Rebel Love (The Dirty Sinners Motorcycle Club) by author Jodi Linton



Bad boy bikers are one of my favorites reads.  When I read one of these books I am very picky about how they are written.  MC bikers have a reputation for being hard men who are feared and who have no fear.  If I read an MC biker story then that image is what I am expecting within the pages and not an image of a feared man with no actions to back that.  I once read one of those stories where the MC leader was feared and had this reputation where men quaked around him, but I was continually screaming “why”!  I read a character that was like any man who was more of an alpha but not the menacing figure the author was trying to imply.  I just couldn’t finish the book.

Rebel Love is a biker story but brought about by different way.  Instead of a MC President who is a feared alpha male with tats and muscle spilling out of his “cut”, we are given an MC leader who is an alpha female and considered hot enough to be a Victoria Secret’s model.  She has always been the club princess and when her daddy dies he makes her their president.  Does she want this position?  No, but she isn’t about to let the others know that…..not until she has had her vengeance!

Less than a year before Em Connors had a future and then it was brutally taken from her.  Now she will not stop until her revenge is complete.  Less than a year ago,  the man she loved was killed and she was left with her own scars to hide until she can take down the man responsible for the heinous act that left her changed forever.

Cade Jackson is a top undercover cop working to take down the motorcycle gangs in Houston.  Ten months ago his partner was killed in an undercover assignment with the Dirty Sinner MC’s.  When he is given the chance to take the club down from within and make sure the club princess is behind bars for killing his partner, Cade jumps.  But he never expected Em Connors….

Sparks fly when Cade and Em meet and soon they are spilling secrets in order to find who is responsible for the death of Wes Scott.  Working together, the two draw closer to each other while drawing the bad guy after them and trying to stay a step ahead.  Liars and rats don’t last long in the MC world and undercover cops last even less.  Time is running out for Em and Cade.

With some unexpected twists, will these two unlikely lovers find a way to take down the man responsible and save their own lives?  Will Cade turn rebel to remain with Em? What kind of future can a cop and MC President have?

This story definitely had the life of an MC that I expect.  I really thought the angle of a female president was unique and absolutely fantastic.  Em was portrayed outwardly as the club princess hard enough to step forward and lead the Dirty Sinners, but inwardly she was fighting to keep from falling apart.  Inwardly she still dreamed of her art and love outside of the club’s dark reach. Cade was hard, but the author gave the reader insight into his past explaining the hardness and then gave him humanity.  The supporting characters were also interesting, particularly Logan, Em’s Vice-President.  I would like to read his story.  A very well written MC story that will keep your attention until the killer is caught!


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    • Thanks Nicole! I know that my style is more straight forward and was wondering how it was coming across. Thanks for the compliment!


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