From Scratch by C. E. Hilbert


From Scratch is a sweet contemporary Christian romance by author C.E. Hilbert.  If you are in the mood for a heartwarming good over comes evil type romance this is the one.

Maggie McKitrick is an enigma to Sean Taylor.  She is beautiful, bakes like a goddess, and nice to everyone except him.  He and his brothers own the building that Maggie has rented to run her bakery but the problem is she won’t pay her rent!  When he enters the bakery to get the rent he is met with a scowl, a list of repairs, refusal to pay rent until said repairs are done and several names none of which is actually his own!  It doesn’t take long for Sean Taylor to fall for Maggie and her Mint Chocolate brownies.  But it does take him a while to figure out the mystery of one Maggie McKitrick.

Maggie McKitrick found her love of baking but only after suffering a horrific experience that haunts her daily. Music use to be Maggie’s life until a crazed man became obsessed with her.  In order to survive, Maggie must run and become someone else.  She discovers along the way that she loves to bake and with the help of a friend she begins her bakery where she meets Sean Taylor and holds out hope that she can finally lay the past to rest.  As she and Sean grow closer and begin their relationship, Maggie allows some of her guarded walls to come down.  It doesn’t take long for Sean to learn that Maggie has a voice of an angel and the soul of one as well and that he wants to learn even more.

When a mysterious rental car and the town busy body draw Sean to a stranger in their town, Sean soon learns that the past Maggie has been running from has caught up to her.  Maggie’s stalker is back to lay claim to what he believes is his…Maggie.  Sean isn’t about to let this happen and is determined to keep Maggie safe and exactly where she belongs…with him.

Maggie has always trusted God and placed her faith in him, but now she must also learn to place her faith in Sean.  She doesn’t want to leave Sean and the love they have and any future together, but can she stay and place Sean in danger?  Will Sean be able to stop the horror from happening again?

This is a wonderful story of holding onto faith even during the most difficult times.  I loved the sweet romance between Sean and Maggie and how it developed from an antagonistic beginning to a strong love between them.  The author’s descriptions of Maggie’s bakery creations sounded delicious and had me disappointed that such a bakery wasn’t near me!  I could go for one of those Mint Chocolate brownies or maybe one with caramel!

Would I recommend this book?   Yes, most definitely.  The Christian tone of the book isn’t overwhelming, but is read as it gently intertwines with the storyline.  The issues regarding the stalker that Maggie must deal with are not graphic but could be enough to be a disturbance for some readers.


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