Recently Released…Blitzed: A Secret Baby Sports Romance by Lauren Landish


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Whitney fell in love with Troy so completely it was as if their souls were one.  She knew of his home life and how left him in pain both emotionally and physically. She knew of his dreams where football would take him away from that life and how he would be different than his father. She knew how he ached to leave it all behind.   Knowing this and the secret she carried, Whitney let him go because she loved him too much to destroy him.

Whitney didn’t tell Troy they had a child together. Instead she ran away to Italy and gave birth to their daughter Laurie and tried to let Troy go.  But not matter what she did to move on with her life, Troy was a ghost that stood in the shadows…waiting.  When Laurie turns five, Whitney knows she has to bring her home to meet her father.

Troy was devastated when Whitney left their senior year of high school.  He couldn’t understand why she leaves him when he was still so much in love with her.  For five years, Troy worked hard to make it in football.  For five years he tried to forget Whitney and move on, but he couldn’t because he stilled love her.

While waiting for his game to start, Troy is flagged down by a little girl who wants an autograph for her Mama.  Troy senses she is familiar but can’t figure it out until he sees Whitney.  Troy can’t believe she has a daughter and it never occurs to him that he is the girl’s father.  When Troy tracks Whitney down days later, she confesses that Laurie is his .

Whitney and Troy begin to fall in love again, but just as before something happens to rip them apart.  Whitney lets him go again, but this time will Troy fight to keep his family after just getting them back?  Or will Whitney’s continual running be too much for him? Will Whitney realize that she doesn’t have to sacrifice anymore? Is it time for her to hang on to Troy and their love or leave?

This author is new to me and I found I fell in love with her writing.  She keeps her stories going and they are full of emotion!  Her characters are flawed and realistic.  This is a standalone novel well worth the read.



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