Ready to Fall (Lovestruck Librarians) by Olivia Dade


Coming Soon!  June 21, 2016

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Do you like your characters to be funny, quick witted and just a bit sarcastic?  If yes then you will enjoy Sarah Mayhew.

Sarah Mayhew is an elementary teacher and part time librarian who is known for her attitude and that she is just too much to handle.  Outwardly, Sarah shows that she is just fine with the fact she is single and if a guy can’t be with her as she is then she is ok.  Inwardly that isn’t the case.  Sarah wants to be loved by a man for who she is.

Chris Dean has relocated after a failed relationship and he has absolutely no plans to be in another.  He is happy with his bike shop and being single.  That is until a friend of a friend comes barging through his shop and straight into his heart.  When Sarah asks him to teach her to ride a bike in a weekend to catch another guy’s attention he tries hard not to fall for the spunky whirlwind.

When the day arrives for Sarah to be with the man she thought she wanted, she soon realizes that it is Chris who holds her heart.  Unfortunately Chris made it clear he doesn’t want a relationship.  What does Sarah do now when no one but Chris is who she wants?

Chris knows that behind the sarcasm and jokes, Sarah is hiding a lot of hurt feelings from the men in her past.  He is also hurting so what does he do but the same as those other men….he pushes her away.  It is up to Chris to wake up and realize that Sarah is who he wants, and not just temporary but permanently.

This story is part of a series by Olivia Dade.  The series is called “Lovestruck Librarians” and each can be read as a standalone but the characters do crossover which may cause spoilers in reading the others. This book was laugh out loud funny with the sarcasm and wit that Sarah presented.  I don’t think the image of the local golf course will be one anyone could skip past without some reaction!

This would make a great series to read for the summer!


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