The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson


The Red Door Inn is a Contemporary Christian Romance worth reading!  It is the first in a new series by author Liz Johnson  and set on the picturesque Prince Edward Island with a cast of characters both Canadian and American in need of God’s healing.

Marie Carrington is young, lost and in pain.  After being a victim at the hands of her father’s business rival, Marie shuts down emotionally.  She places her faith in her father that he will take care of the matter, but she didn’t know that he would also betray her. She becomes his pawn piece in the business deal as a way to control his rival instead of protecting her as he should have.  Withdrawing into herself out of self preservation Marie leaves her father’s house as it isn’t her home any more.

Jack Sloan is a man on a mission.  His late wife, Rose, dreamed of owning an Inn on Prince Edward Island and saving the lost souls that God sent there.  With her passing Jack struggles  to make her dream come true.  Buying a home and in the process of renovations, he finds his first lost soul that Rose would have loved…Marie.  While waiting for the ferry, Jack strikes up a conversation with Marie and convinces her to help him complete Rose’s dream.  Jack never thought he would also find his own dream while making The Red Door Inn an reality.

Seth Sloan is done with women!  Now jaded and skeptical Seth believes the worst of Marie and wants her gone before she can manipulate his uncle Jack.  When Seth is thrown into project after project with Marie he begins to waiver in his opinion of her.  But when a mistake is made Seth blames Marie casting her back into the role of manipulator and liar. Because of his own pain and bitterness and can’t see that Marie is only hiding her own and nothing more.

The author brings us a story of characters that are struggling with their faith whether strong and being tested  or just beginning.  The characters are emotionally damaged and need of healing which they find through God’s constant love and mercy.  When problems occur God provides them with the answers.  When strength is needed, they are given it.  Lives are transformed in this small community  through Rose’s dream of operating a Bed and Breakfast.  The author had given to Rose the dream of helping lost souls and the story is about several that were lost and then found.

I cannot wait for the second book in this series.  I truly enjoyed this author’s style of writing.  She brought the emotions to the front and the reader could feel right along with the characters.


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