Books 9 and 10 in the Tarnished Saints Series by Elizabeth Rose


Loving John is the 9th book, in the Tarnished Saints series by Elizabeth Rose. I was first hooked on this series when I found Doubting Thomas a free book at Amazon. For me the task that the author has set for herself by writing of 12 different brothers in a series seems to be a bit daunting, but I admit that Elizabeth Rose seems to have accomplished it fabulously. The brother’s father was a non-denominational preacher who named his 12 sons after the apostle believing they would walk in his religious steps and mimic their namesakes. That isn’t what he got. Elizabeth Rose has given us 12 brothers who take deliberate steps to be as different from their father as they can possibly be. She has created a preacher who gambles, an ex-con, and a stripper to describe a few. Although good men in their own rights, they certainly have their flaws and do not mimic their namesakes at all.

In Loving John we have a man who loves his dogs and the freedom of the Alaskan terrain. Expecting to run the Iditarod race he is he isn’t happy to find himself moving home and without several of his team. He also wasn’t expecting to run into Dr. Bee when he got to Sweet Water.

Dr. Bee is divorced and trying to make a new life for her and her troublesome teenage son. She came to Sweet Water to begin her own practice and give her son a chance to start over. When she gets to Sweet Water instead she finds that gossip runs rampant and starting over for her and her son may not be that easy. She also didn’t expect to find John Taylor.

With gossip and jealousy mixed with a whole lot of misunderstanding, John and Dr. Bee aren’t sure how far to take their relationship, if that is even what they have. But don’t worry, Aunt Cappy is on the scene and will make sure everyone knows the truth! Got to love this character!

I really am enjoying this contemporary series of brothers by Elizabeth Rose. As I said earlier, I would have believed this to a very hard concept to make work, but I am finding Elizabeth Rose is doing a great job so that each of the brothers, their love interests and personalities are different so that each book is unique but with the the many characters making appearances in each. A very nice contemporary romance series.

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Book 10, Playing Nate follows the easy contemporary romance of the previous books in this series. We have a brother who must marry in order to claim his inheritance. The difference of this book is that Nate finds himself falling for an older woman in a marriage of convenience….his convenience.

Nate owns a bar and has a band of his own but the financial obligations are overwhelming! When he meets Isabella he hates her! She is condescending and patronizing to him and he can’t stand her even if she is beautiful.

Isabella has had a bad marriage in the past filled with embarrassment and has no wishes to repeat that. She believes money can buy anything and is a very controlling woman with her daughter and Nate. Nate and Isabella have similar dreams with their music and the bar, but their animosity causes them problems.

With the Taylor family always around and babies everywhere, Isabella’s walls are slowly crumbling. Nate starts to see Isabella as she changes but will it be enough for him to want to stay with her?

There are only two more books left in this series. Igniting Andrew is next with Taming Thad being the last brother story to be told.

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