Ravage Me by author Ryan Michele

ravage me

I have been on an MC reading frenzy.  I love an alpha bad boy and to me, the MC biker is one of the best you can find to be your book hottie. Think about it……Sexy, leather, raw power, Harleys, and dangerous vibes.  Yep, I am hooked!  I also am very selective in my expectations of MC stories.  I expect my biker to be an alpha and one with a heart and a strong sense of protecting his woman and family is a must.  Too much alpha in an overbearing way, meaning controlling his woman so she has no say, is a big turn off to me.  I consider that more abusive than sexy.  I also don’t like to read about a biker that falls short of the alpha and would have been better suited to a character set working a desk and a 9-5 job.  I got a few of those and found I just couldn’t finish them because what I wanted and expected to read just wasn’t anywhere in those pages.  My biker hottie needs to sexy as sin, know what words to say and more importantly how to say them with just enough inner Dom that will singe my panties.

I have reviewed some MC series before such as those by my favorite MC authors…. Natasha Thomas and Lana Grayson.  Natasha has a way with her stories where you get sucked in and the characters come alive as a family.   You just have to keep reading to know what happens.  Her stories also have some hard truths that you may not want to read about but her material comes from her heart and from life-hers or maybe someone she knows. And of course, her bikers do live lives expected of an MC club.  I also like the fact that she has several spin-off series so that none of her characters are left without a story, and the next generation can grow up and have their own lives while giving us a glimpse of the previous characters in a new light.   Lana Grayson wrote a series which still captivates me and disappointments me that it isn’t complete.  I would so love for the next book to come out!  Lana writes more of a darker type biker.  The image that most of us associate with that lifestyle is what lies within the pages of her stories.  Secrets, violence, hardcore outlaws are the bikers of her books.  As you can imagine you will be reading some topics that may be too sensitive for some readers.  This MC storyline is not focused on the family as Natasha Thomas’s but more the club and the family members can be expendable.

Now the authors I found to share with you this time are some great ones!  The first Series and one I absolutely love is by Ryan Michele.  Ryan Michele has a couple of MC series that have characters making appearances in the different storylines, but it never spoils the reading. Ravage MC is a generational MC that is similar to Natasha Thomas style of family involvement within the club and the bonds that are formed and strengthened by the club influence.  The Ravage MC broadens its scope to the next generation with “The Bound” series, and yes, the characters from the original Ravage MC are still a large part of the family united as the next generation takes the lead.  This author also has a fabulous beginning of the Viper’s Creed MC with just a few books written and the last leaving a cliffhanger regarding a secondary but very important player of the storyline.  I want answers!!!!

Ravage Me

Ravage Me is the first in the series and it does a fantastic job of setting the pace for an exciting read with expectations of each book that follows.

Princess……a name we would associate with a beautiful, darling daughter of a King.  Or perhaps the name of daddy’s little girl?  How about a middle ground of those two?  Princess, or Harlow Gavelson, is the daughter of the Vice President of the Ravage MC.  She is also the “darling daughter” of the club.  Is she soft as a princess should be?  Not on your life and if you value your life you won’t make her mad!

As I mentioned before, even though family members are not “members” of the club they are considered expendable or useful depending on the club’s needs.  Ravage Me begins with Harlow being released from prison.  If you want to know why she was there and perhaps what she was doing while in prison you will need to read the story…. sorry I do try to keep from giving out too many spoilers.  Now Princess is a soft name but Harlow Gavelson is far from soft.  She is a fighter! She can hold her on with men with both fists and guns.  She is a no-nonsense, loyal, smart-mouthed and straight to the point woman who is a better representation of the Ravage MC than most men would be.

Princess plays a major role in this book and the subsequent stories for the Ravage MC and the “Bound” series.  She is the lead alpha female.   Her counterpart aside from her Vice President daddy would be Cruz.  How she meets this testosterone wielding alpha is one of the most surprising ways two people could begin their relationship.  Together Princess and Cruz will become a Ravage MC legend.

So now you have an idea of the foundation of this book, but there is always more isn’t there?  The answer is of course yes.  How boring would it be if there were absolutely no action, no storyline besides burning up the sheets?

Let me say this, the trouble that placed Princess in prison is far from over.  The demented mind behind all this is still lurking in the shadow and as it slithers slowly toward Princess ready to strike, Princess comes out fighting with Cruz and the Ravage MC with her.  When an innocent is threatened there will be no stopping Princess and Cruz from ending the evil for good. But do they………?  Princess and Cruz will battle the past for the future with everything they have.


If I have piqued your interest in reading what I consider the start of a fantastic MC series, then maybe knowing it is currently free on Amazon will make you extremely happy!  Check it out and let me know what you think!  Next up for review will be book 2, Seduce Me.


Rebel Love (The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club) by author Jodi Linton



Bad boy bikers are one of my favorites reads.  When I read one of these books I am very picky about how they are written.  MC bikers have a reputation for being hard men who are feared and who have no fear.  If I read an MC biker story then that image is what I am expecting within the pages and not an image of a feared man with no actions to back that.  I once read one of those stories where the MC leader was feared and had this reputation where men quaked around him, but I was continually screaming “why”!  I read a character that was like any man who was more of an alpha but not the menacing figure the author was trying to imply.  I just couldn’t finish the book.

Rebel Love is a biker story but brought about by different way.  Instead of a MC President who is a feared alpha male with tats and muscle spilling out of his “cut”, we are given an MC leader who is an alpha female and considered hot enough to be a Victoria Secret’s model.  She has always been the club princess and when her daddy dies he makes her their president.  Does she want this position?  No, but she isn’t about to let the others know that…..not until she has had her vengeance!

Less than a year before Em Connors had a future and then it was brutally taken from her.  Now she will not stop until her revenge is complete.  Less than a year ago,  the man she loved was killed and she was left with her own scars to hide until she can take down the man responsible for the heinous act that left her changed forever.

Cade Jackson is a top undercover cop working to take down the motorcycle gangs in Houston.  Ten months ago his partner was killed in an undercover assignment with the Dirty Sinner MC’s.  When he is given the chance to take the club down from within and make sure the club princess is behind bars for killing his partner, Cade jumps.  But he never expected Em Connors….

Sparks fly when Cade and Em meet and soon they are spilling secrets in order to find who is responsible for the death of Wes Scott.  Working together, the two draw closer to each other while drawing the bad guy after them and trying to stay a step ahead.  Liars and rats don’t last long in the MC world and undercover cops last even less.  Time is running out for Em and Cade.

With some unexpected twists, will these two unlikely lovers find a way to take down the man responsible and save their own lives?  Will Cade turn rebel to remain with Em? What kind of future can a cop and MC President have?

This story definitely had the life of an MC that I expect.  I really thought the angle of a female president was unique and absolutely fantastic.  Em was portrayed outwardly as the club princess hard enough to step forward and lead the Dirty Sinners, but inwardly she was fighting to keep from falling apart.  Inwardly she still dreamed of her art and love outside of the club’s dark reach. Cade was hard, but the author gave the reader insight into his past explaining the hardness and then gave him humanity.  The supporting characters were also interesting, particularly Logan, Em’s Vice-President.  I would like to read his story.  A very well written MC story that will keep your attention until the killer is caught!


Amazon Link:  http://amzn.to/1YIstXQ

Interview with Natasha Thomas author of the Devil’s Spawn MC Series



As a special challenge to myself I wanted to try an author interview as a posting.  I have to tell you I had a great time doing this.  My victim of choice was Natasha Thomas author of The Devil’s Spawn MC Series.  Natasha jumped right on board with my request and is truly a wonderful and open person to work with.  I enjoyed her responses and I really believe you will as well.  Thank you Natasha for being such a great sport and doing this interview with me!

Natasha has a large following of readers with her Devil’s Spawn Series which she has given us a look at Alpha males that will do anything to protect those they love. Her other biker series is that of the Vengeance MC which she introduced in Devil’s Spawn.  I love the bad boy biker alpha and can’t help but being drawn to Natasha’s character’s….who can resist a bad boy!

You can find Natasha at Amazon  click and on FaceBook click

Please welcome Natasha Thomas!


1.Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

I was born in New Zealand, but moved to Brisbane, Australia when I was 7. I met my husband just after I turned 15 and we have been together ever since, getting married 4 days after I turned 18. I know, crazy right? My beautiful daughter, Sarah was born 8 months before we got married, and my only son, Christian 18 months later. Having got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, we packed up and moved to Sydney in 2005 and haven’t looked back. The baby of our family, Chloe was born that very same year. I’ve always loved to read, but let me tell you, late nights, early mornings, and all-nighters with a sleep resistant infant meant I had plenty of time to catch up on my TBR list.


2. Being a published author is somewhat new for you isn’t it? Can you share a little about your experiences with us?

It’s true, being a self-published author is somewhat new to me. I only released my first eBook, Burnt in the January of 2015. Everything about publishing was new and scary to me at first. I knew nothing about what it took to be an author. The grueling hours, finding a proof reader and editor, managing Facebook, author, and amazon pages, marketing, printing, and finding author swag was all very overwhelming. To some degree, it still is. I love it though. Every stressful second.

  1. What has been the best and worst experience in publishing your books?

I’d have to say by far the best part about self-publishing are my readers. I have received so much encouragement and support, heartfelt messages and emails that it has kept me going through the harder times in between. The worst, well, that’s a more difficult question. If I had to name one thing, I would say the reviews. Occasionally there is a negative review that will get to me more than others, and those times I have to remind myself that it’s just one out of the many positive responses.


  1. When did you decide to become a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed creative writing, but I decided to make it a career when my thirteen-year-old son had a severe accident which would mean that I would have to be a stay at home mom until he’s much older. That was eighteen months ago now.


  1. Why do you write?

Writing is a stress reliever for me. I have so many ideas for plots, characters, and stories that are fighting to be set free, so letting them take shape on the pages in front of me helps to clear my mind.


  1. What made you decide to sit down and actually start something?

Putting cursor to page for the first time came about when I was sitting in the hospital with my son and couldn’t sleep. I wanted to do something that wouldn’t interfere with caring for him but would still stimulate me, be challenging, and I could be proud of.


  1. How much research do you do?

How much research I do is dependent on where I am in a series. If I’m at the beginning, book 1 for example, there is hours of research that goes into it before I even sit down at my laptop. At a guess, at least 2-3 weeks.


  1. Where can we buy or see them?

All of my eBooks are available exclusively on Amazon. Paperback copies are in the works currently, and will be available through my website, CreateSpace, Facebook, and Amazon.

  1. How did the idea of Devil’s Spawn MC come to you?

Devil’s Spawn MC wasn’t actually the first book I ever wrote, Call Me…Vengeance was. However, I wanted to introduce people into my style of MC writing gently, so I created Devil’s Spawn in order to do just that.


  1. What draws you to this genre?

I have met and am lucky to call a few bikers who are active in motorcycle clubs friends. I wanted to tell the stories of men who are more often than not misunderstood. I love alpha males, and who better to portray one than men dressed in leather, riding chrome beasts, covered in tattoos and piercings who would protect the people they love at all costs.


  1. Devil’s Spawn has some very intense experiences for some of the characters such as Adelyn. How is for you as a writer to develop these scenes.

Adelyn was a difficult character for me to write, but not for the reasons you may be thinking. She is a culmination of my own experiences and that of a dear friend of mine. It wasn’t easy to relay to my readers her mindset or how she struggled, but it was worth it. I fell in love with her courage, strength, and her ability to love unconditionally throughout the process. It was hard going, and there were definitely times I wanted to shut the lid on my laptop and not go on, but I felt I would be doing her a grave injustice if I did. When I tackle scenes like hers, I take a step back and put myself in the reader’s shoes. I think about how they will react, what I need them to know in order to convey the feeling she is having, and what they will take away from it. As I said, it isn’t easy but it is rewarding.


  1. I personally would like to know how you created such bad boys who in the story make men quake in fear but they are passionate about their families. They are alphas but they love their families and will protect them at all costs. How were you able to develop this balance in your alpha males? What inspired their particular traits?

The alphas in my books aren’t based on real life people, but some of their traits certainly are. I’ve had long talks with the men I know who belong to MC’s, their family and friends, and some of the people who hang around with them on a regular basis so that I could get a clear picture of how they live. Personally, I don’t think there is anything sexier than a man who can protect his family but in doing so be gentle and compassionate at the same time.


  1. Do you have any surprises in store of your Devil’s Spawn followers?

I do have a surprise for my Devil’s Spawn MC devotees. One of the characters introduced in Forged, Tucker will be getting his own book. I’m not saying it will be soon, but it will happen.


  1. What are you working on now?

Currently, I’m working on both the Vengeance MC series; book 2 Fury’s story, and the second book in the Patricks’ Brothers series, Eye See You.


  1. What’s it about?

Eye See You is a continuation of the Patricks’ Brothers series, a family of 7 brothers and 1 sister who together run a private security and investigations company. Fury’s story isn’t only a continuation of the Vengeance MC series; it is also a story about second chances and overcoming pain with all the odds stacked against you.


  1. 1 Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special?

This question is a harder one to answer, so I’ll focus on Fury because otherwise we would be here all day. As Vengeance’s Enforcer, Fury is no stranger to violence and pain, nor is he adverse to it. In book 1 of the series you learn that he lost his wife ten years prior and hasn’t come to terms with how she died as yet. Fury’s story will follow him as he learns to let go of things he cannot change, and fight to change the things he can. His dedication, loyalty, and the love he’s capable of make him more than worthy of his very own HEA.


  1. When do you expect it to be available to readers?

Fury will hopefully be available to readers at the end of the first week of February or the start of the second.


  1. If you could place your favorite character of any of your books in to a movie, who would you see as the actor?

My favorite character is still and will always be, Reaper. Finding someone to play him in a movie would be extremely difficult because I don’t know if there is a man alive who could do him justice. But, in a pinch I would have to cast Jason Statham. I may be a little based here, but I love everything he’s acted in and think he could bring my man Reaper to life like no other.


  1. Which of your books was your favorite to write?

Favorite book to write? That is a toss-up between Captive, book 4 in the Devil’s Spawn MC series, and Call Me…Vengeance, book 1 in the Vengeance MC series. I loved writing both of them but for very different reasons. Both of the main male characters have a special place in my heart.


  1. Do you have any plans to branch in to different genre?

Branching out into different genres started with the Patricks’ Brothers series but I am in no way finished with it. I have another project in the works, but it’s a secret (shhh) until I’ve released the last Vengeance book.


  1. Do you like to interact with your readers and if yes how can they best contact you?

There is nothing I like more than hearing from my readers. Facebook messages, emails, PM’s, posts to my page, I’ll answer any and all messages I get as quickly as I can. I find it easier to communicate through email on a whole, though. I tend to ramble on sometimes making my PM’s too long for some people, so if you want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me at  natashathomasauthor@gmail.com


  1. Favorite things:
  • Place; Denver, Colorado
  • Color; Hot pink
  • Book; Motorcycle Man, by Kristen Ashley
  • Movie; Transformers, Dark of the Moon
  • Author; Kristen Ashley
  • Band; Metallica
  • Song; One, by Metallica
  • Animal; Rottweiler, mine to be specific
  • Food; Anything Mexican
  • Season; Winter
  • Accessory; My tattoos (I have too many to count)
  • Car; 1969 Shelby Mustang GT500 in silver
  • Motorcycle; Harley Davidson V-rod in matte black


Here is a look at Natasha’s series…..

Devil’s Spawn MC


A Patrick Brother’s Novel Book 1


Vengeance MC  Book 1

Thank you Natasha and I look forward to reading Vengeance! I know it will be great!   Click on the links above to enter Natasha’s world of MC’s and to connect with her on FaceBook!