As promised….Elizabeth Lennox shares with us!

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Elizabeth Lennox  has graciously given us a sneak peak into her writing and what she has in store for us. Please enjoy her post to us below.  Don’t forget to post your questions by Tuesday, July 12, 2016 so that I can submit them for Elizabeth to answer!

Thanks Elizabeth for being such a great sport in working with me on this project!  It has been a great pleasure.

Elizabeth writes:


About Elizabeth Lennox:


When I meet new people and they find out that I am a writer, there are always two questions people ask me.  First – and this is mostly my fault – they ask me what I write.  Generally, upon first meeting someone, I simply say that I’m a writer, assuming that no one could possibly want to know anything more.  But they always ask me what I write.  When I explain that I’m a romance writer, inevitably, their next question is, “Where do you get the ideas for all of your stories?”

Ladies, this always stumps me.  I’m never quite sure how to respond because…well, there generally is ALWAYS a story floating around in my mind.  It might not be a good story – or a plot that I could twist into a full novel, but there really is a story in my mind at every moment of my life.  I can’t even say, “waking moment” of my life because I dream plots, I think, breathe, eat plots to romance stories.

It took me a long time to realize that others didn’t have the same “problem”.  I literally cannot turn it off, nor would I ever want to.  My mind lives in a persistent state of romance plot development.  So if I ever venture out into the real world – and yes, I’m considering attending the reader conventions – your first and second questions are already answered.

Other things about me – and I had to ask my good friend and fellow author Liz Scott for ideas about myself – I love potato chips, pizza, cold beer (sorry, I’m not sophisticated enough to drink wine), chocolate (a friend just brought me back chocolates from Paris – best so far!!) and just about anything with cheese.  If you’ve read any of my stories, you know that I absolutely hate broccoli – well, and most vegetables.  There’s actually a hilarious (if I may say so myself) scene in an upcoming story in which I use broccoli as a weapon!  (Steele Brothers Series – Teague and Gabby coming either this fall or next winter).

My latest bucket list goal is to learn French and, with the help of a fabulous reader who teaches English in France (thanks Lucy!), I’m slowly venturing towards that goal – although it is a slow process.

So what’s coming up in the world of Elizabeth Lennox books?  The Bold, Alaskan Men series starts this month in July with Creek and Violet’s story.  This series is more along the lines of The Thorpe Brothers that came out a while ago.  The four men, Creek, Tucker, Knox and Saeger have known each other for a long time – and don’t let each other get away with anything.  They are dare devils that will try just about any sport in their spare time – but their real love is running their business empires – but from a distance.

After that…well, I haven’t decided on what will come after this series.  I have two series that are almost finished.  One is The Steele Brothers – four brothers who run a massive construction firm in Seattle, WA.  Another is The Montana Men – Five siblings (six if you include the free novella that tells the story of the parents) and their stories.  Oh – and there’s also Lila and Kara’s story.  I wrote these two stories last year but I haven’t released them yet.  They are so funny and smokin’ hot – and I’ve been afraid to release them because you ladies will read them and love them so much, but then be disappointed when you read my normal writing style – which is still sexy and hot and filled with alpha male arrogance (and the ladies who tame all those men) – but I just don’t want anyone to be disappointed.  But those stories are coming out soon – love of pancakes and muffins is a big part of these stories.

So I have eleven stories that are “in the works” and four of them completely finished and on the platforms, ready for pre-orders.

As I work through the editing process on all of them, I have about five more stories in my head, floating around, trying to be written.  One of the men MUST be Russian – I’ve promised a reader (Ruth!) since she’s been begging me for another handsome, hot and merciless Russian. Also, Leslie North and I did a collaboration project that came out in June (The Sheik’s Desires) and the two of us might connect again and do another one.  Everyone seemed to have loved that effort – so that is another possibility.  Oh – and Ms. Scott and I have tossed around the idea of doing a combined book project too!  That should be fun!

I live outside of Washington, D.C. in Virginia with my wonderful husband of almost twenty years, two fabulous kids and a cat that thinks she must have attention at all times.

Now that you know more about me, please feel free to ask me questions.  Melissa is going to combine them all and send them to me and I’ll answer any and all.  Just shoot them to her!

bold alaskan men

Releasing Friday, July 15, 2016


The Bold Alaskan Men

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17 thoughts on “As promised….Elizabeth Lennox shares with us!

  1. I love the way you always create your heroines with a strong sense of self. Even if they have…issues. What is your motivation behind this? IF there is one.

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