When a Child Is Born: A Regency Yuletide Collection



When a Child is born is a collection of short stories set in Regency England during the magical Christmas season and with each involving the love of a child.  The authors of these Regency Christmas stories are Virginia Brown, Jo Ann Ferguson, Karen Frisch, and Sharon Sobel.  I enjoy Christmas stories set during Regency England and find them heartwarming  as I picture a time where Christ and the message of good will toward me is the focus of the season and the commercial gift giving hasn’t taken over.   I find that anymore Christmas has become so much about gifts that I run my self crazy trying to find the perfect gift or worry about who I still have to buy for that I am not spending as much time as I want with my kids.  It is so close to Christmas  and I still haven’t baked cookies with them.  I have been missing the magical Christmas spirit!  Tomorrow after my kids come home from their Dad’s, I plan to have the Christmas music going and everything ready to make cookies and maybe even have time for a Christmas movie!

Child of Mine?  by Virginia Brown

Notice the question mark at the end of the title? It gives you a clue as to the story.  Robert Bray, Baron Braxton is on his way home when he hears the sounds of what appears to be a kitten in his carriage, but the search uncovers a baby instead.  Robert Bray immediately has his carriage turned around to discover the parents of the child but when none are to be found he decides to visit the local vicarage.  While explaining the situation a startling surprise awaits the Baron as a note is uncovered naming him the father!  With no choice until the Mother can be found, he must make the long tedious trip home with the babe.

Declaring his innocence doesn’t get him far with his family.  The one constant ally he has is Miss Clare Seaton a family friend who has grown up to be lovely woman in the now opened eyes of Robert.  As the family searches for the missing Mother, Robert and Clare are thrown together at every opportunity.  When the circumstances of the baby’s parentage are revealed, Robert takes matters in hand.  Will Clare agree with Robert’s decision and will she accept the role of being his Baroness?

What Child is This? By Jo Ann Ferguson

A story that gives us not only the Christmas season but also mystery and spies!  Adelaide is a servant, one that is bit more outspoken than what is considered acceptable.  When the Lady Norah asks her to take her baby, Lily, to Stonehall-on-Sea she goes with the orders to not reveal Lily’s true name, trust no one and to never give up a locket she gives her and to wait for her.  Knowing she is being followed, Adelaide creates a lie to help her hide from those who are following her and Lily and quickly blends herself in with the locals.  She never counted on meeting Theodore West.

Theodore West has his own secrets to hide.  West is secretly trailing smugglers and trying to figure out how Adelaide fits in.  He knows she is hiding something, but can’t figure her out.  When the smugglers become more violent will he be able to solve the mystery in time to save Adelaide?  Will he convince her he has fallen in love with her and will she be able to accept who he truly is?

Through the Eyes of a Child   by Karen Frisch

Edmund Hadleigh, Viscount Tyndale has returned home from the war and finds himself thrown together with the one woman he will always love but married another man. Annabelle Sedgwick has and will always love Edmund, but when faced with he chose staying to fight in the war over coming back to her, she felt he didn’t love her enough and married another.

Edmund receives a surprising Christmas present….his friend and commanding officer and his wife were killed and left their son in his care.  Knowing he cannot raise the boy without a Mother for him he begins to look for a wife even though no one will compare to Annabelle.  Annabelle has always wanted children but never had them with her short marriage to her late husband, so when the baby arrives she is more than happy to take care of him and the two bond as if Mother and son.  Will Edmund separate the baby from his one true love and keep himself closed off from her forever?

In this Christmas tale an orphan baby brings together two strong stubborn people who love each other but have allowed past hurts keep them apart.

Baby’s First Christmas by Sharon Sobel

Josiah Hampshire, Earl of Kingston, is a bit of recluse.  He works for the Foreign Service by providing maps and has developed a nasty habit of closing off the rest of the world.  His sister Liliana is done watching him do so.  It is Christmas and she has accepted an invitation for them to spend the holidays with her best friend Marianne Westlyme.

Countess of Lashton, Marianne Westlyme, is alone for the holidays but for her infant son.  She married her husband out of love, but quickly found he loved lots of women which ended in his drunken death during a duel before her son was born.  When Liliana accepts her invitation, Marianne is surprised that her brother Josiah accompanies her. Having met Josiah before, her time with him during the holiday’s shows her recollections of him did not serve him justice.  When a near tragedy with son has Josiah and Marianne admitting their developing feelings an unexpected twist in the family history may put a stop to everything.  Can the magic of the mistletoe be enough for Josiah and Marianne?


A heartfelt holiday anthology to enjoy for the Christmas with authors that always give an enjoy story.  These authors are all ones that I have enjoyed time and again. I cetainly hope you will find the Christmas season with your families wonderful this year!


Amazon Link:   http://amzn.to/1Tp8v6d



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