Love on a Summer Night by Zoe York Released November 24, 2015


Zoe York first captured my interest with the first book in the Pine Harbour Series, Love In a Small Town.  After that I was completely hooked and have read every book in this series as soon as it has come out.  Love On a Summer Night has been no different. I received the book after a request through Netgalley, but I would have purchased it in a heartbeat if I had been refused.  This has been a long awaited book for me and I was thrilled to read it.

Faith Davidson isn’t a new character to the series but one we got to get a small glimpse of before.  Widowed and  a single Mom, Faith is struggling with work and making sure her 5 year old son has a good life.  Before she was a Mother and widow, Faith loved life and adventurous living.  When her thrill seeking husband dies in a skiing accident, Faith closes herself up in a bubble of safety and existence.

Zander Minelli is the oldest of his siblings and doesn’t believe in love due to his earliest memories of his parent’s long forgotten breakup.  Most do not recall his father leaving and his Mother dragging him back home to face his responsibilities, instead the see a loving couple who have been married for years.  When Zander was old enough he joined the military and decided a family life wasn’t for him.  But now he is leaving the military, older and unsure what his future holds.

When Zander and Faith meet, the interest is strong between them but their baggage is heavier.  They enjoy their time together thinking they had the one time to enjoy, but fate had other plans for these two.   Finding themselves with mutual friends, Zander and Faith begin to explore a sweet summer romance.  Love blossoms between them even if they can’t admit it exists.  Zander falls for Faith and her son, Eric, and soon realizes this is just what he wants and needs.  Faith knows Zander is a man she could love, but fights her bubble wrapped fear of safety and caution.

When Faith is faced with a parent’s nightmare, she needs Zander to get her through.  Zander discovers the key to saving Eric and as he races toward them he comes to the realization that he is racing to his family.  Is this enough for Faith and Zander to throw their fears to the side and risk all for their future happiness?

Zoe York writes contemporary romance set in small town areas of Canada.  Her characters are bad boys with heart who make the perfect book boyfriends(especially Rafe and Zander) with her women strong and passionate.  Her supporting characters are equally captivating as their lives are blended into the story foundation or used to keep it flowing.  Sometimes she may surprise you by making them a leading character later as she did with Faith.  Zoe draws you in so that you feel like you are reading a story of your friends and can’t wait to find out the end!

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Love on the Run…Dean and Liana


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