Stripped Down by Anne Marsh

stripped down image


As a hot, sexy dominant alpha male, Angel Mendoza knows how to take control and take what he wants.  Besides the deep seated need to make his generational ranch prosper for the sake of his family and the men who work the land, Angel desires one other thing…to have Rose Jordan and make her his.  Angel and Rose have had a searing hot attraction for each other since she was 16 and jailbait to him, but he has waited but he won’t wait any longer. He wants Rose and there is nothing that is going to stop him, including Rose herself.

Rose is looking for to start her own tattoo business and finally call a place home.  When her Aunt Dee passes and leaves her half of her home,. Rose feels this is finally her chance to have the life she has dreamed and fought for.  The only person standing in her way is Angel Mendoza.  The only man she has ever loved.

Angel and Rose are two damaged individuals who come together in a clash of sex and emotions that may just burn them.  Who will give and who will take?  Who will run and who will be destroyed?

Anne Marsh can always be expected to provide hot, hot, hot sex and passion. This is one story in which the characters are fighting sexual tension as well as their own stubborn ideas. Her use of past traumas to create their damaged souls and how one can over come that for the good while the other is still struggling is interesting.  I would like to see more books with the characters of J.J and Axel, Angel’s brothers as well as Rory, Rose’s friend.  I can just bet there would be a dark and erotic story for Rory involved.  I don’t know if this is to be a series or not, but I would love to see that happen.

As always, I recommend any of Anne Marsh’s books.  I always enjoy them.


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