Until June the newest release in the Until Series by Aurora Rose Reynolds

until june

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Aurora Rose Reynolds knows how to write about alpha males.  The Mason men are the hottest alpha males with their caveman gruffness and oh so sexy I’m going to cherish you to the day I die attitude!  And the women are feminine with steel cores.  HOT! HOT! HOT!

The Until Series began with the Mason brothers….Asher (http://amzn.to/1WMOZ3V) which is currently free at Amazon, Trevor (http://amzn.to/1s7SO7g), Cash (http://amzn.to/1Vh75du) and Nico (http://amzn.to/1Vh75du).  These men are scorching hot!  No one messes with their women…ever! This family is strong, sexy and so addictive.  The family prophecy is that each Mason male will find his soul mate and when he does it just hits him…..Boom!  When they do find those women there will never be another woman for them.

Next came the Until Her and Until Him series in which their children are now grown and burning up the sheets….I mean pages! The Mason prophecy has been thought to only follow the males but in the Until Her series the women are just as blindsided.  Aurora Rose seems to keep things interesting for her readers as she is so far altering her release dates between the Until Her and Until Him series.

In Until July, http://amzn.to/20xahRF, we have the story of Asher and November’s oldest daughter.  July has grown up to be a veterinarian and meets Wes Silver.  Wes is very much like Asher in attitude which July finds annoying and yet comforting. July and Wes have a unique way of meeting and from there the relationship just builds.  Until Jax, http://amzn.to/1sOzr3M, came next. Jax is very much like his father, Cash but more intense.  His attraction to Ellie proves to him that she is his boom, but he has a hard time convincing her of that.


Until June, http://amzn.to/1qHCI34, is another daughter of Asher and November’s.  This story is slightly different from the others as the threat to June and Evan is not an outside force but the demons that haunt Evan himself.  June and Evan met in Alabama and secretly married.  Soon after Evan enlisted in the Marines and was shipped to Afghanistan.  Upon his return home, June is shocked when she is served with divorce papers with no reason given.  With her heart shattered she moves home and begins attempts to put her life back in order, but fails miserably as Evan is who she wants.  When possible danger surrounds her, June is surprised that one of her cousin’s men is assigned to guard her and it is none other than Evan.  Evan must fight the beast inside him if he wants to save June and make her his again.  With her protective walls high, June is scared to trust and love Evan again because she doesn’t know if she can survive that kind of hurt once more.  Will they both risk everything for the chance to have it all?

Next up is Until Ashlyn, Cash and Lilly’s daughter as well as Sage, Nico and Sophie’s son.

Once you pick up one of these books you will be hooked and wanting more!  Aurora Rose is an extremely talented author who will draw you in until you have finished the story.  Once that happens you can’t wait for the next book to come out.


The Until Series


Until Him



Until Her


The Sheik’s Captured Princess (The Samara Royal Family #4) by Elizabeth Lennox


With Elizabeth Lennox’s focus on the sister’s on the Samara Family we find the series coming to an end.  In this book, The Sheik’s Captured Princess, we read the story of Ciala, the historian of the family.

I so enjoyed this book.  I found it fun that the author has created a family of three intimidating brothers who rule a country through various avenues of dealings and information, and yet NONE of them seem to truly know their younger sisters and what they are capable of.  Ciala is not only a beautiful woman who is educated but one who is poised and graceful.  However, unknown to her big brothers, she is trained in combat, skilled in subterfuge and exiles in escape tactics.

Ciala is secretly entering the country of Drakar in order to collect information on religious sites for her thesis.  Knowing that her brothers would never allow her to do this, she has taken on measures of disguising herself to travel as she needs with her interpreter. During one of these trips, Ciala finds herself in the middle of a rebel attack.  While trying to flee, she is detained by one of the most handsome men she has met and one who quickly subdues her.  Jurar doesn’t know if he is more disgusted by the little man he has taken prisoner or by his own men that were taken down before he arrived.  His men are supposed to be elite fighters!

The jail scene is one that would rival any Lara Croft movie with the quick thinking and escape shown by Ciala.  Jurar can’t help but be impressed even if he now must search out this rebel!  When he visits the neighboring country of Kilar, he never expected to find Ciala the beautiful sister of Sheik Ramzi.  He certainly didn’t expect to make the connection of Princess Ciala del Abass Samara and his rebel fighter to be one and the same.

Jurar finds a way to have Ciala sent to his home under the pretense of needing her expertise in history.  It doesn’t take him long to seduce her and from there he wants marriage.  But their life isn’t exactly smooth and the fun is just beginning as Ciala is determined to finish her research and Jurar isn’t convinced that she not a rebel.

Ms. Lennox is a master at creating these strong, passionate characters in both male and female that will keep you reading and wanting more at the end.  I enjoy these series that she is writing, and as always the stories set in the desert with kingdoms ruled by alphas with compassion are some of my favorites.  The Samara Royal Family series ends with the last sister, Shantra del  Abass Samara.

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Coming June 17, 2016

The Sheik’s Jealous Princess



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The Samara Royal Family Series by Elizabeth Lennox

The latest series by Elizabeth Lennox ……


theprinces intimate abduction

The Prince’s Intimate Abduction

No one messes with Turken del Abbas Samara, the Minister of Defense of Kilar and the second Samara brother.  Well, at least he thought no one would. When Turk leaves the palace for some time alone, he isn’t expecting that he would deal with the rebels alone.  After being wounded the rebels take him to a local doctor.  Raven Bishop is working in an area of the world where she believes her work is more in need but she never expected she would have to help someone like Turk.  When he is brought in she lies to protect him and then finds herself escaping with him when he runs.

It doesn’t take long for Turk and Raven to fall for one another but there is a slight problem.  As with all the Samara brothers, Turk’s attitude toward women needs some improvement.  Raven loves being a doctor and for her it is more a passion and who she is than a job, but Turk doesn’t understand.  When faced with being with Turk and losing herself in the process or leaving Turk to remain true to who she is, Raven leaves.  Both are in agony over their separation, but in an effort to bring Raven back, Turk shows her that he understands her desires and will help her in any way he can. Is it too late or will she accept his apology and come home to him?


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princes forbiddenlover

The Prince’s Forbidden Lover

Rais del Abbas Samara is the third brother in the Samara Royal Family Series.  He is brilliant in finances and a forceful businessman as well as the Minister of Finances of Kilar.  He is also one hot alpha male whose arrogance knows no bounds.  He enjoys being with women but has never found just one he likes.  Until Jo.

Joline Caldwell is best friends with Shantra, Rais’ sister.  She is an excellent business woman who pushes herself to exhaustion in order to out run her secrets.  But secrets as we know all have a way of coming out.  Her own secrets as well as the one Jo and Shantra share with their friend Keith that must be kept from the Samara brothers.

Rais follows Jo to New York and then onto London where he takes over her business dealings without consulting her which causes Jo to leave him.   Rais, the arrogant businessman, doesn’t understand why Jo couldn’t accept his “help” but when she goes missing he must dig deep to find the answers he needs to win Jo back or risk losing her forever. Jo needs Rais to understand that she needs to work more than she just wants to work.  She needs him to understand that she can make her own decisions and that she wants his respect and not to be treated as if she were incompetent.  Will Jo forgive Rais and open her heart to this sinfully hot man?


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Releasing ….May 13, 2016….Book 4



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Magic in the Stars: Unexpected Magic Book #1 by Patricia Rice



The Malcolm and Ives are back with another generation! I am so excited to see this story line continue from the books I fell in love with years ago. These family members are so uniquely interesting and when paired they keep you reading and wanting more.

The Malcolm’s are a family predominately female and the bearers of “gifts” that seem more of the magical quality that have them labeled as witches. The Ives on the other hand is a predominately male family and they are all scientific in nature. Science and Magic coming together in explosive romances! With so many differences….science vs. magic….dogs vs. cats…females vs. males you can’t help but see some fun and excitement happening with these characters.

Theo is an astronomer who is working toward creating a more powerful telescope that will prove Jupiter has an additional ring around it. When he is confronted by a beautiful woman claiming to be part of the Malcolm relatives and bringing a dire warning for his eldest brother and their family, Theo isn’t sure what to think except that she must be crazy. When her predictions begin to come true, Theo tracks her down to help him.

Aster is the Malcolm family librarian and as an astrologist she charts the family member’s lives, offering insight when needed. Believing she is to be a danger magnetic to her family Aster isolates herself and is content to read her charts. When she sees danger surrounding the Ives family she leaves home to warn them only to be met with Theo’s disbelief and an attraction to him that she wasn’t expecting.

As Aster’s warnings are taking form, she must get Theo to marry and produce an heir. Considering she is too dangerous around those she loves, Aster doesn’t believe she can ever marry so she tries to set Theo up with a selection of females in which to choose a bride from.  What she doesn’t count on is that Theo wants her! Can Theo convince her to marry him?

As their enemies make themselves known, the family must unite to combat them. Why has their family been targeted? As the family unites, these individuals will learn more about themselves and their family then what they ever considered. What will happen when magic and science come together to battle those set to destroy them?

I am so excited that this will be a new series of Malcom-Ives. I can only imagine where Patricia Rice will take us with this family and what kind of pairings of magic gifts and scientific interests she will be creating. If you haven’t read the original books of the Malcolm-Ives, you don’t need to worry. This is a new generation and the connections are loosely based in order to enjoy your reading. I would suggest reading the originals at some point just because they are wonderful characters.


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Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby by Elizabeth Lennox


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When it comes to stories about Sheiks, the desert alphas, I have a few favorite authors.  One of them is Elizabeth Lennox. I like how she has her books in series so that the main characters each will have a book of their own.  I also enjoy her latest move to write an introduction to the series which then will lead into each of the characters storyline.

Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby is the first book following the introduction of the Samara Royal family.  In this story we read of the eldest sibling of the Samara family…Ramzi.  While in Canada Ramzi meets Mia Fortelle a third grade teacher.  At first Mia is overwhelmed by Ramzi and doesn’t believe she is in his league which leads to her trying to avoid him.  Ramzi isn’t that easily dissuaded and quickly sets to persuade Mia they belonged together.

After a whirlwind beginning, Mia agrees to marry Ramzi and move to his country, Kilar.  Mia quickly falls in love with her husband but he isn’t one to believe in love; he just believes they are good together and that is enough.  When an innocent situation is misconstrued by Ramzi he shuts Mia out of his life thinking the worst of her. Mia tries but when the obstacles mount up, she leaves Kilar.

Not long after leaving Mia discovers she is pregnant. Determined to do what is right by her child, she fights back against the opposition Ramzi gives her.   When Ramzi tracks her down, Mia’s secret is exposed in the most hilarious labor and delivery scene along with post-partum blues I have read in a long time.

With the baby blues in full swing, it is the perfect time for Mia to discover she must defend her man against the worst kind of intruder….an ex love. This leads Mia to decide if she wants to stay with her alpha male or separate.  Ramzi may finally be brought to his knees and discover what love is and just how important it really is to him.

I love these stories and can’t wait for the next sibling in the Samara Family.  The men definitely have a few lessons to learn about women! The Samara sisters are going to prove to be just as enjoyable.

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The Samara Royal Family Series



Where she Belongs by author Johnnie Alexander


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If you felt as if you didn’t belong anywhere in your present life, but a long ago feeling of love and security beckoned you from the past, wouldn’t you do everything you could to return and hope for the future?  That is exactly what Shelby Kincaid is doing.  She is desperate to belong and the only place she ever felt that was at her Grandparents farm.  But there is a problem with going back.

The family farm was stolen from her Grandparents by the Sullivan’s and Shelby wants it back.  AJ Sullivan owns the farm now and considers it punishment from his Grandfather.  When Shelby contacts him, her heartfelt letter speaks to him and with his Grandmother’s blessing he agrees to help Shelby get her family farm back.

Shelby and AJ feel a connection when they meet and in fact Shelby calls him her hero.  But Shelby can’t get passed the idea she should be mad at AJ since he is a Sullivan.  AJ can’t seem to think of anyone other than Shelby.  When cold reality takes them both for rides, Shelby and AJ can do nothing but trust God.

When the secrets of their Grandparent’s past, secrets of AJ’s past all come colliding together it seems that AJ and Shelby won’t be able to hold onto each other.  AJ finds an ally where he didn’t expect and the secrets are brought to light.  Can AJ forgive in order to move forward with Shelby? Will AJ trust that God will make something good out of the betrayal?

Shelby learns new lessons on what she really wants out of her life as she fights to keep her families legacy intact.  When the past continues to unfold will the secret to keeping the farm lie in the past? Is Shelby’s future tied to the past or will she break free to embrace a future she never considered?

Johnnie Alexander is a new author for me.  I never had an opportunity to read one of her books until “Where She Belongs”.  I can’t think of a better story than this one to learn of her.  This story was so interesting and held my attention until the end.  She had so many secrets swirling together from the past and the present that you have to keep reading to find out what is going on!  I loved the way Ms. Alexander worked the Civil War forbidden love and the Underground Railroad into her story.  Her characters were brilliant.  I loved the secondary characters and how they developed and supported the main characters. When reading about the young and yet strong love between Shelby’s daughter and her friend, Jason’s son and seeing history repeating itself, you can’t help but have a warm smile.  I truly enjoyed this story and look forward to the second book in this series.

Cyber Genius (Family Genius Mysteries Book 3) by Patricia Rice

Publication Date: September 29, 2015 Publisher: Book View Cafe 252 Pages

Publication Date:
September 29, 2015
Book View Cafe
252 Pages

Anastasia Devlin is the oldest in a unique, intelligent, trouble magnetic brood of siblings.  She once ran from the overwhelming responsibility of caring for her siblings, but not anymore.  Now she is determined that they will have chances she didn’t and that they will have as normal of lives that they can.

Anastasia, or Ana, has learned like her brothers and sisters the art of spying and hiding from their Mother.  Using these skills she must help her brother, Tudor, who is one the run after one of his programs sets off a chain of cyber problems quickly moving toward chaos.   With government agencies, the rich and famous, and of course really bad guys chasing them, Ana and Tudor must call upon their family and Graham for help.

Mayhem and madness seem to follow these siblings with Ana ever present as the leader. Murder, insider trading, poison, spies all come together in this cyber mystery as they race to find out who is behind the plot. It doesn’t take long to discover their nemesis Top Hat and Senator Rose are somehow mixed up in the conspiracy.  Will Ana take them down this time?

Graham is their resident hermit spy who comes to their aid.  Ana and Graham share a mutual attraction with a hefty dose of sarcasm between them.  With his own secrets in the balance, Graham is still a mystery that Ana plans to unveil.

With family, Graham, Mallard, and an assorted group of new friends Ana will stop at nothing to save her brother from the evil men pursing him.  Will she find the culprit before it is too late and can she do it before calling in the big guns….Mom.

This is the first book in the Cyber series by Patricia Rice that I have read. I found it very intriguing and very different from the style of her books I have read.  Even though there is a sexual undercurrent between Ana and Graham, the sex scenes are limited and do not over take the story.  Because I haven’t read the first two books in the series, there was some background I was missing. Even though this existed, I don’t believe it interfered with my understanding the story for this book.  I really enjoy this idea of one woman who has so many kids from different fathers and each of those kids have amazing abilities.  I plan to continue reading this series and going back to read the first two books already written.

I received this book from Patricia Rice in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Link:  http://amzn.to/1qEHAWK