Perfect for Valentines Day…A new serial romance The Billionaire Duke by author Gina Robinson


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Gina Robinson is my opinion the queen of serial romances! In her last contemporary serial romance, Switched at Marriage, we met the character of Riggins Feldham, a workaholic businessman and founder of Flashionista.  Our first impression of Riggins was an intensely focused businessman who is loyal to Justin, a competitor of Lazer Grayson, and a sexy but secretive ladies’ man. In this new serial romance Riggins becomes the main character and I can’t wait to see what Gina Robinson comes up with.

Riggins is happy to be single…no strings, no ties!  His business is what drives him so he has no time to commit to a single woman.  All that changes for him when a visit from a London solicitor arrives with surprising news.  Riggins is now a Duke with a dukedom of high standing in British society and complete with an estate and responsibilities.  What Riggins is most surprised with is the last Duke’s stipulation that Riggins must marry and produce an heir and went so far as to pick out Riggins future wife!

Haley Hamilton is the last female in the old Duke’s first wife’s family line.  His stipulation for Riggins was for the two to marry to unite the family lines once again.  Haley is young and works hard to support her as well as her adopted ailing sister.  When confronted with the news that she is to marry Riggins to secure the dukedom which would also provide the money to help her sister, she agrees.

There is a connection between Riggins and Haley that is surprising to them both.  However, the only one to accept it is Haley.  Riggins using his connections to win her over without letting down any of his barriers makes Haley insecure.  Riggins barriers make him appear a shallow, insensitive, manipulative businessman that is only interested in himself and his personal gains.

In the style of serials, our story ends with a cliffhanger.  In the next installment will Haley win over Riggins or will she lose him to someone else?  Will Riggins break down any of those barriers so that he will admit he is quite taken with Haley?  How will Haley take care of her sister?  Will the old Duke’s plans fall apart?

I can’t wait to read the next book in this serial and find out what will happen to our newest billionaire couple.  Gina Robinson writes stylish and sexy contempary romances that any romantic will enjoy reading.  Each book ends with a cliff hanger that has the reader frustrated as the wait is a killer!

It isn’t necessary to read the Switched at Marriage serial first, but it would help to understand some of the story background.

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Coming Soon…The Billionaire Duke 2





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