Stealing the Bachelor by Sonya Weiss




Stealing the Bachelor is a lovely little contemporary story by Sonya Weiss.  This is the third book in her Stealing the Heart Series.

Ann Snyder has always felt as if she couldn’t compete with her beautiful and talented sisters.  She loves her sisters and her grandfather, but she very insecure when she compares herself to them.  When her chance comes to open her own chocolate shop she finally feels as if she is done something worth while.  Unfortunately, she made a little mistake…she hired a manager that was a thief and liar.  Now she is facing not only the loss of her only achievement in her eyes, but also jail!

Not willing to accept help from her family because she is stubborn and needs to handle this on her own, she seeks the only lawyer she knows…Eric Maxwell.  Eric is a bit nerdy but what a guy!  He loves Ann and has since high school.  With his own insecurities to deal with, Eric makes a quick decision when Ann comes to him for help.  When Ann tells him that she doesn’t have the money to pay, he decides to barter his time of professional services in exchange for Ann spending time with him and making him into a “bad boy” in hopes that she will go out with him.  Eric doesn’t realize that “bad boys” are not what Ann wants it is just she goes for that type to hide from real relationships.

As the feds are swarming around her and threatening her livelihood, Ann has the support of her family and her friends. But more startling is Eric and how far he is willing to go to protect her.  Eric fights for Ann as his love for her grows more deeper and he realizes he can’t let anything happen to her.

These two characters learn that people who matter will accept you for who you are  and not because of how  you look or how much money you may have.  They learn what love and sacrifice are.  I loved the simple lessons and path the author directed these characters on.  The supporting characters are great and I absolutely loved the grandfather!  I did not read the first two books in this series and even though references were made to them, I didn’t feel I missed anything that kept me from enjoying this book.  Stealing the Bachelor was a simple love story.


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