Killian: A West Bend Saints Romance by Sabrina Paige


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If a hot sexy man accidental spills coffee on you and instead of apologizing thanks you for the wet t-shirt or tells you are his with the word “Mine” and then tells you (doesn’t ask) exactly what he is going to do to you, what would you do?  Would you come back with some sassy comments while your legs are shaking with the images his plans created?  Would you call him a caveman, Neanderthal or a diamond in the rough?

Lily Grant is a single Mom who left Chicago after her dirty police officer husband is killed.  While visiting her parents in Colorado, Lily found a bakery for sale in West Bend, a small country town.  Lily has turned to baking as a way to relax and purchases the bakery to make a new life for her and her daughter.  Lily isn’t one to make friends easy, as her focus in on her business and her daughter, so having a relationship with anyone isn’t likely to happen.  She is also sassy and not one to put up with a lot.

Killian is the oldest of the remaining Saint brothers.  Lily calls Killian a caveman and a Neanderthal. The man is blunt with no filter and certainly doesn’t care what anyone thinks of his actions or his words. He says what he means and does exactly as he wants.  Killian hasn’t had an easy life, an abusive father and then running away from home when he was 18 and with the town of West Bend always treating the Saint boys as if they were nothing, coming home isn’t easy.  He was happy living a solitary life in the mountains until he literally bumps into Lily. Killian has never used the word “mine” with any woman but that is the only word to use with her…Lily.  Now Killian is messing with two of his rules…no sticking with one woman and no children.

Killian will make you laugh with his bluntness.  I don’t want to spoil it for you, but the scene in Lily’s bakery, Cupcakes and Cappuccinos, and the “rules” Killian enforces will have you laughing!  Customer service is not his forte!  His rough around the edges personality will soon have you falling in love with him!  When Lily needs help, Killian jumps in to help her showing that under that bluntness there really is a great guy.

Sabrina Page writes with humor and caveman sex appeal!  In this book, the final brother of the West Bend Saints Romances, you are also treated with the three previous books in the back along with new epilogues.  I enjoyed reading Killian, but found the other brothers stories wonderful and it was nice that I don’t have to purchase their individual books now. Killian’s story is mostly about his trying to out run the pain the town’s narrow minds caused him and his chasing Lily whom he loves and wants.

Truly a fun book to read!  I love the confident Killian and his caveman personality.  Lily isn’t so bad herself in how she gives back just as much as she gets from Killian. She definitely keeps Killian in line and at times a little off balance.


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