Substitute Bride by Noelle Adams

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I have always enjoyed Noelle Adams contemporary Romances. She writes of wonderful and sweet romances that build from casual to fierce love. On occasion that romance may have some help from outside forces prompting the characters in that direction, just as what happens here.

James is a widower who lost his wife two years ago and now feels compelled to find a substitute wife and mother to his daughters.  He doesn’t necessarily need to love her but does feel a need of compatibility with the most important aspect for to be a Mother to his girls, Jill and Julie.  He believed he found that in Genevieve, a friend of his late wife’s and his in-laws.

Rose is a nanny to Jill and Julie and she absolutely adores them and secretly she is also very fond of James.  Rose is aware of the fear the children have for their future Step-Mother, and also the fact that James is more stressed than he should be, but what is she to do when she is the hired help? She does what she can and that is to take of the girls and love them as she already does. Unaware to Rose, James is starting to realize the depth of her love of his daughters and seeing her in a far different light than the hired nanny.

When Genevieve shows her true colors to James, he calls off their engagement.  Genevieve isn’t too happy about that and threatens James with his own regret for breaking up with her.  James doesn’t believe she can really do anything about the situation but how wrong he is. Genevieve causes scene upon scene which in one way brings James and Rose together in a fake engagement and then tears them apart.  Genevieve isn’t the only one who is manipulating the situation.  Rose’s own grandmother, who with a penchant for the family’s ancestral history and an uncanny habit of making odd comments of prediction, will set into motion James and Rose making their decision to be with each other….or not.

With Rose dealing with past relationship baggage and James working through his own fears it doesn’t look promising for the couple.  But wait until those darling daughters take things into their own hands and express their opinions to James.  It will be up to James to decide if he wants to be with Rose and complete their family or let her go for good.

I love Noelle Adams books. She never fails in her delivery of a wonderful romantic tale.  There is always a bit of drama that leads to love and happy endings.  I also loved this added bonus of the grandmother in this series. Her character is a stalwart member of the old society with her opinions of what is proper and what isn’t.  She isn’t one to show her emotions on her sleeve but her actions relay them loudly.  All of Ms. Adams characters are created as realistic personas with very real like situations the reader can get caught up in.  Her stories are easy and flow with ease so that they are enjoyable.

Of the stories I have read of Noelle Adams’ I would have to say my favorite based upon the number of re-reads, is the first book in the Willow Park Series, Married for Christmas ( But to be honest I have lots more to read and looking forward to them.



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