The Temporary Duchess: A Jet City Billionaire Serial Romance (The Billionaire Duke Series Book 3) by Gina Robinson

the temporary duchess

The Dead Duke wins another round!

In the last last book of the series, we ended with Riggins preparing to ask Haley to be his Duchess only to find Rose answering the door. With his plans thwarted he must bide his time until he can ask Haley while they are alone, but of course Lady Rose will make that nearly impossible to do.

When an unlikely ally provides Haley with information that she must guard, she is set to say yes to Riggins’ proposal under any circumstance. It doesn’t hurt that she has fallen completely in love with him and wishes that he would make their union permanent.

Riggins has finally figured out that Haley is the one to ask to be his temporary Duchess. He is very attracted to Haley and decides that being married for the short duration, until he can break the Dead Dukes hold, will not be a great hardship. But what happens when he realizes that he likes to be with Haley and actually misses her when she isn’t around? What is happening? He isn’t falling in love with his Duchess is he?

As they honeymoon at the castle, Haley becomes enamored by the love that Rans and Helen shared and finds herself liking Rans more each day as she learns more about him. And as she resembles Helen, her great aunt, she finds that Riggins shares similar traits with Rans.

As Haley unravels the secrets of Rans and Helen, she discovers she has her own secret to keep. But how long will her secret hold when Lady Rose shows and Haley knows she can’t be trusted? What will Riggins do when he finds out her secret? Will Lady Rose win in the next round or will the Dead Duke win the final battle?

I love these series by Gina Robinson. I don’t usually care for series, but I find that this author keeps the suspense going so that you want to keep reading and hanging on until you know the end. Her characters are wonderful in how they are sexy and charismatic to down to earth or even deliciously devious. You love them, you hate them…but you will want more of them. Love them!

I also love Rans as we get to know him. I would absolutely enjoy reading about Rans and Helen and their love that spurred him to decisions he made regarding Riggins and Haley. Gina Robinson also shows her humor with the characters, past and present, having the same initials as well as physical similarities. Very clever!

The final installment to this series is due for release June 21, 2016. The American Heir I hope will end with secrets being revealed!

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