Where she Belongs by author Johnnie Alexander


Amazon Link: http://amzn.to/1XLfl63

If you felt as if you didn’t belong anywhere in your present life, but a long ago feeling of love and security beckoned you from the past, wouldn’t you do everything you could to return and hope for the future?  That is exactly what Shelby Kincaid is doing.  She is desperate to belong and the only place she ever felt that was at her Grandparents farm.  But there is a problem with going back.

The family farm was stolen from her Grandparents by the Sullivan’s and Shelby wants it back.  AJ Sullivan owns the farm now and considers it punishment from his Grandfather.  When Shelby contacts him, her heartfelt letter speaks to him and with his Grandmother’s blessing he agrees to help Shelby get her family farm back.

Shelby and AJ feel a connection when they meet and in fact Shelby calls him her hero.  But Shelby can’t get passed the idea she should be mad at AJ since he is a Sullivan.  AJ can’t seem to think of anyone other than Shelby.  When cold reality takes them both for rides, Shelby and AJ can do nothing but trust God.

When the secrets of their Grandparent’s past, secrets of AJ’s past all come colliding together it seems that AJ and Shelby won’t be able to hold onto each other.  AJ finds an ally where he didn’t expect and the secrets are brought to light.  Can AJ forgive in order to move forward with Shelby? Will AJ trust that God will make something good out of the betrayal?

Shelby learns new lessons on what she really wants out of her life as she fights to keep her families legacy intact.  When the past continues to unfold will the secret to keeping the farm lie in the past? Is Shelby’s future tied to the past or will she break free to embrace a future she never considered?

Johnnie Alexander is a new author for me.  I never had an opportunity to read one of her books until “Where She Belongs”.  I can’t think of a better story than this one to learn of her.  This story was so interesting and held my attention until the end.  She had so many secrets swirling together from the past and the present that you have to keep reading to find out what is going on!  I loved the way Ms. Alexander worked the Civil War forbidden love and the Underground Railroad into her story.  Her characters were brilliant.  I loved the secondary characters and how they developed and supported the main characters. When reading about the young and yet strong love between Shelby’s daughter and her friend, Jason’s son and seeing history repeating itself, you can’t help but have a warm smile.  I truly enjoyed this story and look forward to the second book in this series.


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