Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby by Elizabeth Lennox


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When it comes to stories about Sheiks, the desert alphas, I have a few favorite authors.  One of them is Elizabeth Lennox. I like how she has her books in series so that the main characters each will have a book of their own.  I also enjoy her latest move to write an introduction to the series which then will lead into each of the characters storyline.

Pregnant with the Sheik’s Baby is the first book following the introduction of the Samara Royal family.  In this story we read of the eldest sibling of the Samara family…Ramzi.  While in Canada Ramzi meets Mia Fortelle a third grade teacher.  At first Mia is overwhelmed by Ramzi and doesn’t believe she is in his league which leads to her trying to avoid him.  Ramzi isn’t that easily dissuaded and quickly sets to persuade Mia they belonged together.

After a whirlwind beginning, Mia agrees to marry Ramzi and move to his country, Kilar.  Mia quickly falls in love with her husband but he isn’t one to believe in love; he just believes they are good together and that is enough.  When an innocent situation is misconstrued by Ramzi he shuts Mia out of his life thinking the worst of her. Mia tries but when the obstacles mount up, she leaves Kilar.

Not long after leaving Mia discovers she is pregnant. Determined to do what is right by her child, she fights back against the opposition Ramzi gives her.   When Ramzi tracks her down, Mia’s secret is exposed in the most hilarious labor and delivery scene along with post-partum blues I have read in a long time.

With the baby blues in full swing, it is the perfect time for Mia to discover she must defend her man against the worst kind of intruder….an ex love. This leads Mia to decide if she wants to stay with her alpha male or separate.  Ramzi may finally be brought to his knees and discover what love is and just how important it really is to him.

I love these stories and can’t wait for the next sibling in the Samara Family.  The men definitely have a few lessons to learn about women! The Samara sisters are going to prove to be just as enjoyable.

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The Samara Royal Family Series




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