Sinful by author Jennifer Dawson



Publication Date: November 17, 2015

The story:

Leo and Jillian have danced around each other for years.  She is the younger sister of his best friend and she believes that is the reason he refuses to see her on a romantic level.  Jillian has finally had enough of his pushing her away.   At her brother’s birthday party she plans to make her move.  One last time and then she walks away.


Leo has a dark secret, one he shares with Michael, his best friend and Jillian’s brother.  He knows that Michael wouldn’t want him near Jillian.  In fact, Michael has ordered him to leave his sister alone.  With a tragedy in his past, Leo isn’t willing to lose his friend and fights his attraction to Jillian.


Jillian doesn’t leave him a choice but to admit the attraction and act on it.  But when Jillian discovers his secret will he be able to keep her or will she run?  Can they fight the past and move forward together?


My thoughts:

BDSM is not something new for me to read about, but what I found different in this book was the approach to that lifestyle.  Jennifer Dawson shows us three male friends, who are best friends, and share an interest in BDSM, but Leo has more of desire of using rough or pain.  I gathered from the reading this added interest was due to the tragedy of losing his twin when younger and then building walls to keep from loving another person and then having the risk of losing them as well.  Because Michael, Jillian’s brother, is aware of Leo’s interest and knowing his sister isn’t aware of his this side of him, he doesn’t want her to continue pursuing Leo and orders Leo to stay away from her.


When Jillian confronts Leo, he tries to explain his desires but does so in a way that Jillian is left with more questions than answers.  She knows there is a piece of the puzzle she is missing and asks for help from Michael and Leo’s friend, Brandon.  Brandon answers her questions and intrigues her even more.  Leo, Jillian finds out, left out a lot of facts purposely to chase her away.  But Jillian is stubborn and refuses to leave him alone until she knows everything.  Deciding to try and meet Leo’s needs, Jillian learns that being a submissive doesn’t mean being a slave.  Leo explains and moves her into Dominant-Submissive relationship slowly which allows the reader to learn some of the fundamental roles of each participant.  Jennifer Dawson did touch on the fact that there are different degrees of BDSM in which Dominant-Submissive and Master-Slave are personal choice and not all will prefer both of these levels.  For some the roles of Master and Slave are much more suitable but for others it is of no interest.

I enjoyed this book because the author portrayed a novice being initiated into the world of BDSM on a much tamer level than other books I have read.  In this book, the reasons for the BDSM behaviors are explained and explored without truly plunging into the darkness of the lifestyle some follow.  The author also builds the relationship of the characters so that the BDSM is a part of them but not the focus.

This is book 2 in the Undone series by Jennifer Dawson.  Book one is titled, “Crave”.  I look forward to additions to this series.


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