The American Heir: The Billionaire Duke#4 by Gina Robinson Coming June 22, 2016



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It is almost here, the exciting last installment of the Billionaire Duke, The American Heir.  With surprising twists and unveiled secrets we will find out if Riggins and Haley will have their happy ending.

At the end of book 3, Rose, that manipulative British wench, has spilled the news of Haley’s pregnancy to the press and Riggins who has just come to the realization that he loves Haley sees the broadcast only to believe Haley meant to trap him.  After throwing a tantrum to outshine any little British Lord or Lady, Riggins confronts Haley with his anger.  He wasn’t expecting to Haley direct her own anger back at him.

If you remember that nasty little business of the DNA tests that were done on Haley and Rose and a hint of an issue with the results, well let’s just say Haley has found out what that issue was and believes Riggins knew all along.  While remaining in England, Haley has done her own research and has found that she is in fact the great-granddaughter of the Dead Duke and is actually the rightful American Heir.  She has also come to realize she is more like the Dead Duke than she thought possible and that it isn’t Riggins who is to solve the clues he left but that they were left for her.

The clues Haley has become fascinated with are all coming together.  The Dead Duke never did anything without a reason and he did have a heart he used to help those he cared for.  As she becomes part of the community, she learns many secrets which push her to the discovery that will help identify her sister’s twin and hopefully lead to her cure.  Haley also discovers that there is someone following her and believes that the tower is haunted, but no one believes her.

As twists turn what they thought was known into something new and secrets are being revealed, Haley and Riggins have only each other they can trust if they can set aside their suspicions and admit they have actually done what the Dead Duke wanted…fallen in love with each other.  When proof of Haley’s stalker becomes real and Riggins runs in to protect Haley and their unborn child, it may be Riggins who needs saved when his past makes a very connection to his present. When an accident occurs, Riggins must do everything to save Haley.  In the end, will the Dead Duke win?

In this serial, we had only four books which compared to the Switched at Marriage (Justin and Kayla) series in which there were 7.  I truly enjoyed that series but it was long.  I thought having the story neatly tied up within 4 books was great!  I can’t get enough of Gina Robinson’s sexy serial romances.  I also ( as mentioned to the author and on a previous blog) think it would be fantastic to have a story based on the Dead Duke’s life. If you haven’t tried one of Gina Robinson’s serials you are missing out.  I recommend beginning with the Switched at Marriage serial in which you meet her characters through Justin and Kayla’s romance.  It is where you will meet Riggins and Lazar who is the next in line for his story.

The Billionaire Duke Series:


Switched at Marriage Series:



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