At Love’s Bidding (Ozark Mountain Romance Book 2) by author Regina Jennings


At Love’s Bidding, Book 2 in the Ozark Mountain Romance Series is a sweet historical romance by Regina Jennings that you will love.  It brings together two people who think they are so different yet they really aren’t and they must prove that to not only to others but themselves.

The story revolves around a portrait of a man that is wanted by different groups of people and for different reasons.  Miranda Wimplegate and her family run an auction in Boston when and have the unfortunate luck of acquiring and then selling this portrait.  When the lawyer to the family the portrait belongs to threatens a lawsuit for wrongful sale, the family must find the portrait to save their family business.  Miranda and her grandfather track the portrait to Pine Gap, Missouri.  Miranda’s grandfather believes that by purchasing the only auction house in the area they will find the portrait as well as a new source of income.  Things do not go as simple as they thought.

Miranda’s grandfather is increasing in odd behavior and is causing even more problems for her, Wyatt and the locals.  They also find that the auction house they purchased isn’t one like their own but one that sells animals…which they nothing about!  There is also Wyatt Ballentine, the manager, who has dreamed of owning and running the auction house which to him is the cornerstone of their community. With Miranda and her grandfather having their secret reason for being there, Wyatt having his personal secret, and Isaac throwing in another secret things should be crazy enough. But no, we then have unknown men showing up and not knowing if they are good guys or bad.  What confusion for Miranda and Wyatt!

Our characters must travel to Boston to solve this portrait mystery and discover why it is so important.  Along the way, Miranda discovers she has a mind of her own and capable of using her own intelligence to solve issues.  She becomes an independent person who doesn’t have to bow to what others tell her.  Wyatt discovers that what he has always believed may not be the truth and sets out to discover what that actually is.  He also learns that where before he never felt he was accepted by others in reality he always was with the people that mattered.


Together Miranda and Wyatt as well as the reader learn the lesson that sometimes what we dream about doing may not be God’s plan for us.  Wyatt didn’t have much trust in people, but he always placed his trust in God just as we all should do.  By doing so, Wyatt was blessed with a better life than he had hoped.  And others such as Isaac learn to turn their life around when God presents something they never thought to hope for.

The social and geographical differences of people are strongly used within the story.  I liked how the author first shows us the difference between the Wimplegates as city folk who have invaded the community of Pine Gap, a backwater town where simple living is all that there is.  Although Miranda and her grandfather do not mean to set themselves apart, their dress and mannerisms automatically do and create some interesting situations within the story.  Once back home, Miranda and her father are only allowed in the kitchen areas upon business transactions with the upper class of which they are not considered as they work for a living.  The author also uses her characters to show that it isn’t the class level that makes a person but who they are inside.  The gain or loss of money isn’t what makes a person.

I enjoyed reading At Love’s Bidding by Regina Jennings.  I like the author’s style and the way she weaves her stories. She is one of my favorite Christian Romance authors.


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