Legally and Lawfully Yours by author Anita Stansfield

Publication Date:  August 1, 2015 Publisher: Covenant Communications  256 Pages

Publication Date:
August 1, 2015

Domestic violence is all around us.  If we aren’t living it, then it is knowledge we have of someone’s existence but we continue on.  If we are living it or it is thrown in our faces through another means it becomes all too real.  We when see it looking in, our hearts break for those carrying the bruises on the outside and the tortured souls on the inside.  We scream it isn’t right!  It isn’t fair!  Those living through such trauma scream the same things along with louder screams of pain.

Anita Stansfield wrote “Legally and Lawfully Yours” in which varying levels of meanings can be seen.  One level is of a young woman who, through diligence and hard work, has finally reached her goal of being a top attorney in New York City.  Her personal life is in shambles after her fiancée cheated.  Her brother is in prison and her co-workers make her life miserable to the point she hides herself away.  She has to ask herself “what now?”

When she gets a message from her brother about his kids, Shannon jumps right into action to check on them.  Their mother has never been a favorite of Shannon’s due to her drug life style and lack of motherly affection.  What Shannon finds at the house has her fighting to keep her brother’s children until he is released and can be there as their father.

Level two comes in to play.  Domestic Abuse!  Shannon and her brother, Greg, were children abused by their parents and ultimately became a part of the foster care system and separated.  Having lived through this, both Shannon and Greg, took different paths in life but shaped none the less by their childhoods.  When seeing her niece and nephew living a nightmare her own past insecurities and memories surface and she must fight those demons and rely on her training and her love to make a better life for all of them. Contacting social services Shannon puts into motion a plan to get the kids legally and take them away.  She has survived and she will make sure that Neil and Jeanie do as well.

Now level three.  Shannon and Greg had never been exposed to God nor attended a church.  While in prison, Greg attends Bible classes and through his faith in God has become a changed man.  He speaks of prayer and faith to Shannon which he never has done before. Shannon believes there is a higher power but has never prayed and doesn’t even know where to begin.  Following a “calming” feeling Shannon lets herself  be lead to Sugar City, where she feels home may just be for them.  There she finds people who genuinely care for her, Neil and Jeanie.  She learns of acceptance, kindness and generosity.  Most importantly she learns of God.  Through the love of Philip and his Mother Marj, she and the kids learn how to live by faith and trust in the Lord.  Having God in their lives, going to church and becoming a family soon have not only Neil and Jeanie but Shannon quickly on their way to healing.

Anita Stansfield has a wonderful, heartwarming story here within “Legally and Lawfully Yours”.  She has characters whose feelings are based upon being a victim of abuse so for some people this may be hard to read.  She has drama.  She has layers of psychological emotions that her characters deal with. She has faith and learning to trust God and live again with people who love and not hurt.  If I could give a hint to the author for another book with these characters it would be a story about Greg and possibly Ceclia.  New beginnings for both of them!

One last note, a personal note of domestic abuse….understanding, love and patience can go a long way toward healing.  Healing will bring about an inner strength that the “victim” inside never knew was there but just needed to be shown existed.

I am a domestic abuse survivor and no longer a victim!

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