The Cover Story…

Good morning! As always, I’m honored to be able to take part in Reading As My Therapy posting. I want to delve into the story behind all those covers that sell the books we love.

Have you ever looked at a book cover, not liked the picture and passed it by? A lot of people do this, so as a writer, we have to make sure that the cover is the best it can be. It needs to portray the story within the pages of the book. Don’t give away the ending with the cover, but pull in the reader.

To the reader, always read the blurb at the back. Sometimes the cover doesn’t completely portray the book inside. I’ve overlooked so many books because of the cover, but then returned to the book, falling in love with the words within.

So, what is my point? Don’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

With that said, here’s my newest cover for my upcoming release of “The First Mate’s Lady”. I do think it’s becoming one of my favorites.

first mates lady Front Cover


A Light Upon My Heart…

A Light Upon My HeartFront Cover

A Light Upon My Heart is coming out April 30th. It’s on preorder now. Here’s a little about this Christian Historical Romance.

Naomi Harris, a poor farm girl from Georgia, stepped off the stagecoach as a mail order bride, not sure what her new life would hold. Joseph Walsh, a wealthy Montana rancher, needed a bride and with few women in the northern territory he was forced to pay for one. The moment he slid the gold band on her finger, she decided to be the best wife she could, but she had a secret, one that could make him change his mind. But she couldn’t go back home, ever.  It’s a true test of their faith as they set out to make their marriage work, but things stand in their way. They have to work to push the obstacles away.

This book is a sweet, quirky Christian Historical Romance that will have you smiling one minute and holding your breath the next.