Bound & Teased by author Marie Tuhart


Bound & Teased is about BDSM and ménage with explicit scenes involving M/F/M, M/M and F/M and the use of bondage, toys and dungeons.  The author explores this lifestyle as it centers within the contemporary romance of her characters.  Marie Tuhart tastefully depicts the scenes between the characters and how BDSM is ultimately hoped for between the participants.  She also shows the roles the participants fill…Dominant, Submissive and Switch.

Katie Crane has been in love with Ry (Ryland) McKade and Jed Malloy since she was 18 but she left them when she became confused about their lifestyle of BDSM.  Not understanding her feelings, she fled to New York with her Father.  Now years later, she has explored and learned and has decided to go home to Ry and Jed leaving her troubles behind.

Ry and Jed have only loved Katie and each other so when she arrives home they worry if she can accept their Dominate and Submissive loving and if she can accept that they are partners as well and want her to be included.  Jed worries that she will not be able to understand his role as switch and if it will be too much for her to handle.

Ry, Jed and Katie have to learn to trust their feelings and each other as they form a bond that many in the BDSM world hope to achieve.  But will it be enough when trouble comes to their door?  Will Katie leave again which is what Ry fears?

Marie Tuhart cast her characters in their roles beautifully.  Each character fits in personality and responded as their role of Dominant, Submissive and Switch would be expected to act.  She did touch on the darker aspect of those who abuse in the Dominant role with little care to the sub and whether they were causing pain.  Tuhart shows in her character of Ry that as a dominant the role isn’t just about issuing orders or control, but to take responsibility of safety, as well as emotional, mental and physical well-being.  I enjoyed reading how Tuhart brought together these roles and spun the romance of ménage.

One of the better BDSM books I have read.  In reviewing Marie Tuhart’s site I noticed that this book received nomination for the Best BDSM book of the year from the BDSM Writers Con.

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2 thoughts on “Bound & Teased by author Marie Tuhart

    • Thanks for your comment. I am so happy you like my reviews….I was just laughing at myself last night about how different my posts are! Enjoy the book. I got my copy from Netgally.


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