Their Kidnapped Bride by Vanessa Vale



Most books I read with ménage  or kink are more contemporary in nature which gives this book set in the Old West a new twist.  Vanessa Vale has created a series surrounding a British regiment of soldiers who while stationed in India were exposed to the world of polygamy marriages and  ménage.  These soldiers embraced this way of life and decided to live it beyond the borders of India.  When members of the regiment are accused of wrongful actions the soldiers band together and leave the clutches of British Army for a new life in America.

Emma James lives with her step brother and his family.  Content to live by his rules as her guardian, Emma lives a fairly sheltered and naïve life.  When she witnesses a darker side to her step brother, not only is she awakened  to areas of life she never thought about, she also becomes a liability to her step brother.

Emma wakes to find herself being sold by her step brother to a saloon madam in order to make sure that she will never divulge his secret.  What Emma never expected was for the Madam to have a sense of justice, even if it is her own style of justice.  Emma is given a choice to live and work off her debt in the saloon or being married off in an auction where her virginity will be the prize.

Whitmore Kane and Ian Steward are as close as brother as two friends can get.  While stationed in India and learning the values associated with Polo gamy, Ian and Whitmore knew they wanted to share a wife.  When they hear of the auction to take place they go intending to by bystanders never expecting that they would want to purchase Emma as their bride.

Emma struggles with  this new idea of marriage that is outside the beliefs she was raised in, but part of the problem is that she is intrigued by it as well. When a threat against Ian’s life surfaces, Emma realizes that this is the life and the men she wants to have.

I love this twist of presenting the polygamy lifestyle from the author.  In one scene she even touches on the kinks of daddy -baby girl relationships, and BDSM all in evident within the powerful men of Montana.  Her lifestyle of the group of men is very open which leads to the struggle but also the acceptance for Emma.  Vanessa Vale sex scenes are graphic and intense so if you are not one for this type of reading this may not be for you.  If  however, ménage and BDSM is your style of reading and enjoy a bit of historical context thrown in, you will enjoy this one!

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