Magic in the Stars: Unexpected Magic Book #1 by Patricia Rice



The Malcolm and Ives are back with another generation! I am so excited to see this story line continue from the books I fell in love with years ago. These family members are so uniquely interesting and when paired they keep you reading and wanting more.

The Malcolm’s are a family predominately female and the bearers of “gifts” that seem more of the magical quality that have them labeled as witches. The Ives on the other hand is a predominately male family and they are all scientific in nature. Science and Magic coming together in explosive romances! With so many differences….science vs. magic….dogs vs. cats…females vs. males you can’t help but see some fun and excitement happening with these characters.

Theo is an astronomer who is working toward creating a more powerful telescope that will prove Jupiter has an additional ring around it. When he is confronted by a beautiful woman claiming to be part of the Malcolm relatives and bringing a dire warning for his eldest brother and their family, Theo isn’t sure what to think except that she must be crazy. When her predictions begin to come true, Theo tracks her down to help him.

Aster is the Malcolm family librarian and as an astrologist she charts the family member’s lives, offering insight when needed. Believing she is to be a danger magnetic to her family Aster isolates herself and is content to read her charts. When she sees danger surrounding the Ives family she leaves home to warn them only to be met with Theo’s disbelief and an attraction to him that she wasn’t expecting.

As Aster’s warnings are taking form, she must get Theo to marry and produce an heir. Considering she is too dangerous around those she loves, Aster doesn’t believe she can ever marry so she tries to set Theo up with a selection of females in which to choose a bride from.  What she doesn’t count on is that Theo wants her! Can Theo convince her to marry him?

As their enemies make themselves known, the family must unite to combat them. Why has their family been targeted? As the family unites, these individuals will learn more about themselves and their family then what they ever considered. What will happen when magic and science come together to battle those set to destroy them?

I am so excited that this will be a new series of Malcom-Ives. I can only imagine where Patricia Rice will take us with this family and what kind of pairings of magic gifts and scientific interests she will be creating. If you haven’t read the original books of the Malcolm-Ives, you don’t need to worry. This is a new generation and the connections are loosely based in order to enjoy your reading. I would suggest reading the originals at some point just because they are wonderful characters.


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