The Herbal Apothecary by author JJ Pursell Released Date December 30, 2015

the herbal apothecaryimage


If I didn’t have to work I would devote myself to building my own homestead.  I really think I was born in the wrong century and I know I am not alone in that.  I can easily imagine my life as the village healer from centuries ago.  I love making my own medicinal remedies, butter, soap, cleaners and whatever I find interesting. I devour sources of “recipes” for any of these kinds of things.  When I found The Herbal Apothecary online for review at NetGalley I had to request it.  I can’t even tell you how disappointed I was when I was declined. I was moping around the house for a few days before I decided to contact the publishing rep directly.  I didn’t beg, but I was ready to!   Thankfully for all of us, the very nice rep did grant me a copy of the book.

I can say in one word what I thought of this book……AMAZING!  If you are interested in medicinal herbs remedies you need to look at this book.  The layout cover to back will hold your attention.  After a short introduction of the herbalist life the author jumps the reader into the different systems of the human body such as the cardiovascular system or the endocrine system.  It helps anyone interested in herbal remedies to understand how the body works so they can understand which herbs would work for an ailment.

Next the reader gets a bit of botany class that is very interesting.  The photos of the plans are vibrant and show the plant to help you identify it easily.  Each plant has its medicinal uses, cultivation and how to use it as a remedy explained. Some of the plants shown I have never heard of which lead to one issue I had with the listings. It would have been nice to have a reference of where these plants are considered native.


The fun begins in the Herbalist Laboratory as the section was titled.  Here you get to read how to apply the remedy.  The application may be a tea, salve, capsule or something else.  There are also recipes listed and broken down into categories for sore throat as an example. Once again photos are used to show the ingredients and possibly how to work with them.  After familiarizing yourself with some recipes and how to make them, more recipes and how to administer them are outlined based upon complaint.

I really believe that if you are interested in home remedies you need to check this book out.  Personally I prefer having actual books to ebooks for what I label reference books like these, but in cases like these beggars cannot be choosey. I plan to purchase this book if at all possible just to have.

As I mentioned, I love home medicinals and would love to hear some of your favorite go to remedies!


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