A New Paranormal Series by author Tina Moss

Publication Date: Septemer 29, 2015 Publisher: City Owl Press 271 Pages

Publication Date:
Septemer 29, 2015
City Owl Press
271 Pages

I love a good paranormal story with my favorite authors being Lauranne Dohner and Lora Leigh.  Shifters and Vampires, Oh my!  This is the perfect type of story to get lost in and let your imagination take over.

A new paranormal series by author Tina Moss has you wondering what is going on from beginning to end as she throws curves one after another!  With twists and secrets from every angle the characters don’t know what the truth is, who the bad guy is or what everyone is! Vampires, wolves, light energy beings and what the heck is the phage!

Tina Moss creates a society where paranormals are classified into three groups and subjected to registration and monitored by paranormal agencies. But what happens when beings that have existed for centuries are not known about but are now making appearances? You get chaos!  With a bit of mass murder what could be more exciting, right?

Special Agent Talon Rede is the leader of a group of paranormals who work for the Paranormal Crimes Division and they are trying to solve a murder that was obviously done by a paranormal but not one they don’t recognize from the registration.  While in the midst of this, he gets a call from a journalist Sera Benenati asking questions regarding this murder.  Usually not one to take time for such a thing, Talon Rede finds himself bantering back and forth with Sera for some time and then can’t seem to forget her or she him.

When Sera is provided a lead she finds herself surrounded by these “creatures” and her only way to survive is to give herself over  to the voice in her head.  Sera is a paranormal, the problem is that she doesn’t know what she is or why there is a guy talking to her inside her own head!  She just knows that she can’t let him take over or situations could turn ugly quickly.

When Sera is found to be the only survivor of a mass murder, Rede is shocked to say the least.  He tries to act as if she is a witness without ruling out suspect but his instinct is to protect her.  When the two find that is best to work together, they are embroiled in a convoluted mess of which faction of paranormals is good and who is the bad guy.  They may have to change up what they have always believed if they are to survive.

As secrets come to light, Sera and Rede fight to save the world of the phage.  You will have to read to find of if they succeed, find out who is behind the phange, and if they finally admit they are mates!  This is just the beginning as Code Black is followed by Red Alert.

Paranormal fiction is genre based upon imagination to the extreme and this is one series I am looking forward to following.  I did receive this eBook as a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

Amazon Link:   http://amzn.to/1XLobRg



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