The Sheik’s Captured Princess (The Samara Royal Family #4) by Elizabeth Lennox


With Elizabeth Lennox’s focus on the sister’s on the Samara Family we find the series coming to an end.  In this book, The Sheik’s Captured Princess, we read the story of Ciala, the historian of the family.

I so enjoyed this book.  I found it fun that the author has created a family of three intimidating brothers who rule a country through various avenues of dealings and information, and yet NONE of them seem to truly know their younger sisters and what they are capable of.  Ciala is not only a beautiful woman who is educated but one who is poised and graceful.  However, unknown to her big brothers, she is trained in combat, skilled in subterfuge and exiles in escape tactics.

Ciala is secretly entering the country of Drakar in order to collect information on religious sites for her thesis.  Knowing that her brothers would never allow her to do this, she has taken on measures of disguising herself to travel as she needs with her interpreter. During one of these trips, Ciala finds herself in the middle of a rebel attack.  While trying to flee, she is detained by one of the most handsome men she has met and one who quickly subdues her.  Jurar doesn’t know if he is more disgusted by the little man he has taken prisoner or by his own men that were taken down before he arrived.  His men are supposed to be elite fighters!

The jail scene is one that would rival any Lara Croft movie with the quick thinking and escape shown by Ciala.  Jurar can’t help but be impressed even if he now must search out this rebel!  When he visits the neighboring country of Kilar, he never expected to find Ciala the beautiful sister of Sheik Ramzi.  He certainly didn’t expect to make the connection of Princess Ciala del Abass Samara and his rebel fighter to be one and the same.

Jurar finds a way to have Ciala sent to his home under the pretense of needing her expertise in history.  It doesn’t take him long to seduce her and from there he wants marriage.  But their life isn’t exactly smooth and the fun is just beginning as Ciala is determined to finish her research and Jurar isn’t convinced that she not a rebel.

Ms. Lennox is a master at creating these strong, passionate characters in both male and female that will keep you reading and wanting more at the end.  I enjoy these series that she is writing, and as always the stories set in the desert with kingdoms ruled by alphas with compassion are some of my favorites.  The Samara Royal Family series ends with the last sister, Shantra del  Abass Samara.

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The Sheik’s Jealous Princess



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