  Upon his return home, June is shocked when she is served with divorce papers with no reason given.  With her heart shattered she moves home and begins attempts to put her life back in order, but fails miserably as Evan is who she wants.  When possible danger surrounds her, June is surprised that one of her cousin’s men is assigned to guard her and it is none other than Evan.  Evan must fight the beast inside him if he wants to save June and make her his again.  With her protective walls high, June is scared to trust and love Evan again because she doesn’t know if she can survive that kind of hurt once more.  Will they both risk everything for the chance to have it all?

Next up is Until Ashlyn, Cash and Lilly’s daughter as well as Sage, Nico and Sophie’s son.

Once you pick up one of these books you will be hooked and wanting more!  Aurora Rose is an extremely talented author who will draw you in until you have finished the story.  Once that happens you can’t wait for the next book to come out.


The Until Series


Until Him



Until Her

The Sheikh’s Secret Baby: Nothing Stays Hidden Forever by Clare Connelly

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I recently purchased this book as a new release by Clare Connelly and I have already re-read it! If you enjoy Sheik Romances from Elizabeth Lennox and Leslie North, you are sure to enjoy Clare Connelly.  If you haven’t read her books I highly suggest them as she is a writer very much like both of those authors.

The Sheik’s Secret Baby is a contemporary romance that takes the reader from Manhattan, NY to the desert kingdom of Delani.  Abigail (Abi) McClean is studying Literature and History in college and works as a waitress at a high class restaurant.  At the age of 19 she never expected that her world would change in a matter of weeks, but it does beginning the day Sheik Kiral Mazoui walks into her life.  Three years later that new life is about to change again drastically.

Sheik Kiral Mazoui has just made an agreement for the benefit of his country when he encounters Abi and recognizes her as the other half of his soul.  In just a few short weeks the very agreement that was made for his country will shatter his own heart.  In just a few short weeks, he will tell Abi they are through and will walk away from her.

Three years later, Abi arrives in Delani just as Kiral is supposed to be marrying. Kiral, of course, believes she is there to thwart his marriage but she isn’t.  Abi has kept a secret from Kiral out of fear.  When he told her good bye three years earlier, neither knew that she was pregnant with their son.   Michael, their two year old son, is extremely ill and Abi needs money for his surgery.  She hopes that Kiral will help her.  Abi is shocked at Kiral’s anger and his treatment and prepares to leave Delani without Kiral never knowing about his son.

But fate has other plans for these two.  Kiral and Abi will do what is necessary to save their son.  But what are the costs?  Abi faces a life full of hate and punishment that Kiral has set her up for.  Will she be able to handle it?  Will Kiral see past his own pain to see what he is doing and what he may lose?

Journey to the desert to see if an age old tale of the first Sheik will come true to save Kiral, Abi, Michael and the people of Delani.

Clare Connelly writes of desert kings and the women they love and will fight all odds to possess.  Her women are compassionate but not weak for they stand up to the arrogance their men wield.