In Safe Hands by Leslie North


Leslie North has brought us another fantastic series, Safe House Unit.  In this series, we have elite men who protect those who are in trouble.  I love the suspense she has in this new series.  In the past, Leslie North has written sexy alpha men who were rulers and business men with women who more than equaled them.  In this series, you once again read about those types of men and women but the added suspense is wonderful.  It is almost as if I am reading a different author as the style of writing has taken on a new feeling but yet remains true to the author.

This story is about an ex-detective who served the force until he had a shocking, horrific experience that he couldn’t move past.  When the Russian Mafia ambushes him and his partner, leaving the partner dead, Damian Stone’s pain and nightmares leave him a man damaged and more outwardly descriptive of his last name.  He leaves the force to work for an organization that protects those such as Alexa Volkov.  Damien wasn’t expecting his past to come barreling to his present with this assignment, but that is exactly what happens.  Will he consider Alexa his enemy or is there a chance she will be his savior?

Alexa Volkov is a Russian Mafia princess and her father is Damien Stone’s  enemy.  When Alexa’s Mother is killed because of her father’s business, she decides to turn evidence against him.  Entering the witness protection program, Alexa finds herself under the protection of Damien Stone.  Her first reaction is that he was a dirty cop, but when her family tattoo sparks his anger, she finds that his reasons for leaving the force are connected to her own father.

As the situation turns deadly for both of them, Damien and Alexa find themselves fighting the men coming after Alexa to keep her quiet as well as a ghost from Damien’s past.  They are also fighting their attraction to each other and the differences in their individual lives.

I love the constant questions of who can be trusted, who is the bad guy and how will Damien and Alexa end.  As mentioned before, I love this new style of romantic suspense the author has going.  I felt the change to this style began with the Slade Security series and seems to  be getting better.

I absolutely recommend this new series and I look forward to the next book.  I am hopeful that their will be one regarding Samson’s character.

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