The Wedding Day by Sharon Kleve

Thewedding day image

The Wedding Day is another great contemporary read by author Sharon Kleve.  I really enjoy how simply romantic her stories are.  The stories are built around love and romance between two characters that are always just perfect for each other.

In The Wedding Day the twist that I enjoyed was that our hero, Kane is the romantic instead of Cora.  Kane is the one who spoke of love at first sight while Cora is the one who wanted to fight that idea.  Both Kane and Cora had been hurt in the past and each had their barriers up and perhaps Cora’s was a little more fortified, but Kane was determined to break those walls down!

Kane and Abby met and bonded while seeing that Hunter (Kane’s brother) and Abby’s wedding was the perfect wedding Abby had dreamed about and designed.  I love the flirty, yet dependable Kane and when mixed with the romantic who loves dogs…well who could say no to him?  Cora found she couldn’t and everything was going so well until….oops…Kane’s ex-fiancé has returned and wants him back.  Cora’s hurt and walls are back up!  Will Kane be able to storm the walls to get his woman back? Does she want to take another chance on Kane or will Cora decide the walls are better left in place?

This book can be read as a stand-alone but some characters from previous Sharon Kleve stories are mentioned and to enjoy the full nuances you may want to read them first.  The Wedding Day is a happily ever after romance that every princess looking or her prince will find charming (couldn’t resist that pun!!).

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