They Call Me Crazy by Kelly Stone Gamble



I really, really enjoyed this crazy story!  It wasn’t just the main female character that everyone labeled as crazy, but the whole group, main and secondary characters were crazy as well! The plots were twisted and kept the reader’s interest in this “why’d she do it” suspenseful drama.  Best of all, though, was the inner dialogue that Cass had with herself….you couldn’t tell if she truly was crazy or not.

Cass is eccentric to say the least.  She has loved her husband, Roland, for most of her life.  Her memories of their good days help her to put up with his verbal abuse after years of being married.   But eventually she has enough and kills him.  That is where the fun starts for the reader.  Cass not only kills Roland, but then she decides to use their Koi pond as his final resting place.   However, Roland doesn’t have the decency to stay there which is unfortunate for Cass.

Clay is Roland’s older brother and secretly has always loved Cass and disliked Roland. Clay has his own obsessions…those being his red wigglers and his worm farm.  You might even say Clay has a special use for those red wigglers that just he and Cass know about.

When Cass is accused of murdering Roland by an ex school mate bent on making Cass’s life difficult, Clay comes to her rescue.  It doesn’t take long for the whole town to become involved and secrets to emerge that set a pace of twists and turns you would never expect.  Secondary characters such as the sheriff, the ex-best friend, Cass’s grandmother and even Clay’s daughter quickly emerge with crazy lives, secrets and behaviors that set this book apart as one not to put down until finished.

While Cass is charged with murder and Clay and her brother-in-law are trying to clear her name, Cass continues to say she murdered Roland.  Did she murder him?  Or does she think she does due to some reason that may have played tricks with her mind?  When the verdict is declared can it really be the truth?

I have not enjoyed a twisted plot like this ever.  I highly recommend this book as a got to read book for the hilarity of the characters that the author, Kelly Stone Gamble created.  She brought to life not just the main character, but the supporting ones as well.


Here is the Amazon link:

I hope you enjoy this one as I did!





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