The Sexy Professor: Redemption (The Sexy Series)


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The Sexy Professor: Redemption is the second installment of The Sexy Series by authors Z.L. Arakadie and T.R. Bertrand.  This book revolves around a law student who is battling daddy-daughter issues and the recent death of her best friend.

Carrie can’t seem to adjust to death of her best friend because of the guilt she has placed upon herself for not being there.  Prepared to drop out of her law class, Carrie is stunned that the campus’ sexy professor Derek Valentine offers to tutor her personally.  She finds that Valentine shares the emotional loss of a loved one and can relate to what she is going through so she accepts his offer.  As they work together, Carrie finds herself attracted to Derek, but doesn’t see it going anywhere as she is out of his league.

Derek is use to some of his students throwing themselves at him that is except for Carrie.  Derek understands the pain and self-projected guilt that Carrie is feeling and wants to help her stay in school. What begins as tutoring quickly escalates to interest for both of them.

Can life be that easy?  No.  Derek and Carrie face jealousy, fatherly control issues, remarriages, police and attempted murder.  Will Derek and Carrie survive and find a way to be together?

I love this new style I am sensing for Z.L. Arakadie as she is working with T. R. Bertrand.  I always enjoy the characters, the many facets of their personalities and the twist and turns in the story development.  I also appreciate the fact the books are quick reads with depth to the story and end as HEA’s.

The first book in this series is The Sexy Boss: Sedition.  It is a standalone and can be read independent of The Sexy Professor.  If you read either of these and like it as much as I did, then I would suggest reading the other.

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The Sexy Series by Z.L. Arakadie and T. R. Bertrand



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