Cyborg Sizzle Series by Cynthia Sax

releasing rage

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I found a new series while browsing the free books on Amazon.  Cynthia Sax has a Cyborg series with the first book, Releasing Rage currently free.  This is an amazing sci-fi erotic romance series.  If you like blood and gore with cyborgs that will not blink to committing any type of torture as they are the ultimate killing machine then you need to read this series.

Cynthia Sax has written of Cyborgs that have been manufactured for years beginning with the A series where the skin is gray and the skeletal frame is extremely heavy to the K series which looks more human and smaller.  The humans that control them are cruel and do unthinkable acts on the Cyborgs because to them they are just things or machines.  The Cyborgs are caged and tortured.  They are “decommissioned” the slightest emotion such as smiling or showing any weakness.

But the humans who made them and have control over them made a mistake….they cyborgs can feel, are intelligent, can communicate and they are plotting their escape.  Because this is a romance as well, you will find that as they find their freedom they also find love with non-Cyborgs.  There may even be a surprise in store for those couples.

This is the reading order to the series:

  1. Releasing rage         Published August  2015
  2. Breathing Vapor     Published November 2015
  3. Being Green     Published December 2015  (available only by signing up for Cynthia Sax’s newsletter  )
  4. Crash and Burn     Published   February 2016
  5. Defying Death    Published  April 2016
  6. Chasing Mayhem   Coming August 2016
  7. Ace and Thrasher’s story- Title TBD Coming November 2016


I was so hooked with Releasing Rage, I also in the same day read Breathing Vapor and Crash and Burn.  I did sign up for the newsletter but have not yet received the copy of Being Green which according to Cynthia Sax’s website, should be read after Breathing Vapor.  I can say that during one scene of Crash and Burn I needed a box of tissues.  The author wrote with such emotion that as a reader I was drawn in and couldn’t help but feel the pain in the scene.  To me this is a great writer if the reader can get that involved with the storyline.  I am looking forward to continuing this series and have already formed my list of the characters I would love to see get their own story.  There is so much blood and gore alongside extremely HOT, HOT, HOT Sex!

For those who have read and enjoyed Laurann Dohner’s Cyborg’s series, I am sure that you will enjoy this one. I would encourage a visit to the author’s website where you will be able to learn a little more about the world of the Cyborg such as their nanocybotics and the differences between the A-K series.  Cynthia Sax’s website is:

The Cyborgs who were once enslaved are now free and fighting to keep that freedom along with the joy of love and family.


2 thoughts on “Cyborg Sizzle Series by Cynthia Sax

  1. Cynthia Sax is an amazing writer. Admittedly, her Cyborg series is my favorite. But whichever genre I am reading, she pulls me in to character’s lives and relationships. Every. Single. Time!

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    • Hey Janet….I love Cynthia Sax! Have you tried Laurann Dohner’s Cyborg series? You should! I love it and it is similar to this series in ways. Thanks…Melissa


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