Cop on her Doorstep by author Karen Doctor


A contemporary romance involving a S.W.A.T. police officer and a widowed single Mom who hates the S.W.A.T. force for what they took from her.  With these feelings between them how can they ever be together?

Author Karen Doctor gives a story of Carrie Padilla, a single Mother, who lost her husband when a S.W.A.T officer shot her husband in the back and killed him.  Carrie closed herself off to any man after her husband was killed and focused strictly on her son and raising him.  Carrie can’t bring herself to let go of her pain because if she did she would have to face life head on instead of hiding behind the loss of her husband.

S.W.A.T officer Jake Stafini is determined to bring down the gangs.  When his investigation leads to the death of a 10 year old boy who needed his help, Jake begins to take risks while on the job when his focus is shaken.   When his boss forces him to take a 30 day leave Jake has no idea how he will make it through.  He and his girlfriend have broken up and he has been ordered to stay away from the investigation at all costs.

Jake and Carrie meet when he finds her son trying to vandalize his new home.  Soon Jake, Carrie and Eric are bonding on a level that neither Carrie nor Jake expected.  Eric wants Jake as his new dad, but Carrie can’t forget what he does for a living.  Jake wants Carrie and Eric to be his family, but he can’t seem to find a way to convince Carrie to move past her pain and let him in.  When Carrie is thrown into the same space as the officer who killed her husband six years earlier, she must deal with some hard truths.  Will she be able to admit what the truth is or will she continue to hide behind the story she has convinced herself of?

When Jake’s job places him at risk once again, will Carrie be able to handle it?  Or will she walk away forever?  Will Jake be able to convince her to let go of the past and trust in him for their future?

Karen Doctor has written a wonderful romance of a woman who must trust in love again while forgiving the past.  Her characters are easy to love and get wrapped up in.  You could almost feel the pain from Jake when he feels that Carrie is lost to him.  I always believe that if you can feel along with the characters as you are reading then you have a wonderful book in your hands.  This is one of those books.   If you are hoping for more of the police or S.W.A.T side of the story you won’t get this here.  The police officer is the background of the character Jake Stafini and Carrie’s loss, but it isn’t the heart of the story.  The heart is the relationship between Jake and Carrie and overcoming pain and loss in order to find a future together. I enjoyed reading A Cop On Her Doorstep by Karen Doctor.


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