The Baron’s Bounty (Barons of the Cinque Ports Series Book 2) by author Elizabeth Rose

Publication Date: October 5, 2015 Publisher: Elizabeth Rose Novels 284 Pages

Publication Date:
October 5, 2015
Elizabeth Rose Novels
284 Pages

Elizabeth Rose is an author I have read quite a bit from.  I enjoy her humor and how diverse she is in her genres.  She has written books from medieval times, mythology, westerns and contemporary.  Her characters are strong and independent and most times very stubborn. Her plots are sometimes twisted so well I can say “I didn’t see that coming”!

My favorites of her series have to be “The Tarnished Saints” (contemporary), and Barons of the Cinque Ports (Medieval).  She has several wonderful series set in Medieval or ancient times which are very enjoyable.  Her complete listings can be found on her website: .  I have read most of her books and can say that I believe there is a book in her list for just about everyone to enjoy.

Her newest series, The Barons of the Cinque Ports is one I have really enjoyed the most.  I love the history in the storylines.  I posted on the first book, The Baron’s Quest, in which a lot of the history relating to spinning and weaving was used not to mention how those working in those skills were subjected to rules of the local guilds.  Her heroine in this story had to walk and spin at the same time.  I have trouble walking and talking at the same time on occasion so I can’t image having to do all three as Muriel did.  We also were given history in the Barons of the Cinque Ports which truly did exist.  The Barons were put in to place by the King and were granted privileges in exchange for limited service and securing the coastal villages.

In the second book of this series, The Baron’s Bounty, we are granted a look into the next Baron and his troubles.  Baron Sandwich (yes this is actually the true name of one of the Baron’s and not a joke by the author), has made an agreement with a Scottish Laird in order to secure an alliance.  Baron Sandwich, Lord Conlin de Braose, has been married and lost his wife to child birth and has but one daughter left of six children. Lord Conlin is strict in how he keeps schedules and performs his duties but has a heart that grieves behind the stoic face.  After establishing the agreement, the Baron hears some unsavory gossip surrounding his soon to be wife, but having given his word he is determined to continue with the wedding.

Isobel MacEwen is an orphan and being raised by her uncle alongside her cousin, Catherine.  Catherine is extremely spoiled and also happens to be the Baron’s fiancée. Isobel has over the years developed an excessive interest in shoes.  She loves shoes so much she can change her shoes multiple times during the day in order to fit every purpose.  Catherine enjoys using Isobel’s love of shoes to manipulate her.  One of these manipulative tricks is for Isobel to stand in as her proxy in marrying Lord Conlin.

Nothing is as simple as it should be is it?  Isobel finds herself the only “sort of” witness to a murder, the murder of the Scottish king no less.  She has a horrific experience at sea travelling to Baron Sandwich as her cousin’s proxy.  And then to top it off her uncle slams the lid on her own future!

Lord Conlin can’t believe how beautiful Isobel is and wishes she were his real bride and not the proxy of his fiancée. Upon reading the stipulation set forth by Catherine’s father, Conlin is shocked!  Manipulated and cornered! Lord Conlin and Isobel can’t help but begin to love one another and with each day that Catherine doesn’t show, they must fight that attraction even more.

When Catherine arrives, she isn’t alone.  The murder has come as well….Isobel must now use her skills and knowledge of shoes to find the murderer before he finds her.  Can Conlin save Isobel, his daughter, and find a way to be with Isobel instead of Catherine?  In a race against time, will Lord Conlin win?

This story is full of action and drama between the characters.  The murder plot is twisted and will surprise you in the end.  I love the historical knowledge the author included about the various shoes, the methods of making them and the materials that were used.

Elizabeth Rose has the third book in this series due out soon.  The title will be, “The Baron’s Destiny” and is scheduled for release in December.  If you like the series check out the author’s website for updates on this next release.  She has covered textiles and shoe making, so I wonder what interest her next heroine will have.


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