The Duchess Contest by Gina Robinson



Things heat up between Riggins and the two beautiful women who share a bloodline and could be the next Duchess to Riggins; the newest Duke England has to offer.  As usual Gina Robinson brings us a serial that keeps you wanting more. Gina Robinson gives us another sexy romance in this newest serial involving the untouchable Riggins.

Riggins doesn’t know what to do now that there are two women who could fit the dead Dukes’ demands, but who does he choose? Each lady will offer him a different perspective on the arrangement and his time is counting down for his decision.  Not knowing if he can trust Lady Rose and finding himself thinking too much on Haley, Riggins comes up with a plan.

A weekend to this estate of the Helen, the dead Duke’s wife and ancestor of Haley and Lady Rose, Riggins brings along his entourage of friends.  Each has his job assigned in order to help Riggins in his choice of bride.  Which I thought was a wonderful way for us all to enjoy the characters as we have come to love and read.  Justin is working hard to find a way to combat the dead duke’s will and outsmart the conditions set for Riggins.  Our lovely Kay who is pregnant and due anytime, must try to convince the ladies that being pregnant may not be for them.  And last but most definitely not one to be over looked is our dashing Lazer.  Lazer is set to task doing what he does best….get the girl.  He tries to get one of the ladies to fall for him instead of Riggins.

Haley is falling hard for Riggins, and tries hard to keep this a business arrangement in order to get the help her sister’s needs.  When Lady Rose arrives in Seattle, Haley isn’t sure she can compete against Lady Rose. When offered a chance to visit the castle of her late ancestor Lady Helen, Haley and her sister Sid can’t say no.   When arriving at the estate, Haley is shocked to see how much she resembles the Helen even with generations separating them.  After an intimate encounter with Riggins Haley is more than ready to take Lady Rose on in the Duchess Contest to fight for Riggins and to fulfill the dead Dukes’ demands, but will she be able to win against Lady Rose’s secrets?

Lady Rose is a mystery. She is a decedent of Lady Helen but she is still an enigma to Riggins.  Having information she shouldn’t have sets alarms off for Riggins.  What is her game and what does she ultimately want?  How far is she willing to go to make sure she is the next Countess?  I love her character as the antagonist and competitor to Haley.  They are so different that it makes the story exciting.

With his decision made, Riggins knocks on a door only to be shocked by the room’s occupant.  What will Riggins do now?

I can’t wait to see what Riggins will do in the next part of the Billionaire Duke.  Gina Robinson certainly has her secrets and games keeping the suspense going and our interest on the edge.  I loved her unexpected guest to the Castle as well and hope to see more in the next part.  I also appreciated how she brought the characters we met through Justin and Kayla’s story.  It was nice to see the connections develop.

Serials are usually not my favorite to read.  If I can’t finish as one book then I don’t buy it. I just don’t like constantly paying for the individual parts.  The one exception I have to that is Gina Robinson. I love her stories and the way she writes them to keep my interest and the cliffhangers are awesome.  I really do recommend her as an author to check out.

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