An Exotic Look at the country of Oman through its food and culture

Publication Date: October 13, 2015 Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing  288 Pages

Publication Date:
October 13, 2015
Andrews McMeel Publishing
288 Pages

The Food of Oman shows the rich and exotic flavor in the dishes from the Middle East as well as the beauty of architecture and culture. The author has been in Oman many times and has focused her education toward this area of the world from which a passion developed and she has expressed in this collection of recipes and photos.

The recipes show a culture that uses more chicken, lamb and fish for their main dishes with servings of rice and flat breads to accompany. There are some beef dishes, but it doesn’t seem to be the favorite.   They also use lots of spices but you can find extremes here from recipes that pair cilantro and lime with fish to more spicy combinations.  The recipes show the use of fresh herbs over dried which I feel is important to their dish but also shows a glimpse of their daily life in that fresh is more available than what dried may be. The bread recipes in this book are predominately flat breads with an exception of the Sweet Cardamom Zanzibari Fried Bread. The photos of some of these dishes will have your mouth watering!

One section for recipes used for between meals snacking showed a lot of fried option which surprised me because I look at snacks as something light instead of heavily fried.  Some of these dishes were Fried Potato-Chile Puffs, fried triangle pastries stuffed with ground chicken, fried chicken and meat dumplings.  I would love to try a few of these but I think I will use them as a meal instead of a snack.

The dessert section was interesting to me because as American’s we have an awesome sweet tooth and that shows in our decant desserts.  Oman has desserts that are more subdued in comparison.  Their sweeteners are dates, sesame seeds, coconut and coconut cream, and surprisingly vermicelli.

If you are an adventurous cook or simply one who loves to try to new ideas, this is quite possibly a cook book you should consider.  The author has done a wonderful job with her recipe selection, photos and cultural insights.  The love the author has for this country shines in her work.

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