A Father for Daisy by Jennifer Wenn



Amazon Link:  http://amzn.to/28O7IJs

Would it be heartbreaking for you if you had lost not only your virginity but also your home because you were drunk on the night of your prom?  What if you were also pregnant and didn’t know who the father was because you can’t remember who it was that you gave your virginity to?  For 13 years that is what has haunted Gillian Crane.   Having been thrown out of her home for being pregnant, Gillian survived as  she has raised her daughter alone in New York.

When she receives word that her mother is dying Gillian decides to return home to try and mend the broken relationship she has with the mother who turned her back on her from the time she was born.  Her daughter, knowing the circumstances of her birth, has her own reasons beyond meeting her grandmother…she is on a mission to find her elusive father. Gillian isn’t prepared for the overwhelming emotions and town gossip when she returns.  She certainly isn’t sure why she even came back when her Mother obviously doesn’t want her and peppers her with a confrontational attitude from the point she arrives.

As her mother’s death is looming, Gillian stays in town and reunites with her high school friends.  Her best friend, Andy, is the town doctor who has been secretly in love with her all these years, never moving on as no one would be able to replace her in his heart.  Her high school crush is now the local minister and the one who she has thought may be the father of her daughter.  As Gillian lingers in town, she and Daisy, both find answers to their questions.  Secrets are shared that will put a new light on who could be Daisy’s father.

Andy has been in love with his best friend for a long, long time.  When he hears she is returning to see her Mother he is hopeful that he can finally make her his.  But Andy harbors a secret and answers that may tear their friendship apart. As he watches Gillian spend time with her high school crush, his resentment from long ago rears up and he wants to walk away but he cares too much and continues to stick around.

The author has written a story of a young girl who on the cusp of adulthood has a crush on the local bad boy and which keeps her blinded to the real love her best friend, Andy, has for her.  When rejection leads her to drink heavily the consequences are more than she could have imagined.  The author brings her full circle when she brings her home to face the very life she was forced to leave.  With surprising secrets and a bit of humor over who exactly is Andy’s “wife” is, leaves our character completely overwhelmed and shell shocked.  We do get a happy ending and answers to many questions, except for one.  Who is Luke’s Mother?   This is a great read that takes us down a path of pain but brings us back to love and new beginnings.



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