The Sheikh’s Secret Baby: Nothing Stays Hidden Forever by Clare Connelly

sheiks secret baby image

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I recently purchased this book as a new release by Clare Connelly and I have already re-read it! If you enjoy Sheik Romances from Elizabeth Lennox and Leslie North, you are sure to enjoy Clare Connelly.  If you haven’t read her books I highly suggest them as she is a writer very much like both of those authors.

The Sheik’s Secret Baby is a contemporary romance that takes the reader from Manhattan, NY to the desert kingdom of Delani.  Abigail (Abi) McClean is studying Literature and History in college and works as a waitress at a high class restaurant.  At the age of 19 she never expected that her world would change in a matter of weeks, but it does beginning the day Sheik Kiral Mazoui walks into her life.  Three years later that new life is about to change again drastically.

Sheik Kiral Mazoui has just made an agreement for the benefit of his country when he encounters Abi and recognizes her as the other half of his soul.  In just a few short weeks the very agreement that was made for his country will shatter his own heart.  In just a few short weeks, he will tell Abi they are through and will walk away from her.

Three years later, Abi arrives in Delani just as Kiral is supposed to be marrying. Kiral, of course, believes she is there to thwart his marriage but she isn’t.  Abi has kept a secret from Kiral out of fear.  When he told her good bye three years earlier, neither knew that she was pregnant with their son.   Michael, their two year old son, is extremely ill and Abi needs money for his surgery.  She hopes that Kiral will help her.  Abi is shocked at Kiral’s anger and his treatment and prepares to leave Delani without Kiral never knowing about his son.

But fate has other plans for these two.  Kiral and Abi will do what is necessary to save their son.  But what are the costs?  Abi faces a life full of hate and punishment that Kiral has set her up for.  Will she be able to handle it?  Will Kiral see past his own pain to see what he is doing and what he may lose?

Journey to the desert to see if an age old tale of the first Sheik will come true to save Kiral, Abi, Michael and the people of Delani.

Clare Connelly writes of desert kings and the women they love and will fight all odds to possess.  Her women are compassionate but not weak for they stand up to the arrogance their men wield.


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